The True Story of Alice in Wonderland

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
What if what you thought you knew about Alice, proved to be wrong? What if the story you were told, like all other Disney stories, was just a watered down version, to intentionally draw a deaf ear to the cruel reality of the situation? Prepare to meet Alice all over again, but this time, we will tell the story not from her understanding of reality, but how reality truly was for Alice. This is the forbidden tale of Alice in Wonderland, a fairy tale with a Grimm's Brothers twist.

Submitted: February 27, 2020

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Submitted: February 27, 2020



I am about to tell you the true tale of Alice in wonderland. The tale of what really happened to Alice. 

Alice was a Young female who lived a horrible life. She lived her life in isolation, being mocked by her peers, constantly misunderstood by her parents, and alienated from everyone and felt like a lonely outcast. One day, Alice decided to go out. As she did, she happened upon a boy in the alley that told her he carried magical fairy dust that would take all of her problems away. 

“This fairy dust” he says, “when you inhale it, you see the real world! You can communicate with fairies! I have seen dragons and beautiful creatures.” he pitched to her.

Alice, without thinking much about it, wanted to try some of this fairy dust. 

“I’m sorry,” he said. “I can’t give this to you for free. It’s a fortune on the black market, and you will need to pay up to obtain such wealth. It is worth it’s weight in gold.”

“Oh,” said Alice. “ I shall just steal from my parents and meet with you at the same place tomorrow at noon.” He agreed, and Alice stole away home and snuck into her parents’ safe and stole the gold from it. 

“They have so much, they will not notice a small amount gone.” She whispered to herself gaily. 

She met the boy the next day at the designated time, and the deal was done. Alice then took the fairy dust far far away and sat beneath an oak tree in her favorite part of the woods. There, she opened the bag and inhaled the whole thing. After she inhaled it, she felt quite ditsy, and then suddenly she noticed things changing around her. 

First, she noticed the white rabbit with its peculiar coat and pocket watch before following it and falling down the rabbit hole, and experienced all sorts of strange and extraordinary things. From a hookah smoking caterpillar, to being able to morph into different sizes, to heading down into the mushroom Forrest and meeting another fairy dust user who called himself “Mad Hatter” and other peculiar creatures. 

Alice woke up several hours later, and it was quite dark. Alice was distressed when she awoke, for her pleasant day-dream that had taken place once she had fallen down the rabbit hole, dissipated. She went home that night and was unable to sleep, for all she could do was think of was of that beautiful place she had escaped to. She promised herself she would not steal again, but she longed to be happy again and she felt the happiest in this dreamy wonderland where anything was possible within the limits of her imagination. 

She awoke the next day, and attempted to carry out her life as usual, however, as the day went on she felt herself yearning for that world. She longed to follow the white hare down the rabbit hole again. Despite her promise to herself, she returned to her home and stole another amount of gold. She met the boy again, and acquired more of the fairy dust. She laid back down under the tree, inhaled the dust, and drifted back off into Wonderland. 

She saw again, such beauty and such whimsical images. Along her journey this time, she met another man that was so handsome, she felt lucky to have met him. Together, they explored time and space till little Alice eventually came to, and woke up quite alone. 

Alice was unable to sleep that night. She laid in the darkness, eyes wide open, tears streaming down her face. The clock had struck midnight on her enchantment and her prince was no more. 

How she missed that world!

How she missed that fantasy!

How she missed going back into those day dreams where she was dreaming but never felt so awake at the same time. 

Alice had started making this trip a daily habit, until her parents started taking notice. Money was missing, and so was the mind of their daughter. When they ate family meals at the table they would notice her constantly tired with hardly any appetite, she looked more depressed too. Dark circles formed under her eyes, and her eyes were dead and hollow and filled with sadness. 

Her parents tried to get her help, but, she would never show up to any of the appointments. Instead, she was off in Wonderland somewhere again, walking through colorful Meadows and embracing her beloved, chasing constantly after the hare of delusions. 

Alice became more and more disorientated. She refused to eat, sleep, and perform in any social activities and she was wasting away slowly. She started not knowing the difference between reality, and what was only the images made up in her mind. When Alice was with friends she would say things like,

“This is what the world is really like! Look at all the colors!” And she would talk about running late for a date with a boyfriend with whom no one actually knew by name, and would then run off to inhale more of the fairy dust so she could float off into the night again and escape from the cruel world called reality. 

Eventually, Alice went missing. 

Alice was so desperate for this world, to catch the elusive white rabbit, that eventually she was found lying dead in an alleyway. Cause of death was starvation, dehydration, and some forensics said she had drove herself mad from insanity and her heart had burst. 

What can be learned from the story of Alice is that while escaping from reality is blissful, it is also addicting and deadly because of how unnaturally beautiful it is. We eventually, like Alice, might want to escape there forever. 

And that is exactly what Alice did, she had escaped forever. 

Alice is in Wonderland, forever, never to awaken again. 


© Copyright 2020 Zeonoxora. All rights reserved.

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