Love Is In The Air

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Love Stories

This is a story about a young man who I end up meeting at a prom that I go to. While at the prom we end up falling in love...

Table of Contents

1 - Prom Night

One evening I decided to go dancing and I saw an ad for a prom that was happening in my area and so I decided to get dressed and go.... Read Chapter

2 - His Place

So once Aydean and i pulled into the driveway of his place he said, "Alright, here we are. This is my place." He turned off the car and s... Read Chapter

3 - Trip To Hawaii

Ayden and I decided to take a trip down to the island of Hawaii and so while we were at his house, we started packing our bags with cloth... Read Chapter

4 - We Are Engaged

One evening, Ayden and I decided to go out to a fancy restaurant for dinner and he had a surprise up his sleeve, but I didn't know what i... Read Chapter

5 - Wedding Planning

-2 days later- Ayden and I were home and talking about our upcoming wedding and we started looking through magazines to see if we cou... Read Chapter

6 - Our Big Day

So our big day finally arrived and we went to our areas and got dressed. When I had my wedding gown, I had my bridesmaids help put on my ... Read Chapter

7 - One Year Of Marriage

It has been one year since Ayden and I got married and we are very happy. So Ayden decided to surprise for our anniversary with a candl... Read Chapter

8 - Getting Pregnant With First Child

-2 YEARS LATER- My husband Ayden and I have been married for 2 years now and one evening Ayden and I decided to have a discussio... Read Chapter

9 - Our New Baby Is Born!

-4 WEEKS LATER- I was still in the hospital and my husband, Ayden was sitting next to me. My doctor came in and checked my cervix to ... Read Chapter

10 - Home With Our Little One

It had been 6 weeks since I had come home with my new baby along with my husband, Ayden. It was the morning and so I decided to get my li... Read Chapter

11 - Ayden And I Go To A Party

One evening Ayden said to me, "Honey, you know that there is a party tonight. I was thinking that we could go and have a great time." I l... Read Chapter

12 - Ayden And I Go To A Concert

-5 YEARS LATER- It has been 5 years into our marriage now and I really wanted to take my husband and my children to a concert. So I d... Read Chapter

13 - I Get Pregnant With My Second Child

-6 MONTHS LATER- I was at home with my 5 year old daughter doing some ironing and Ayden, my husband was home doing schoolwork an... Read Chapter

14 - Bringing Home Our New Baby

So the day of bringing home my new little baby came around and so my husband, Ayden came to the hospital, checked in at the reception des... Read Chapter

15 - Living Life With Two Children Kelly

-6 YEARS LATER- It's been 6 years since Ayden and I have been married and we have two beautiful children. One morning I had to get up... Read Chapter

16 - My Birthday Surprise From My Husband

4 MONTHS LATER- It was the month of April and so my husband decided to go to a restaurant for my birthday. While we were driving, Ayd... Read Chapter

17 - Auditioning For A Singing Competition

-3 WEEKS LATER- I was home and my husband wasn't doing any schoolwork or going to class, so I decided to sit down with him to discuss... Read Chapter

18 - American Idol Finals

-6 MONTHS LATER- It was 6 months after I auditioned for American Idol and so I was holding the golden ticket. Ayden ... Read Chapter

19 - I End Up Getting Pregnant With My Second Child Kelly

-3 YEARS LATER- It's been 3 years since Ayden and I got married and we have one child and I'm pregnant with our second child. So one ... Read Chapter

20 - Family Life As A Family Of Four

-5 MONTHS LATER- It's been 5 months and Ayden and I have been married for 5 years now. We are the parents of a little girl and a litt... Read Chapter

21 - I'm Involved In A Car Accident

-Monday morning on the way to work- I was driving to work and then while stopped at a red light, a car slammed into the back of me an... Read Chapter

22 - My New Album Is Released

-In The Studio- I was in the recording studio and I was in the process of recording my debut album that would have my new single, "A ... Read Chapter

23 - I Go Out On Tour To Promote My New Album

-I year later- My new album had just come out and I was going to go on tour to promote the release of my new album. Ayden and the kid... Read Chapter

24 - Hiring A Babysitter For A Week

-Friday Evening- Ayden and I were home from work and we wanted to go away for a vacation. So we decided to discuss who would be the p... Read Chapter

25 - Leaving The Children In The Hands Of A Babysitter For A Week

-1 WEEK LATER- Ayden and I were on vacation and we had two of our friends babysitting our children. Our friends were named Tifani and... Read Chapter

26 - Our Friends End Up Being Babysitters For Our Children

-Friday Evening- Ayden and I were out to dinner and we left our children in the hands of two babysitters. It was my girlfriend Tifani... Read Chapter

27 - Our Daughter Falls In Love

-5 YEARS LATER- -Saturday Evening- Ayden and I decided to take our daughter to a very special place and it was a concert. When we... Read Chapter

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