Eyes on the horizon

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Australia's Bondi beach is a dream place to live. Everlee Harrison is an intelligent driven woman with living with a painful loss. Work and the beach was her saving grace along with the PA Ryan.
She was considered a local by the people she saw everyday even if she's only been in Australia 4 years... Someone needs to help her find her fun side again and give her what she needs

Table of Contents


The first fingers of dawn were beginning to streak the sky. The sound of the waves were like a sound track to my morning run along the be... Read Chapter

Weekend smiles

I sat on my balcony with my laptop and listened to the sounds from the ocean and the shouting and laughter coming from the beach. I stopp... Read Chapter

Good night rough morning

I jumped up and hissed as I reached my alarm and turned it off. The pounding in my head was brutal as I carefully put one foot in front o... Read Chapter

Showing off Bondi

I walked down into the street as Orlando came from their rental in shorts and a tank "Are you sure you're ready for this?" I asked as... Read Chapter

Night out

The next day was a round of catching Orlando up to speed on some of the new plans we had in the works along with the one we were due to h... Read Chapter

New friends

I closed my eyes and inhaled the night air, I was more than happy to have my brother coming to live in Australia with me. "Are you ok... Read Chapter


The rest of the week was busy with work it was Dark when I ran in the morning and Dark when I ran in the evening. I actually missed seein... Read Chapter

Eyes on me

I felt nervous as I walked down from my apartment toward the Bucket List. I smoothed my hand over my dress and walked into Bar and looked... Read Chapter

First light

"Do you need a cab?" Finn asked putting his arm around my waist  "No I live up on North Bondi" I said resting my head against hi... Read Chapter


Finn and I walked down to the Pavillion he looked at me and kissed me "I won't be long" He disappeared inside. I walked overt to the ... Read Chapter

Something more.

Finn and I walked up the beach, He put his board under the tower and took me inside. "Hey, I wanted to check on my shift tomorrow" Fi... Read Chapter

Something special

The two of us sat on the balcony to eat as the sun was setting at the south end of the beach. "One of my cousins are getting married ... Read Chapter

Big brother

I rubbed walked across from the carpark toward the Lifeguard tower, It had been a long successful day. Ryan and Josh were in the bar wait... Read Chapter

Admitting it

James and Finn got on like a house on fire which I was thankful for I'd even joined them one eveing to surf at sunset. Finn had a night s... Read Chapter

Meeting the Family

I put my bag in the back of my car as came from the apartment. "Got everything?" He asked as I walked over to him "Yep, you can d... Read Chapter


The wedding was beautiful and romantic, The couple were saying their vows as the sun was setting across the vineyard. We spent the night ... Read Chapter

Time to talk

I sat down on one of the chairs on the balcony and wrapped my hands around the cup as the storm seemed to be moving in our direction. ... Read Chapter

Life changing

"Seriously?" Finn had the starting of a smile on his lips  "Can you get out of the lease on your place? I guess that's what I sh... Read Chapter


Over the next few months things were really good and Finn was settled in to my apartment. I was more than happy to be back in the water s... Read Chapter


I sat at my desk as Ryan walked in with a huge cup of tea and put it on the desk along with a Muffin. "You haven't eaten and it's alr... Read Chapter


I swam in and out of conciousness, the sound of sirens and shouting kept stirring me.   "Hey Sweetheart" a voice was suddenly cl... Read Chapter

Time for us

Finn paced the hall in the hospital waiting for the doctors to do their assesment of me. "Finn" Mom and Dad came hurrying down the co... Read Chapter


I looked at my leg as the nurse uncovered it and changed the dressing. I counted twenty neat stitches the nurse looked up at me and smile... Read Chapter

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