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It wasn't... Like I wanted this to happen. New people, new school, a new state of all things.

I just hope, when I write about him, it doesn't come off as a crush or anything. Because I'm not like that. I'm just... A little lost.

[Pre-Grazing the Sky Side Story. Knowledge of Grazing the Sky optional but recommended]


[Written 2019]

Table of Contents

Why I'm Here

I'll start with the hardest stuff first. I was driving down near the base of the mountains with my best friend, Jesse Turnik. I d... Read Chapter

The Invention of "Her"

I should write more. I feel like, if nothing else, putting everything--putting it all down--on paper will help me reevaluate my life. Let... Read Chapter

Words On Tongues

I expected Lance to be in Math Monday, but... his seat remained empty, no matter how many times I glanced at the clock. Once again, h... Read Chapter

Woke Up Dreaming

It was... daybreak when I became conscious again, and the first thing I noticed was him. His back was to me, but I recognized his jac... Read Chapter

Coffee & Characters

The next thing I remembered was being in a coffee house. About a week had passed since my first lesson with Lance and he came over that F... Read Chapter

Dreams & Recollection

I had a dream, after Lance gave me my second guitar lesson. My subconscious haunted me with things that felt too unfortunately real. A fo... Read Chapter

Carry the Crevice

"Carry the Creation," he began, looking down to the long part of his guitar. Neckboard? One hand slid, muting the strings and slipping so... Read Chapter

This Ending, This Phase

So that's it... That's basically my life so far. Maybe, a part of me, however slight... I'm able to live again. I'm able to find the righ... Read Chapter

Recovered Document

I think I've finally lost it. I can't remember who this Lance is. I ... Read Chapter

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This is really painting a picture for me. Compelling, and some great dialogue! Looking forward to reading more of it.

Fri, September 4th, 2020 6:04am


Thank you so much! :)

Fri, September 4th, 2020 9:01am

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