Second Coming

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Religion and Spirituality  |  House: Spiritual Messages
Good will always overcome evil, but not before evil parades as the bringer of light.

Submitted: February 17, 2020

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Submitted: February 17, 2020



It was a late night on a Saturday night when I woke to the sounds of noise streaming through my bedroom window. I could not tell if I heard laughter or merely screams, but I lay listening and wondered why, at such a late hour, I should hear a celebration, if, in fact, it was what I was hearing. No light filtered through the curtains. The hour on my alarm clock registered at 3A.M.

I was about to get up when I saw the shadowy figures of two ghosts entering my room from the window. They moved as if in some hurry to escape the noise outside.

I was fearful of these apparitions and drew up my blankets for protection. "Do not hurt me," I said. But they merely passed over me. As they passed, I felt emboldened to discover what thew noise outside of my window meant.

I stood a moment listening to the noise of apparent laughter. Who would be out on a cold December night, for snow and cold was in the forecast?

At the window, I parted the drapes and gazed out at the gloom. It took my eyes time to adjust, but as I looked, I saw a mass of people milling about the pavement and the street beyond. They were in apparent celebration with glasses of champagne and cups of wine to hand. They were laughing, their glasses clinking merrily.

I could no fathom the reason for such merriment. Cautiously, I opened the inner window, intent on asking what the celebration was about. As my eyes adjusted to the darkness, I recognized the faces of friends, relatives, and those I had not seen before. I concluded that most of the neighborhood was present on my front lawn.

Good friends, though I was not among them. I determined to find out more.

I slid open the outer window to better hear what was being spoken. With the mosquito screen in place, I listened but failed to follow any conversation, as if the words were foreign, I made out jumbled sentences. Despite the strangeness of the language, this group seemed to understand one another. It appeared to me that what was spoken were words tinged with anger, curses, and lewdness.

I called out to them, curious. “Friends, what are you celebrating?”

For a brief moment, there was silence as heads turned my way. The look on most faces betrayed annoyance and suspicion as if I had dared to sin against them. A few laughed gaily. After a moment, they returned to their babbling, ignoring any response to my inquiry.

Except for the woman.

Her red hair was exquisitely coiffed. As she turned, her diamond earrings flashed with a light of their own. She smiled at me, though it appeared to be, like the group, annoyed. But she walked to my window, nevertheless. She was dressed in a fancy gown made from threads of gold and silver. Precious stones adorned it and flashed untold wealth. Around her neck was a necklace of luminescent pearls. Her wealth dripped from her, and I was amazed at how she could afford such a dress.

She smiled at me with full red lips that begged me to kiss them and taste the honey from her moth. But the screen was in the way, and I was reluctant to do more unless I understood what was happening on my front lawn.


She turned her head to scan the group behind her. None of them had accompanied her as they continued to toast their fortune.

“We celebrate the Lord of Light,” she said plainly.

I gazed at the scene of darkness without. “Light? But it is the middle of the night.”

She gave me a quint and syrupy laugh. "Your eyes deceive you," she said. "It is not dark. The Lord presents us with the light of warmth and truth. We are in his embrace. He gives us direction. Surely you notice their wealth and delight."

She spoke true. Like her, the group was arrayed in wealthy garments.

The sky above was lowering. A gust of wind blew through my window, and I recoiled at its icy touch. "It's freezing!"

"Not so," she replied. "The Lord of Light gives warmth to all that worship him. His special day is fast approaching, a time to celebrate the birth of the Messiah."

I gazed at the revelers and saw that none wore cloaks for protection against the chill of the season. It dawned on me that something in this scene was not quite as I thought it.

As if reading my mind, the woman frowned upon me. "Come. Do not be deceived. There is much pleasure to be had." She gestured toward the group behind her.

In the chill of that night, I saw a woman undress, giving herself to fondling by her compatriot. The other revelers set aside their glasses. They began to touch one another, suggestively, eve men with men and women with women.

"Join the Lord of Light," the woman repeated. "It is the Lord's day, and the Lord of Light welcomes those who worship him. He rewards all who submit."

I was taken aback by the sexual play of those writhing on my front lawn, an orgy of sensual delights.

Yet somehow, I remained dubious, even as I was sorely tempted to rush out to join the festivity.

“Why do you hesitate?” Asked the woman.

I gazed upon her face and noticed that her lips had grown a dark shade of red. She drank from her cup, but I did not see wine reflected in it. "I...I don't know," I said, gesturing. "This...where doe it come from?"

"The true god." She said. "He calls you into his graces. Repent, and all things will come to you. All your desires will be fulfilled. Everything you could wish for can be yours."


"Worship him. Come the dawn, we will all assemble in his grace, hear him speak from the pulpits of the nation. His message is one of peace and joy. We will worship him."

“If I follow him?”

"Absolutely," she replied. "Those who refuse will be cast into the lake of fire that is not quenched. He seeks to bring us into his grace. Worship him, and you will be saved.

Something within my room caused me to turn. Framed within the doorway of my bedchamber stood the two wraiths I had seen earlier. Despite the darkness, I could make out the form of two men. They looked upon me with reverence and respect. I felt an affinity with them, as if there was justice in them, though they had not spoken. They appeared to have a light of their own, an otherworldly light that came from within.

I turned again to look upon the revelry and noticed that darkness hung like a veil over everyone present. Their movements became stunted as if they had trouble maintaining their feet. Few of them uttered any words, but I noticed the fear in their eyes. They suddenly appeared lost, as if reasoning had fled from them. What they held in their hands were cus, filled to the brim with blood.

The woman I had spoken to had vanished from my window. I could not see where she had gone. I gazed back at the two angels and observed they had gone. I heard the rustle of clothing and turned to find the woman standing there again. She smiled at me. Her eyes glinted with a natural red. "Do not believe them," she whispered. "They are evil."

Behind her, the group had gained composure, once again toasting their fortunes while others were deeply engrossed in sexual play. "Why did you flee when they appeared?"

“They are the lords of the evil one. He wishes only that you suffer eternal torment. The Lord of Light only wishes that all should be saved.”


"Yes," she nodded. Her hair, I noticed, had turned into a brighter shade of red. It seemed to now burn. I could not be sure, but it appeared that her necklace of pearls was etched with skulls, each one with eyes closed, but each one projected pain.

"I find this confusing," I said.

She smiled, her bloodied lips a macabre grin. “There is nothing to be confused over. Just join the Lord of Light.”

The crowd behind her had thinned out, or so I determined. But as I scanned, I saw skeletal figures moving about in apparent confusion. They seemed to have no sense of purpose, their lives aimless except for the need to enjoy temporary pleasures.

The skin of the woman took on a translucent color. That translucence turned, even as I looked, into scabs from which exuded a pus-like substance. The wind carried sickness and disease. I was repelled by the scent of decay.

The sky above parted for a moment to reveal a red moon, its ghastly shadow cast a pale pall of light across the land, a light that brought no comfort, nor warmth. In its shadows, the figures seemed unreal, merely ghosts that, as I looked, seemed to melt into the earth itself.

To the east, a star rose over the horizon, bright with a warmth of its own.

A comforting warmth.

The woman before me stood, seemingly without the ability to say more. As I watched, her raiment seemed to slough away from her body. Her shoulder bones could not hold up her bejeweled dress. Her face was sunken, her eyes retreating in fear into their sockets. Her cheekbones were prominent. No amount of extensive makeup could cover them. I saw rot, and with it came the worms and slugs that ate away at her scrawny breasts.

All her fine jewelry vanished into smoke.

Behind her, the celebrants melted into the soil from which they had come, or disappeared as wisps of smoke to rise toward the moon becoming dark as the clouds covered up its false light. What had once been a multitude had vanished in the sight of the morning star.

That star, I observed, was not the rising sun. It grew and appeared to move closer. Its light bathed the landscape and seemed to cleanse it of all fornication. In its light, the land sprouted green with a riot of color Ihad not seen before. All the earth seemed to be renewed because of his coming.

The spirit moved me, and I was glad just to bathe in that light. It was the light of the universe. I had always marveled at the technology that had made living easier than generations past. Yet, I felt awed by this new power, for it was nothing compared to man`s ingenuity. I ached for it.

This light, I realized, was the light of truth. A truth so profound, it gave me purpose. I saw what I was born for. I gazed upward toward the sky that had now turned a brilliant blue in the rising light. Beyond the atmosphere hung the stars that waited for rejuvenation.




© Copyright 2020 Mario. All rights reserved.

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