Unexpected Friendship Pt 3

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Sophia Lowe is an okay kind of student. But she ends up finding out that she's failing English. Plus on top of that Kesha Willis the most bad ass girl in all the school wants to be friends with her what will she do? Will she make friends with Kesha? Find out in the Unexpected Friendship story.


The following morning I got ready for school. I decided to not talk to my parents until the beginning of 2020. As a matter of fact I may just get my own place. Well maybe that’s a little too harsh. I mean I did steal money from my mom’s purse. Shut up Sophia you did nothing wrong.

I grabbed a fiber bar then walked to the bus that was parked outside of my house.

As the school bus was making a few more stops I had put on my headphones to watch YouTube. Even though I didn’t have my phone didn’t mean I didn’t have my tablet.

The school bus finally arrived at school. I instantly got off the bus and went straight to my locker. As I was putting in my locker. As I was putting in my combination I seen Kesha at her locker. I was thinking of going over to her but before I could I had to put my backpack inside my locker. The moment I opened my locker I fell to the ground.

Everyone in the hallway stopped what they were doing and laughed at me.

“Oh like this never happened to any of you?” Kesha said to everyone as she walked over towards me. Everyone stopped laughing and went back to what they were doing. “Here let me give you a hand,” Kesha said helping me up from off the floor.


“Whatever,” She said rolling her eyes then she walked back to her locker. That’s odd the other day she was all nice and friendly. Should I bother to ask what the matter is? Maybe she’s just having a bad morning.

“Kesha is there something the matter?” I asked her. “Oh now you’re talking to me?” She said. “Huh?” I wondered what she meant. “So that’s what you have to say for yourself,” She said slamming her locker. “What are you talking about?” I asked really confused. “I called you five times last night,” She said. “Oh,” I just now understood. She was about to walk away but I stopped her by grabbing her arm. “Wait, I can explain,” I said hoping she would listen. “Alright I’m listening, by the way if you ever touch me again you’ll definitely regret it,” She said threatening me. “My parents took away my phone. I’m grounded until the beginning of the new year,” I told her. “What did you steal?” She asked. How did she know?


“How much?”


“I normally steal sixty but you’ll catch up,” She said. “How did you know?” I asked her.

“My parents always take my phone away when I steal something. Usually that’s all I ever do. It’s kind of a hobby,” She said. I couldn’t help it but to laugh. “Sorry,” I said still laughing. I tried to stop but every time I tried I just laughed harder. She was just looking at me but I could’ve sworn she was going to laugh. She then burst out laughing with me.

“Ms. Lowe,” Mr. Gomez called my name from across from the hallway.

“I’ve got to go,” I said. “Alright see you at lunch,” She said walking the opposite direction from where I was walking.

“Your parents just called me. They said you have the money for tutoring,” He said. Luckily I had my purse. So I pulled out eh $30 and the note that my dad signed and I gave it all to Mr. Gomez.

“Alright let me set you up with a schedule,” He said walking into his classroom. I walked into his classroom with less enthusiasm. “Okay you’ll be tutored by a girl named Kayla Willis,” Mr. Gomez said handing me my new schedule. I looked at the schedule and I realized that I’m also getting tutored in math too.

“Mr. Gomez I think there’s some mistake,” I said to him still looking at the schedule. “No there’s no mistake apparently your teacher Mrs. Donahue says your failing math as well,” He said. “Oh well it doesn’t say who’s supposed to tutor me in math,” I said handing him back the schedule. “Oh I see,” He said searching through his papers. “I thought I had that information alright well just stick to this schedule and I will contact Mrs. Donahue to see who is supposed to tutor you in math,” He said. “Thank you,” I said as I walked out of his classroom.

Two hours later I went to go to the main office and wait in the conference room for Kayla.

Five minutes later Kesha arrived and I was thinking that she was going to get tutored as well. “Hey Sophia okay do you have your books?” She asked “Um yeah do you need to borrow them for when Kayla gets here?” I asked her. “That’s a new one usually when they get my name wrong it’s usually a cutesy name like Kelsea or Cameron. Oh by the way here’s your $30 back,” She said.

“Wait you’re my tutor,”

“Sure am,”

“But why are you giving me back the 30?”

“Because we are friends and friends don’t pay friends to help them in need,” I did not expect her to say that.

And that’s how my life changed within an instant with my unexpected friendship with Kesha Willis.

Submitted: February 12, 2020

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