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Declan's  expression of surprise  was evident when he opened the door to find Marsha Bennett on his doorstep.

"Oh,.....hi"  He greeted . 

"Hello, "  she returned. "I was just in the neighborhood . "  She had deliberately  used the cliché  because  it was just that, and her already triumphant  grin only added to it.  He stood aside and allowed her entry.

"So, what's new?"  She mused.

"Not a lot."  He sighed and nodded to the computer.  " I'm just trying to meet a deadline."

She walked over to the desk and peered at the screen.

"Writing  anything  interesting ? "  She asked.

He chuckled as he walked over and stood across from her.  "Why are you really  here?"  His eyes narrowed. "Everly and I have only been apart a few hours."

" I heard, " she said smiling sweetly.

"And  you admit that's why you're  here ? Moving in for the kill?"

"Moreless,"  she admitted off handedly ,  pretending  interest in the text on the screen.  "Just a good business  tactic I have acquired."

He was silent as he watched her.  After several  moments of silence, she looked up and began to assess the article that he had been working  on.

"What you really need  is uninterrupted  time ,  about a week or so, to really focus on something  like  this . "  Her patronizing  gaze me his in mock sentiment . "Have you thought about that?"

"Really?" Came his equally sarcastic  reply . "Now, how am I supposed  to work and play and still get paid?"

"Ahhhh, yes, I forgot  about that. do have to earn a living ."

Declan bristled.  " I suppose being wealthy has made you immune to little things like that."

She grinned . "  Well, I'm NOT punching a time clock."

"Another reason  for  your  unexpected  visit?  Kick a man when he is down?"

"Not actually , Declan.I just might have a solution  to your financial  difficulties."

He immediately  picked  up on his  nemesis' innuendo, but he was not prepared  for the rest .

"Use you, Marsha ? "  He guessed, amused by the idea.  "With your permission ? "

Both grew silent as she walked over and looked out his large picture window.

"Do you really love Everly?"  She asked, suddenly  serious.

Nick paused before  he answered ." Things really  haven't  been  right  in a long  time."  He finally admitted.

She turned to face him."What I really mean is, if she came back to you right now, would you be able to forget  all that has happened ? "

He paused again, not sure why the conversation  had taken this turn, nor why he was about to confide in Marsha Bennett of all people ." I have a feeling  these next few days  without  her are going to be the most peacefull that I've known for a long time."  He studied  her closely. "Why do you ask ? "

" I told you earlier that I had a  solution  to  your  problem ,  but it will take your complete cooperation  to make it work."

"And that is...."





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