Fairy Rock

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Rock hears that Richards missing before his press conference.

Chapter 15 (v.1) - The Press Conference

Submitted: March 25, 2020

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Submitted: March 25, 2020




As Sparkle opens the magical portal to return to Fairyville, she and Rock go back to the town.  “I have faith that the two will kill Gilbert III and the Goblin,” says Queen Vanessa.

“We have other problems, my queen.  The dark wolves failed to recover the boy.  They had explosive arrows inside their bodies,” says Selena, resting her tired, old wings.

“The elves must have helped the boy,” says the queen.

“What shall we do?” asks Selena.

“Rock and Sparkle are gone so he cannot get to Tevin.  So, we shall handle the boy and the elves later,” says Queen Vanessa.

In Fairyville, Rock and Sparkle have arrived in the Fairyville woods.  The two travel through the ragweeds, and past the pollen-filled Oak Trees only to see another search party posting pictures.  Rock looks at one of the posters, realizing that it is a photo of Richard.

“How?” he asks, pulling on his dreadlocks and kicking one of the trees.

“Ca…ca calm down,” says Sparkle.

“Calm down Calm down! My best friend is missing!” says Rock.

“I, I know, but we still have a mission to save Serenity.  Sa… So, you can be with her,” says Sparkle.

Rock storms through the crowd of searchers, “Richard! What happened to Richard?” he asks.

Sparkle attempts to sedate him.  “Fairy, don’t you put that purple stuff in me.  I want to find Richard!” says Rock.

“Okay, I, I won’t.  I promise you that we will find him, but we have to get to Serenity,” says Sparkle.

The ongoing overcrowded lookers stop their search as Rock is causing a scene.  He stumbles through the mud and tall grass, spotting Mr. and Mrs. Johnson, Richard’s parents, weeping as his parents try to comfort him. “I have to help them.”

Sparkle flies out of Rock’s new, blue, Fendi Denim jean’s pocket and goes up his brown, Versace silk shirt to get close to his ear.  “Pl…Pl... Please, we have to save Serenity, or the Goblin will kill her.”

He momentarily pauses and leaves the crowded forest for Mitch’s MMA gym.  “Serenity should be at work at this time,” he says.  

A short while later, they arrive at the gym.  Mitch pushes through the array of fighters, confronting him.  “Rock! Rock! Where the heck have you been?” he asks.

Rock pushes past his angry, red-faced promoter and makes his way to the juice stand.  There is no one in line, and he goes straight to the counter.  Serenity is in her apron, playing her saxophone, passing the time.  “Serenity,” says Rock.

She sees, her well dressed, muscular boyfriend and immediately hugs him.  “Where have you been?” I have been so worried about you,” she says, kissing him on the lips. 

“I was in the fairy world training.  Did you hear that Richard’s missing?” asks Rock.

“Yes, I don’t know what’s going on in this town, but it’s scary. I know Daniel is coming for me,” says Serenity.

 “I’m going to make sure he never hurts you again,” says Rock, hugging her.

Mitch taps him on his shoulder, “Rock, we need you in the auditorium.  The press conference for the big fight is about to start,” he says while sneezing into his handkerchief.

Rock and Serenity walk into the large, oval-shaped room that is filled with reporters.  Cameras are flashing as they make their way to podium, where his trainers are waiting for him.

They all sit down at a brown wooden table, facing the reporters.  The first reporter asks Rock a question.  “Rock, you are an internet sensation for saving Serenity from that terrible man.  How does it feel?” he asks.

 “I feel good, I smell good, my girl’s good, I’m good looking, and everything’s good,” says Rock.

 “I see you’re sitting next to Serenity.  Are you two an item?” asks reporter number two.

 “Yes,” says Serenity, blushing at the camera.

 The reporters clap their hands and celebrate the couple’s newfound love.  “How do you two feel about being Fairyville’s new number one couple?” asks reporter number three.

 “Any woman that’s with me, is the luckiest woman in the world,” says Rock.

 “How is your fight preparation?” asks reporter number four.

His trainers begin to speak, but Rock interrupts them. “Hey, this is my press conference.  These trainers are paid by Mitch to watch me knock out Benny the Destroyer not to talk.”

Suddenly, the music of trumpets plays loudly.  Everyone in the auditorium is looking around to see what’s going to happen.  Next, two tall, ripped up bodyguards push the door open, creating a dramatic entrance for Benny the Destroyer and his entourage. 

Some of Benny’s people throw rose petals at his feet while others play the trumpet as he walks in wearing his pink robe that matches his shiny pink hair.  As he gets to the podium, he pulls out a raw steak, and chews on it. He takes off his robe, showing his short, hairy, physically fit chest. Serenity puts her hands over her eyes and gags as he swallows the uncooked steak.

“I’m in Benny the Destroyer, the champion of the world, and I come to Fairville to face my challenger who calls himself Rock,” he says.

“I can’t believe that I have to fight this loser,” says Rock, plugging his nose from the stench of Benny the Destroyer’s musty armpits. 

The champion faces Rock and Serenity, continuing to eat the uncooked, bloody meat as a form of intimidation. “Yuck!” says Serenity, burying her face into Rock’s shoulder. 

“Listen man! You are creeping my girl out.  I’m going to knock you out for that,” says Rock.

Benny throws the steak at him.  “You disrespectful Punk, I am a six-time world champion fighter.  I will not let an internet sensation disrespect me!” he says attempting to charge at Rock, but his entourage holds him back.

Rock takes Serenity by the hand, “Let’s go; we have bigger things to worry about.”

They exit Mitch’s MMA gym as the reporters take pictures of them leaving.  “You’d better be there on fight night,” says Mitch.

“I’ll be there,” says Rock.

The couple scurries off the premise, heading toward Serenity’s house.  “The man was so disgusting,” says Serenity.

“When I fight him, I’m going to finish him quickly and make him take a shower,” says Rock.

The two reach Serenity’s neighborhood and see that the roof of her house is burning in black smoke.  There is fire all around the house.  “Momma! Momma!” screams Serenity, running toward the flames. 

Her neighbors grab her, as they try to extinguish the blaze with their water hoses.

The firetrucks park outside her house, preparing to put out the fire and make a rescue.

“Help!” Help!” screams Mrs. Cooper from inside the house. 

Rock bulldozes through the neighbors, making his way inside of the home.  He is unable to see as the smoke blocks his vision.  Sparkle reaches out of his pocket, “Um, um, Rock, she is upstairs.  Just run upstairs and grab.  Your body can take the heat.”

Rock races through the fire and up the stairs.  Sparkle sprays gold pixie dust on his skin, healing his burns.“Mrs. Cooper! Where are you?” he asks.

“I’m in the bathroom!” hollers Mrs. Cooper.

He follows her voice and feels his way to the bathroom door, kicking it down.  Sensing his way to her, he picks up and takes her down the stairs.As Sparkle heals her wounds, the ceiling caves in and falls apart.  Bricks and lumber hit Rock in his head and shoulders, but he bravely fights his way through, taking Mrs. Cooper outside.

“Momma! Are you okay?” asks Sparkle.

Mrs. Cooper coughs profusely, trying to collect her thoughts.  Her vision is blurry as her daughter’s touch comforts her.  Serenity tries to get some of the dust and wood chips of her mother’s red nightgown.  As the ambulance workers take her mother, Rock and the others see a humongous Goblin footprint in the dirt. 

The two get in the ambulance with her mother.  “She’s lost consciousness we have to perform CPR,” says one of the ambulance workers.

Serenity gets on her knees and prays, “Wonderful and merciful Lord, please let my mother survive this in Jesus’ name. Amen!”

After arriving at the hospital, her mother revives as they take her to a room. “The doctors say my mom is going to be okay.  Thank you for saving her life,” says Serenity.

“No problem,” says Rock.

“Um, um, Rock, we have to take Serenity with us.  It’s not safe for her here,” says Sparkle.

“Serenity, I’m going to take you with me to The World of The Fairies,” says Rock.

“I heard Sparkle,” she says.

“Do you trust me?” asks Rock.

“Yes, I know you won’t let Daniel hurt me, but what about my mom?” asks Serenity.

“Wh…Wh…When the Goblin realizes your gone, he will not bother your mother,” says Sparkle.

It is late at night.  Rock and Serenity stand on Fairy Rock.  Serenity stares down to the bottom of the mountain, “I’m scared to death.  Are you sure I’m not going to die?” asks Serenity. 

“Trust me!  I won’t let anything happen to you,” says Rock.

“When this is over, do you think the fairies can make me a better Jazz Musician?” asks Serenity.

“I don’t see why not,” says Rock.

Serenity kisses Rock on his lips as he picks her up, and they both jump off Fairy Rock.


© Copyright 2020 Jeffrey Roy Ford. All rights reserved.


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