Shit Head and Other Guests

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This is a wee story on my cousin's animal visitors and a few pets.

Way back my cousin who was The Crocodile Hunter, Dog The Bounty Hunter, and a few reality TV show peeps all rolled into one. One of the real bigger than life personalities one could ever need to keep them in awe.

Though his animals are just the tip of the iceberg.

In his early years after high school, his girlfriend loved animals. So much that, he would allow her a few animals. A few being no more than 20. Just for her, not including his own.

It started with a guest called Shit Head, named after dog in the Steve Martin movie The Jerk. This guest was an attack crow. Literally took pride in keeping people away from his house. Thus the name Shit Head stuck with him just fine. Sometimes he would live up to his name, and poo on whoever came too close to the house. It was not a long lasting friendship. After 3 years, Shit Head moved on, as he was more wild than tame. At times Shit Head would stop by, but eventually left for good.

Sammy the squirrel was his next wild pet. Don't know the full story but he did live in the house time to time, when invited. Sammy lived in the oak trees and frequented the neighbors nut trees time to time.
He two had a protective temper. I had not known Sammy much, but had him startle me unexpectedly when working on my car. He ran up from behind, while I was on the ground reaching for a driver. Put his paw on my hand and scarpered onto the near by oak tree. First time he ever came so close to me, to allow contact. My cousin told me later, he could not deal with Sammy being a bit too wild, as he would bite. I was lucky, since he was out permanently due to his temper. Sammy had been an attack squirrel. Ha!

Bandit the raccoon. A monster of one! Over 50 lbs, and would give anyone trouble on a bad day. I never got to see him out of the cage. But I was never around much to see him let alone my cousin at the time. He was always was getting into trouble. They are too smart and strong not to be supervised.

Sonic the hedgy. Yep he had given her a pet Hedge Hog, it was a cute wee thing. He would literally try to jab it spikes into you, as they don't like being held. Though this one liked his tummy rubbed.

Turbo the Falcon. Reason for his name, was not for his speedy flight, but for his poo action. 20 feet radius in his csge. Let off like a cannon he did. He was let go into the wild after a year of training.

His tumbling pigeons, we're the last items of notoriety. One day, his neighbor stopped by, while my cousin released his birds. The neighbor stopped and said his birds had something wrong with them. He noticed a few would fall like they had a seizure. My cousin's sharp wit, replied, oh I think I gave them a wee too much beer in their grain. The neighbor looked at him, and said, beer?

We laughed, and told him about the tumbling pigeons.

Brutus the wee pit bull terrior. I had known him as a pup, being a happy well mannered dog, he ended up being stolen, for over a year or two. One night I pulled in to my cousins house, late at night, unexpectedly. I would randomly show up on at weekend from a 200 mile drive for a visit. Low and behold I see Brutus, watching me from the kitchen sliding glass door, as I enter. I let my hand out to be greeted and licked. No problem, so I pet him, and crashed on the couch. The next day, my cousin woke and was surprised that Brutus let me in. Let alone did not bit me. He told told me that the guy who stole him, was training him to fight. Even my cousin could not trust Brutus too well, as he was returned home fairly recent at the time.

There were two Wild Russian Boars he had in his pig pens, two Coyote pups, as well during the times I visited, outside of many others that stayed when I was not around to notice. 

Submitted: March 01, 2020

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