Taking a Turn

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Taking a Turn

There's a ringing in my ears
That can only be drowned out by 
The numbing tingle in my fingertips
I bend my will to the siren
She calls out "One more round!"
Let's go! I'm ready!
I feel my feet move beneath me
I lose myself in the moment
Capturing every detail in my short term memory
I promise myself that I will remember
And then I hear the sound of running water
Jolting me back to reality, I rinse the doubt
As I emerge, I pretend
That I'm not so far gone, I can still walk
Though I feel my moves are futile
Socially accepted, a funny story I'll tell later
But for now I am stuck
In a moment that I can't get out of
I leave with the more responsible party
Coming to in a familiar cabin
Thank God we left when we did!
Whoever is looking out for me 
Must be relieved
It could have gone one of two ways

Submitted: February 24, 2020

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