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A chameleon of contradiction, a life lived in full pursuit of personal glory and met with unmatched success, until life threw a curve ball of epic proportions, initiating the mother of all plot twists, that life now in the throes of impossible opiate addiction, that deep dark hole so greedy that it took everything but actual life and was only beaten by getting arrested and having to survive years in prison, a feat that cannot be explained or understood until actual living it oneself, emerging with a life now rendered wholly transformed. These are my musings at that moment.



Allow yourself to fall. 

Fall THROUGH, into, or even on. 

But never fall AWAY, but instead make the most of your fall and grapple it head on.


Allow yourself the onslaught of raw emotion, every caress of it all.  


So when you land, better yet, MEET whatever is to BE YOUR ground, you open yourself to an epiphany symphony my friend! 

Dare to meet it in mutual understanding and unbridled zeal, shoulder the pangs of nostalgia and absorb PURPOSE in each exquisitely tender moment of time past.


Of this world extravagants beware, for it is our naked, starkly raw and real universal contemplation and true passion of simply BEING that harkens to the intricacies of truths, of humble, admirable, even life altering grappling of IT ALL. 


This world. 

Our history, our past, my past and present, your present and presence, EVERYTHING that ever existed or that will, marinate in its vastness, fill that static void hogging your mind and fill it HARD.


Why are you you, why were you ALLOWED to exist, what is your real purpose and do you even have an inkling of an answer? Are you forever enraptured in the sticky goo of focusing solely, always on YOU? 


Or are you blissfully aware? 

Do you dare relinquish all that holds you back, dare to strengthen each fiber of your being as you dissect, disconnect, and correct all that is you? 


Peel back layer after layer of the self perpetuating sabotage fluid in the ever fluctuant blisters of constraints, complaints, or blinders; those personal weapons we all harness but must admonish. 


Grenades made from the unabated greed that ever threaten to very theatrically explode, settling its putrid narcissism and piercing ignorance upon all the universe as you pathetically dismiss to be complacent in your simple, insignificant bliss.


Allow yourself to feel. 

With your entirety. 


BE real with all your experiences, no matter what, with no constraints, no boundaries, no societal blinders, and know that often it is only through LIVING our darkest time, with only our most broken down version of ourselves, to fend against the tumultuous wind, that we TRULY garner the very lessons there all along.


Awareness renders that which is all sorts of amiss, and seemingly an endless abyss, to be dismantled, able to be curated into a dynamic effervescent presence. 

Simultaneous is among the most fruitful words, if it is used in proper context.  

You may be plummeting into what has to be your complete and utter demise, not you all the wise, but what IF at the same time, so succinctly and SIMULTANEOUSLY, you are also giving way to your life's most pivotal rise?


What if you relent, release this movable wall, now a weeping, festering mass rocketing way past physic's touted 9.8 m/s2 of pure gravitational fall, 

searing whiplash of reality painstakingly raw, 

what if you succumb to your most filthy depths, grappling with all the internal despair,  

WHAT IF doing such simultaneously is the SOLE means to the real human experience, plight, subsequent fight, and ultimate chief of being self aware?


Look back. But with an unbiased, untethered and open minded air.

Inhale the hell, nostalgia's back handed slap, its penetrative perfusion of deep seated notes of winter white pines, lavender foot rubs, playful romps outside with an intact, happy healthy family-exuding all that once was love in your life. Shoulder it, treat it as an equal.


Remember that each and every person is innately different, in every delicately designed facet of life, and responds to happenstance in their own respective way. 

People will face life's most intrusive, fundamental truths and face inner demons in pursuit of true self at their own allotted time in life; no control of yours could ever confound that. 


Every single aspect of what comprises what is YOU, and YOUR LIFE, deserves, no, demands to be felt, to be dealt its own respective significance in this life- just as anything.


Allow the flow of tears, as you stroke that unfettered glimpse of your past, being in the presence of the very personal and painstakingly emotional components so deeply buried in your heart. 


Release them, never relinquish the unwavering faith in everlasting love that WILL endure ALL things, no control you can suffice.


The key to having a conversation is listening.


Allow yourself to question. 

For eternity. 

Question ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. For that is how we end at a conclusion, an answer.  

Even life's most elusive answers.





Submitted: March 05, 2020

© Copyright 2022 Anonymous Doaner. All rights reserved.

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