The Adventurer

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

*spoiler warning*
this short tale is pretty much a run through of how a lot of people played open world games like skyrim in the least copywrite-liable version possible.

I stood back as the guards pulled open the thick double doors, and gazed through to the most magnificent town I’ve ever seen. Adorable straw roofed cottages lined the plains and the hillside, up to where the large wooden manor that served as the lord’s residence resides. Atop the manor was the statue of a great and terrifying dragon, its maw wide open and spewing a jet of black flame, all wrought in onyx.

Along the main thoroughfare were trees blossoming with some species of pink budding flowers, and they flew with the breeze and fell onto the cobbles, making a lovely sight. The cobblestone streets were clean, rid of the muck, human wastes, and spillage of the greater cities. The air felt cleaner as well, and for that I took in a whole lungful gratefully. Despite the fact that I’ve been back here time and time again, and that I had ultimately settled down here, this place will always have a special place in my heart.

After countless hours of adventuring, slaying demons and bandits and whatnot, I will finally get my rest. I’m so tired. A good rest to replenish my stamina would be nice, I thought and grinned happily to myself.

I looked towards my humble abode, located just a bit after a bend in the main thoroughfare. All I could see in my mind’s eyes were the cookfire spitting before me, with a steamy pot of stew placed atop of it, and my wonderful wife standing by the side stirring the wondrous concoction. I hastened my steps.

Those thoughts occupy me and made me slow as my shoulder bumped against someone else’s.

“Hey, watch where you are going!” The nobleman shouted into my face. “Owh, the stink! You piss stink of a filthy brute, how dare you even touch me!” I turned to the noble. He was clad in the fineries of the latest fashion in the courts, his robe well-tailored and ornaments hung from his throat and his hands.

“Do you not hear me, you daft?” The nobleman shouted, sending spittle of his saliva onto my face. “I doubt the likes of you have been to the Upper District very often, but know it that my name is well know and I have great influence there. Does the name of Lathir not ring a bell?”

It doesn’t. Not at all, actually. What a silly old bastard, I thought. The guards who patrolled the streets, armed with swords and shields emblazoned with the standard of this town of Lightfield, started to take an interest in our argument and turned our way. I turned away from the nobleman and tried to avoid making this conflict escalate further by choosing to walk away.

“Of course, I must be out of my mind. A lowly adventurer like you would never get to go to the Upper District, much less knew my name.”

That was my final straw. I’ve been standing here listening to him talk for long enough, I think. I turned back to the man, Lathir or whatever. I drew my great sword and plunged it through his gust. Blood gushed out in a fountain as Lathir or whatever died while gurgling about his precious Upper District. I withdrew the blade, now bathed in the nobleman’s blood and swung it around for all to see.

“Alright. Who’s next?”

Several guards approached me, their swords drawn and their shields raised. “Halt! By the decree of the city of Lightfield, you’ve been found guilty of murder! What says you in your defense!”

Ah I couldn’t even bother. Instead of answering the guard, I hacked at his upraised shield with my great sword. The guard managed to block that, of course, but with my enhanced strength before long his shield was split down in the middle. I cut his body neatly in half with my next strike. Blood fountained everywhere as the other guards saw this gruesome act of murder and rushed in towards me.

“For Lightfield!” A guard roared as he charged at me. I put my great sword back into its sheath and took out a one-handed sword instead. While I was preparing, the guard’s strike clanged against my armor, but no damage was done. I was wearing the most expensive and well-crafted armor that gold can buy, and to the sword of a simple town guard it might as well be dragonhide.

I intercepted his next strike with my blade. With my other hand, I casted a fireball and blasted it right into his helmeted face. The guard roared as he stumbled back, his head cooked in its helm, while I giggled and laughed.

As the other guards approached me, I backed away, dropping my sword to cast a chain of lightning to snare the clump of guards thirsty for my blood. They screamed and shrieked as crackles of lightning lanced through them, sizzling their skin and cooking up their insides up to the level that steam poured forth from their mouths.

I took a step back to enjoy this show of havoc and destruction. What I saw on the skyline bothered me, however. The town’s Fighter Guild were approaching from the Upper District, and they could be here at any moment. Those bastards, now they are pretty tough to fight. I retreated into a side alley, up along one side of the town up to the mountains in an attempt to find a suitable vantage point.

While running, I ran across dozens of townsfolk rushing my way, scampering for their lives from the unnamed horror that besieged their town. My blood was up now. All I saw was red, and I could no longer stop my hands moving of its own accord. The killing frenzy is in me and I was obliged to follow it through.

I meet the townsfolk with my duel swords, ramming the first one I found in the guts before throwing the body down the staircase I’ve just came up on. I decapitate the second, and watched as her head rolled away in a pool of blood. Now that the tide of townsmen have grown to be too much for even me to handle, forcing me back along the way and towards the oncoming horde of guardsmen, I resorted to my last measure.

I sheathed my weapons and stood still, as if in a trace. I revolved my hands around one another, all the while speaking the incantations of my spell. My hands moved like flowing water, until the moment when they finally come together once more and I roared at the top of my lungs. “STORM!”

A humongous pillar of lightning erupted from my conjoined hands and shot hungrily towards the gathering townsfolk. Lightning sizzled and crackled in such bright brilliance that I had to swerved my gaze away, lest I become blinded. The screams of the townsfolk lasted for only an instant before they are replaced by the smell of roasted flesh. I looked down at the now empty street. Empty besides the pile of smoldering ashes that now littered the cobblestones in heaps and piles. All that remained of the townspeople and whatever they had been wearing.

I ran forward, glad to finally be free of my obstacles, and rushed towards the highest point in the town I knew. The top of the dragon statue above the lord’s manor itself.

Along the way I ran into more townspeople and guardsmen. I incinerated some with my fire magic, and summoned a couple of golems to keep some of the guards occupied as I made my ascent towards the lord’s manor.

All the while as I went up, more guards barred my path. This place is, after all, the resting place of the lord and was thus guarded with the most elite of guardsmen in the entire Lightfield. There were but a single door that stood between me and the grand hall of the Lord of Ligthfield. Two guards stood besides the door, their alarmed faces only registering me, their hands moving towards their sword sheath.

I threw a pair of throwing axes with all my might. They slammed precisely into the neck and collarbone of both guards, and the men went down with a heavy thump. I ran straight to the doors leading into the main hall and booted it open.

Inside, a swarm of guards had gathered around the lord, along with his most skilled knights and guardians. I instantly knew that they planned to trap me here, and I broke into a vicious grin. The guards and knights came at me in a prickling wall of steel and shouts. I grinned even wider when their puny weapons clanged uselessly against my plate. I prepared my words of incantation once more, moving my hands to encompass the area surrounding me, and hollered, “STORM!”

The area surrounding me burst into a ring of flames. Guards and knights screamed as they were knocked back, their bodes engulfed by the vengeful flames I had send out with my magic. Once more, the smell of roasted flesh and charred meat filled the air, and guards and knights lay writing and dying around my feet.

The lord and his last remaining retinues glanced at me in horror as I approached.

“Sorry folks. I’ve got something more demanding to tend to right now.” I drew out my crossbow, the tips of its bolts smeared with a deadly poison, and shot down each of the lord’s fleeing retinues in quick succession. When all was dead besides the lord, I approached him, cackling all the while.

“Good night, my sweet lord. May the angels send thee to thy rest.” I drew my great sword and beheaded him in one fell stroke. A perfect kill move, as I would say.

As the lord’s head tumbled down onto a growing pool of his own blood, I raced up the stairs of the wooden manor. Even now, I could hear the front doors of the manner straining under the ramming fists of the Fighter Guild. Those immortal warriors who no one would ever want to mess with in a thousand years. I finally heard the door crashed in as I reached the door towards the balcony, and I slammed it open once again with my foot.

The air up here was stark and cool, but I have to time to enjoy it as I ran towards the railings of the balcony. The statue of the onyx dragon wasn’t far, but I would need to make a climb over the unstable ramparts of the manor towards it. Should I slip, I would fell all the way down towards the base of the hill below, which would guarantee much suffering.

I heard booted foot coming from behind the closed balcony door. I gritted my teeth, stepped onto the railing, and started climbing. I climbed onto a narrow ledge, praying my foot wouldn’t slip, and edging forward slowly until I reached its edge. From there, I reached up to another ledge on top of me, and clung on by my bare fingertips as I ever so slowly edged forward. As I dropped onto the rooftiles of the upper part of the manor, I was finally face to face with the dragon statue.

It was a magnificent thing, crafted of the finest black onyx in the likeness of the greatest dragon to ever walk the land, Estamon the lord of suffering. Its scales were barbed spines, and a normal person could’ve lost their fingers prickling themselves on one of those. I paid these no heed as I carefully stepped over the tiles and at least reached the base of the statue.  

I climbed up Estamon’s body using its dangerously sharp barbs and spines. My richly plated gloves prevented my fingers from becoming chopped meats and giving me the grip I very much needed. As I neared the creature’s head, I finally heard the first of the Fighter Guild members approaching from down below.

They’re getting closer. I stole a peek while my hand clutched against the statue’s barbs. A few of their best members are up against the statue’s base now.

Just a little bit more. Keep going! I thought and hauled myself up towards the head of the dragon. At long last, my hand reached a flat-topped surface, and I hauled myself up. I was at the top of the statue, and at the same time, at the top of the town of Lightfield. The view of the town and mountain valleys below were more than spectacular, but unfortunately I didn’t’ have the time to contemplate their beauty.

I raised up my hands and revolved them as widest as I could around me, and the most complex incantation yet flowed forth like water of gold from my lips. The air around me seemed to shimmer and glow as they took in the massive amount of magical power I was channeling. My ears popped, and the world seemed to gain on a different hue as my spell gathered itself for the final burst.

As I feel the first of the Fighter Guild members reaching the head of the statue, I enunciated each word with so much force that my throat went raw, “RAG NA ROK!”

As if by God’s hand, the whole world burst into flames. The flare of it was so bright that I thought I was forever blinded, until flames licked into my vision and I realized that I could see again.

The skies were bleeding fire, and comets rained down from the heavens above. The blast was so powerful that I felt but an empty feeling in my stomach before I was thrown off the roof of the manor, flying and tumbling through thin air as if I was a feather blow by a breeze. I somersaulted, rolled, and spun, and the world spun with me. I could hear screams and shrieks of suffering from all over the place, for now hell itself had been brought upon the earth this day, and in its name everything shall be brought to ruin.  

I flew for long and while, before at long last the force abated and I dropped down from the sky like a sack of very mashed potatoes. A sack of potatoes that came down with a monstrous bam! and left a gaping hole in the earth, that is.

I stood up groggily, patting myself for any damages and thanking the gods that the Immortal Plate that I had worn had taken the damages to my body without fail. I gazed at the flaming world all around me. Lightfield town blazed like a mega huge bonfire before me, and everything around it was scorched and blackened and burned to the ground. And…

“David!” I could hear that noise, but my senses and the overlying brain center above them told me to ignore it. “DAVID!” The voice came again, more frantic this time, and I was helpless as I took off my earmuffs and poked and shouted back.

“What? Mom!” His mother’s reply was harsh and immediate. “Get down here before dinner is cold! Have you been playing your darn games again? Don’t make me go up there and take your computer away!”

I was helpless once more as I pouted, and turned back to gazed at the charred and blazing remnants of Lightfield one last time, before closing the game and shutting down my pc for good.

“I’m coming mom! Please don’t touch my games!”

Submitted: February 14, 2020

© Copyright 2020 S. K. Inkslinger. All rights reserved.

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