Chapter 4: Chapter Three

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Chapter Three

“Really? We NEED to go back!” Emma coughed.

“Yeah really. Quick grab the driftwood before it floats away!” Casandra began swimming towards the small piece of wood.

Emma moaned, it was at this moment that she realized that one, the water was absolutely frigid and, two, that they had already been taken out about fifty meters from the shore. “Cas! We should go back now! What about the village!”

“No way you’re going to have to come and get me yourself! Besides the village is totally fine while we distract the kats!” Casandra yelled from the other side of a huge swell.

Swimming was tiring. But swimming in cold water was way worse, their new indoor pool was warmer! Struggling to her friend she prepared to begin the swim back. 

“Yay! You made it! And just in time the kat’s ship is probably about to ask us what we are doing and if you weren’t here with me I’d have said I was ditching you and was hoping the sharks would eat you instead of me.” Casandra repositioned on the wood allowing Emma to climb onto the piece on wood.

“Who goes there!” a kat asked high above on the top deck of the gigantic ship.

“We are but the last survivors of our sorry ship, The Fruit Fly. We have been adrift for longer than I could know.” Casandra yelled up.

“The FRUIT FLY? That’s the best name you could come up with? You start out pirating career with out fist ship being The Fruit Fly?” Emma protested.

“Sorry it was the only thing I could think of. Besides it’s not like when we join a pirate crew that they’re going to ask what the name of the previous ship we owned was named!”

“You have me hopes that you might find a ship!” the kat yowled back down. Shortly the ship began to move forwards, pushing the driftwood away on a wake, making them float further from shore.

“We’ll be to our new ship any moment!” Casandra cheered. That ‘any moment’ was around five minutes of attempting to propel the driftwood to the boat and Emma trying adamantly to get Casandra to start heading back to the island. Another ten minutes of arguing and trying to find a way onto the boat was spent. In all when they finally clambered up a small rope ladder, and looked back to their small town, they found kats unloading off the boat onto the tiny dock.

“Mom… We should have warned them.” Emma whispered, they’d foolishly left their poor families to the wrath of the kats. However, neither of the girls had time to stand staring at their island, and cry softly as the sun set behind them. No. They had no time to think at all, for at that precise moment they found out that the ship was far from abandoned.

Finally! Someone tried to board the ship! Shure, they’d boarded many ships. Taking the other pirates by surprise. I mean yeah, the ships weren’t the biggest. But needle in a hay stack! Every one in the whole crew had at least one ship of their own! But this… Being boarded by humans? Holey chickens! Finally they’d have their first prisoners.

Everything was going perfectly… that is until their leader, remembered (More so discovered than remember) that this particular ship had no prison of any sort. Not to mention that there were a sum total of zero locks on board.

A simple, but highly complicated plan formed in her tiny brain.

“Tie them up!” She commanded. None of her crew moved. “Is something wrong?” she asked already knowing the answer.

“Uh… yes?”  one of the crew spoke up, “How are we supposed to do that?”

This was prosaically why her plan was so complicated, yet so simple. The one question lingered on all of the crews thoughts. How do you tie a rope?

They were surrounded by… Chickens? That could Talk?

“Umm… Do… Ah. You need help? Tying us up?” Emma stuttered.

“Do we? Heh. Heh. No. No. You see it’s not what you think. It’s not the whole picking up the rope. That’s easy! It’s simply that our feathers can’t do all that tying stuff.” She flexed her feathers to show her point.

“I’ve got a solution!” Casandra yipped, “You just take us to that island.” She pointed toward where they’d just come. “Then you don’t have to tie us up! Problem solved.”


Submitted: March 30, 2020

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