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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Literary Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Charlie doesn’t have a care in the world. But when bad news comes, he manages to make the worst of a bad situation. Follow Charlie and his comrades in this pathetic but dank adventure.

Table of Contents


About Damascena Roses* “With all their colors and fragrances, roses are arguably the world’s most popular flower and emblematic o... Read Chapter

Chapter One: I apologize for inconveniencing my learning community

“You were supposed to do your HOMEwork at HOME.” “I...“ I glance over at Maddie, trying to think of a comeback, but before I ... Read Chapter

Chapter Two: The Kingdom Judea

  It’s for some reason this part of the year, where life is fading to orange in the oak leaves, that life grows within you as ... Read Chapter

Admiral Robbie

How does anyone survive this school, or any high school for that matter? On most days, it feels like gettin... Read Chapter

The New Guy

The next morning is what my Grandpa might call a TFD: a total fuckin disaster. We’ve all had em I guess, and this was one of ... Read Chapter


  “CHARLIE,” Molly says suddenly, and I open my eyes. “Are you dead, or just sleeping?” “...Sleeping, I ... Read Chapter

Judea Classic Car Contest, 2016

Why October do this to us? One minute it’s cold as Dick Cheney’s heart, the next you’re sweating like DJ Khaled in a fursuit. I... Read Chapter

Charlie vs. Levi Sheldon

“So how the hell does Kanye relate to this?” Dad asks, now totally confused. “Well,” I say, taking another gulp of ... Read Chapter


RobbieBuckleyTV posted a new video yesterday. (That’s Robbie’s YouTube channel, by the way.) Whenever I feel sorry ... Read Chapter

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