Fairy Rock

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Three years have passed, and Tevin now lives in Hattonville.

Chapter 29 (v.1) - Time Has Passed

Submitted: May 22, 2020

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Submitted: May 22, 2020




Three years have passed, and Tevin is living in a small, muggy one-bedroom apartment in Hattonville.  The knob falls off the air conditioner as he tries to turn it on with no success.  He sits at his green, foldable kitchen table full of prescription medications with a bandage on his big toe from stepping on a splinter from the wooden floor. 

My psychiatrist wants me to take Buspirone for my anxiety.  Then I have to take Seroquel and Haliperdol to treat my schizophrenia.  They won’t believe my story about the fairies kidnapping everyone.If I had never jumped off Fairy Rock in the first place, this would have never happened.  I’m sure that my parents, Richard, his parents, Susan, and the love of my life Serenity are probably dead. There is no way I can save them by myself.  The stupid authorities think I’m crazy.  If I go back to the police station, they’ll probably send me back to the psych ward.

He goes to the bathroom mirror and looks at the stubble on his unshaven, freckled face.  Out of a fit of rage, he slings the flat toothpaste tube, an empty bottle of mouthwash, and a dented, blue hairspray can to the floor.

He scratches dandruff out of his thick black afro until the pain throbs his head.

 “I miss everyone so much.  I hate myself, and I wish I were dead. I can’t live with myself for what I’ve done.”  He puts his hands on his face and wails as he thinks of when he was twelve years old and his parents took him on a bicycle ride through the neighborhood.  His mother had a long, pink ten-speed bike that matched the socks on her muscular, thin legs. 

His mother had a long, pink ten-speed bike that matched the socks on her muscular, thin legs.  While his dad rode a big, blue, twelve-speed bicycle and allowed him to ride on the handlebars, he recalls swinging his arms and legs freely, leaning up against his daddy's big burly body.

“Would you like some of ice cream?” his dad asked him.

“I want Butter Pecan,” he told him.

They rode their bicycles to Sugar Sweets off Main Street and Fogle Rd.  His mother hugged him tightly and told him how much she loved him as they all sat and watched the sunset on a bench outside the ice cream shop.

“So, Tevin, are there any girls at your school that you liked?” asked Mr. Jenkins.

“Yes,” he said, blushing as he hides his face in his mother’s arms.

“Who is?” asked Mrs. Jenkins, rubbing her petite hands through his hair. 

“Her name is Serenity,” he giggles.

“Aww! That’s Mrs. Cooper’s daughter,” says Mrs. Jenkins.

“I believe that you’ll get her.  We are Jenkins, the ladies love us,” says Mr. Jenkins, pressing his thick black mustache against his forehead and kissing him.

 “Oh! Dear stop it!” says Mrs. Jenkins, hitting her husband on his arm.

The alarm clock goes off.

"I have to go to work," he says, coming out of his daydream.

 Tevin goes in his bedroom full of newspaper articles of reporters, interviewing him about what happened in Fairyville glued to his wall.  He turns it off and grabs a double shot of bottom-shelf vodka and exits his apartments.  It is humid outside, and the wind is calm on this peaceful night in the streets of Hattonville.  Tevin strolls down the gray, asphalt pavement of Amber Avenue, watching numerous couples hold hands as they take pictures of themselves outside of the bars.  He arrives at the newly built church where he works as a janitor.

Tevin opens the gold bar, double doors, and goes straight upstairs to the administration office, sticks in his timecard into the work clock, and punches it.

 I hope that I don’t smell like liquor because Pastor Johnson will be angry with me.  If I lose this job, then I don’t know what to do with my miserable life.

He puts on a pair of navy-blue overalls and grabs a mop bucket out of the broom closet to clean the marble floor.  The smell of hydrogen peroxide formula in the soap is irritating his nose, causing him to profusely cough.  There is a short, heavyset man with a bald head and white beard, standing at the end of the hallway.  He has a name tag on his black suit and tie that reads, “Pastor Dan Johnson.”

“Hello there, Tevin,” says Pastor Johnson.

“Hello sir,” says Tevin.

“How are you feeling today?” asks Pastor Johnson.

“Not too good,” says Tevin.

“Are you having thoughts of harming yourself again?” asks Pastor Johnson.

“Yes,” says Tevin.

Pastor Johnson takes Tevin into the main chapel that seats four hundred people.  They sit in a red and brown pew. 

“I can tell you been drinking, but I won’t fire you.  You know, Tevin! God does not put anything in your life that you cannot handle.”

“Pastor, nobody believes me when I said that the fairies kidnapped them.”

Pastor Johnson rest his hand on Tevin’s knee. 

“I believe you, Tevin.”

“Pastor I can’t go back to Fairy Rock to save them because the government has the town sealed off.”

Tevin stands up and paces back and forth through the aisles of the church. 

“They all were kidnapped because I jumped off Fairy Rock because I thought the fairies would help me get with Serenity.”

“You were lusting after her.”

“Yes, and I am so sorry.”

Tevin falls to his knees and shakes his head as tears spew out of his eyes.  Pastor Johnson comes to his side.

“If I can help you kill the fairies, and possibly save the lives of the people of Fairyville, will you be able to do it.”

“Yes, Pastor, I’ll do anything to save them all.”

Pastor Davis helps him to his feet and holds his hand.

“I believe that fairies are demonic creatures.  With the use of holy water and your knowledge of science, we can come up with a potion to kill them all.  Follow me to my office.”

Tevin has a smirk on his face as his eyes open wide.

Could this be a solution to the problem?  If I could find a way to sneak back into town and jump off Fairy Rock. I can poison the fairies and save everyone who is still alive.  I hope that Pastor Johnson’s plan will work.













© Copyright 2020 Jeffrey Roy Ford. All rights reserved.


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