Witch's Herb

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

We used 3 random prompts to create a story.

"My cat traded his tail to a witch for 9 more lives"
"Soulmates are very rare and can communicate telepathically. The government hunts them down to use as spies" (something to that effect it was a long prompt)
"Seafolk: something happens at the full moon tide"

“Come on, Herb,” Beck whispered, pushing the creaky back door open just enough for the tailless tabby cat to squeeze through. Beck nervously checked her surroundings, wrigning the small bag in her hands before signalling the cat to follow her. 

They sneaked all the way down to the beach, taking back roads and alleys that were only lit by the full moon and taking care to stop their goods from making too much noise. After the ocean levels rose to a certain point, the government had increased regulations and now had a very strict curfew. But Beck knew that once she made it onto the open water, nothing could stop her. 

She watched the empty dock for a moment, listening to the waves crash against the pillars and making sure there were no guards to surprise her. When she felt it was safe, she booked it to the little boat that sat alone at the end of the harbor with Herb on her heels. 

She tossed the bag into the vessel, then herself, and immediately started the motor. The familiar hum started up below her and she smiled as she urged it forward onto the open water. 


“Over there!” a voice called from the dock. 

“She’s too far out,” another responded. The other cursed. 

“Blast those pirates!”

Beck smiled and waved back towards the dock before forcing the boat to go faster. 

Instead of speeding up, however, it began to slow down. Really slow down. Slow down so much that it almost felt like the boat was….sinking. 

Abandon ship, something in the back of her mind was telling her. 

“No way!” Beck said out loud. Her real ship wasn’t too far out.It was getting dark over the horizon, but she could see the sails in the distance. Water was starting to collect in the bottom of her little sail boat.

You’re not dying on my watch, the voice said again, and Beck quickly realized that it had not been an intrusive thought. A slimy green hand snatched her wrist and pulled her over the side. She emerged seconds later, gasping for air,just in time to watch the boat go under. 

“HERB!” she shrieked. 

No time, the voice said, and Beck looked down to see a rather beautiful creature just below the surface. It was a pretty shade of sea green, with long, kelp-like hair that seemed to glow in the dark water. 

Follow me. 

It grabbed her wrist once again and dragged her through the waves, which were beginning to get stronger. 

What was that? Beck asked in her head, since her mouth was busy choking on seawater. 

A sea witch, it replied. One that wants revenge. 

Revenge? For what? 

Maybe revenge is the wrong word… Payment. 

From me? I’ve never dealt with sea magic! Can we slow down? Beck was coughing and sputtering like crazy, and there was too much salt in her eyes to see anything. 

“Beck?” a familiar voice called. “Is that you?” 

“Where’s her boat?” 

“What’s that thing with her?”

“We can ask her when we get her on deck! Throw her a rope, you scoundrels!” 

The rope ladder splashed into the water just a few feet in front of her. Beck grabbed it and began to climb it as her crew pulled it back up towards them. Beck fell onto the deck and immediately coughed up the rest of the water in her system. 

“Are you alright, captain?” Caspian asked, leaning down. 

“Where’s the boat?” Douglas frowned, folding his arms over his chest. 

Leave, the voice said.

“We have to get going,” Beck said. 

“Where’s Herb?” Ridley inquired. 

“Listen to me,” Beck said, standing up. “We have to go. There’s a sea witch-” 

“Another witch? What is it with you and witches?” Douglas scoffed. Caspian punched him in the arm. 

“You heard your captain. Get moving,” she scolded. Douglas begrudgingly obliged. 

“Did you at least get the treasure?” Ridley asked. Beck smiled and pulled the little pouch out of her pocket. 

“You know,” Beck said, peeking inside the bag, “this might be able to help us.” 

“What is it, anyways?” Caspian narrowed her eyes. Beck poured the contents into her hand, and a little amulet fell out. 

“Ridley, take this and hang  it up above the crow’s nest,” Beck ordered. Ridley nodded and took the amulet, immediately rushing up to the top of the ship. 

The sky was getting darker, and the stars were disappearing above the clouds. 

Beck, hurry. 

“We have to hurry. Why are the sails not open? DOUGLAS!” Beck shouted. He was hanging over the edge of the ship, staring fixedly at something in the water. 

“What is he doing?” Caspian muttered. 

Get him away from the edge. 

“Cas, pull him away from there,” Beck commanded. Caspian nodded and rushed over to Douglas, attempting to grab his arm, but he brushed her off. 

“Douglas, your captain gave you an order!” Caspian barked, but before she could continue, Douglas snatched her upper arm,staring blankly at her, and promptly threw her over the side without a second thought. 

“DOUGLAS!” Beck screamed. 

Leave him. Caspian will be fine.  

Beck stood there, frozen and staring transfixed at Douglas. What had gotten into him? 

Before she could consider too deeply, Douglas began to climb over the wall of the ship. 

“Douglas, NO!” Beck shouted, watching her friend jump over the edge. 

“Beck, what’s he doing?” Ridley called shakily from the crow’s nest. 

“I don't know,” Beck said plainly. 

“REBECCA JONES,” a voice boomed, and at that moment, lightning crackled through the sky. Beck jumped. “IF YOU WANT ME TO RETURN YOUR FRIENDS, I REQUEST PAYMENT.”

“For what?” Beck yelled. “Who are you?” 

“Seriously?” the voice said, and this time, the sky rumbled. “The witch you came to a few years ago?” 

“I’ve met a lot of witches,” Beck replied, staring up at the clouds. 

The voice groaned in frustration, “The one that you came to about the cat.” 

“Oh, right. Seashells.” 

“SEYCHELLES!” the voice roared, correcting her, and another bolt of lightning lit up the sky. 

“Is this about my cat and his extra lives I thought I paid you already?” Beck placed her hands on her hips. “Or at least Herb did. He’s definitely still missing his tail.” 

“You made a deal with a sea witch to give your cat extra lives?!” Ridley exclaimed. 

“The tail is not enough,” the witch’s voice replied. 

“It was when we made the deal!” 


“Is that this thing?” Ridley asked loudly. 

“What are your plans for it?” Beck inquired. 

“TO DESTROY THE CITY OF MARTSLOCKE!” the voice roared, and lightning struck in the distance. Beck swore she saw a fire erupt in the city. 

“Well, in that case,” Beck sniggered, “Ridley, toss the amulet into the ocean.”

“What?” Ridley stared at Beck. 

“Do as I say! Martslocke means nothing to us. They have nothing. Take them, but give our friends back. Deal?” 


“Ridley! Throw it!” Beck ordered. Ridley fumbled with the necklace before ultimately chucking it as hard as she could into the sea. 

Almost immediately, the waters calmed and the clouds dispersed, and Caspian, Douglas, and Herb materialized from thin air and landed on the deck. 

Caspian hacked up a load of water, and without a second thought, launched herself at Douglas. 

“Ow!” Douglas shrieked through coughs, trying to shove Caspain off of him. “Cas, what did I do?” 

“You threw me overboard, you rapscallion!” Caspain yelled. Beck rushed over and pulled her away, breaking the fight. 

“He was possessed, Caspian, give him a break,” Ridley said, coming down from the crow’s nest and landing on the deck. 

“Possessed? What happened?” Douglas asked, befuddled. 

“Its not important,” Beck chirped. 

“Well I have a question,” Caspain said, breathing heavily. “What the hell is that thing in the water down there?” 

Beck went to look over the side at the siren from earlier. 

Thank you, the voice said as Herb leaped up onto the wall of the ship, purring as he brushed up against Beck. The siren waved and disappeared. 

You’re welcome, Beck replied. 

Do I still have my extra lives? 

Beck froze. 


Me. Herb. Who else? 

“You?” Beck said aloud. 

“What?” Douglas said. 

This has been you the whole time?! Beck stared intently at the cat. 

I may have made another deal, Herb jumped onto her shoulders, temporarily throwing her off balance. I wanted to be able to speak to my soulmate. 

“Soulmates, huh?” Beck mumbled, scratching behind Herb’s ears. 

“Hey, I've got another question for ya,” Douglas nodded. 

“What?” Beck turned. 

“Rebecca?” he smirked. 

“Don't,” she scolded, and the crew laughed. 

“Can we agree on one thing?” Ridley piped in. 

“Whats that?” Beck asked. 

“No more witches. EVER.” 

What do you think? Beck looked at Herb, who was still perched on her shoulder. 

I’ll do my best. 

“Deal,” Beck smiled.


Submitted: February 13, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Sadie K.. All rights reserved.

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A truly magical journey with an awe inspiring twist! Laughter and confusion and gasps, oh my!

Fri, February 21st, 2020 3:55pm

Phantom Author

Cute story with a twist ending.

Thu, February 27th, 2020 3:50pm

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