Secret Admirer Pt 1

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Lisa N Hawkins isn't your everyday average kind of girl. She's into cars not into Barbie dolls. So why is she getting a secret admirer letter? Find out in an all new romantic story called secret admirer.


As I was sitting in my car listening to Madonna’s Holiday song. I got to thinking about the good old days when I would sit in a car wash listening to the music of my childhood. Of course I spent my childhood in the 90’s. I then heard someone honking from behind me. Little did I know that I was supposed to turn my car back on when my car was finished drying.

When I was in high school I got this car. I absolutely love it even though it sticks out like a sore thumb. It’s that famous 1969 Dodge Charger better known as the General Lee. I know. I know. I’m a dork. But I don’t care.

Back in the year of 2006, I was 16 and in my sophomore year in high school. The year before that I had started watching the reruns of The Dukes of Hazzard. I was so obsessed over the show and I desperately wanted the car. So when my 16th birthday rolled around my parents surprised me with the General Lee. I was super-duper excited especially since I begged my parents for one.

“Class of 2019 rules! Yeah!” Some guy yelled out of his car window. He had no shirt on. He almost hit my back bumper. I didn’t waste no time getting home.

On my way home I could’ve sworn I saw Steven Parker in a black mustang. Steven Parker is the hottest guy from high school back in the years of 2005-2008. He still is to this day.

When I got home my friend Alex was sitting on the front porch. “Hey Alex,” I said to him. “Hey you,” Alex said. “Dude seriously? You know my name, use it,” I told him. I get so annoyed when he doesn’t use my name. I mean he’s known me for like forever. He says that it’s a game that he likes to play. He’s been playing it since preschool. To me it’s very annoying. He tells me to loosen up and to have a sense of humor.

“It’s Delta right?” Alex asked.

“You know my name is not Delta,”

“Is it Lauren?”

“No,” I said to him annoyed.





“Let me guess does it start with a,”

“Ugh! Would you stop! You know my name is Lisa,” I said in anger.

“Jeez sorry. However you should’ve known what you signed up for when it comes to being my friend,” He said to me.

“Oh I know. Don’t keep reminding me,” I said to him as I walked into the house locking him out.

“Hey Lauren I think there’s something wrong with your door,”

“It’s Lisa,”

“Right Liza,”


“That’s what I said Liza,”


“There’s something wrong with your door,”

“There’s nothing wrong with my door I locked it,”

“No that’s not it,”

“Ugh! Go home Alex,”

“Aw, she don’t like me,” He said walking away from the door.

“Hey, was that Alex?” My brother Chasen asked. “Who else would it be?” I said to him. “What’s this that came through the mail? It says right here Lisa N Hawkins,” Chasen said.

“Do not open that,”

“Who says that I was going to open it? Oh it teared a little,”


“Chasen give your sister her mail,” Dad said to him.

“Oh come on I was just playing with her,” Chasen said as he was extending his arm up with my mail in his hand.

“Ugh! Chasen!”

“You got to say brother’s rule sister’s drool,”

“Not on your life,”

“Hey bro,” My oldest brother Tom came into the kitchen as he grabbed my mail out of Chasen’s hand. “Here you go sis,” Tom said.

“Thanks,” I said finally as I got ahold of my mail. My mail only had my address on it. There was no returning address on it. I opened it to read it.

It read: I always loved you but I never really could express it in person. So let me make it up to you soon. Sincerely, your secret admirer.

I can’t believe it. I have a secret admirer.

Submitted: February 12, 2020

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