The Conduit

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 4 (v.1) - Chapter 4

Submitted: August 01, 2020

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Submitted: August 01, 2020



Chapter 4

New York, The Mount Sinai Hospital, September 2, 2020, 3:30 p.m.

Bradly sits at the security office that's located on the first floor. Donald has his hands clasp together. He slowly takes off his glasses and wipes them off. The silence is deafening to Bradly, he is waiting for a response.

“Jesus! Aren't you going to say anything?”

Donald takes in a deep breath. If he would've sucked any longer, he might have sucked out all the air in the room. He places his glasses back on his face.

“You do believe me? Why would I lie about something like this?” Bradly asked.

Donald weaves his fingers back together. “Tell me something Bradly. Have you been working longer hours? How many shifts have you been working on this week alone?” Donald places his two index fingers to his nose like steeples of a church. He looks dead at Bradly.

Bradly's arms fall from his sides out of frustration then shrugs his shoulders. “What the fuck is that suppose to mean? I hallucinated the whole thing due to fatigue? Really? That's the best you got?”

Donald's breath strained a bit due to the swearing. He gently places his hands back on his desk. “Well, that's all I have for you right now. Stress and fatigue can be the reasons why you saw glowing orbs in the basement. There might be a gas leak somewhere… Look, I remember—”

Bradly leaps from his chair and slams his fists on Donald's desk. YOU CAN SHOVE IT UP YOUR ASS! I know what I saw down there, and it's called Sprites not orbs, I've seen them all of my life. Donald, I've seen  things that no one else can. I have spoken with people that have been dead for hundreds of years.” Bradly points at Donald. “And I don't need you to tell me what it might have been, because, I already know.”

Donald takes a pen off from his desk and points to the chair that Bradly sprung out from. “ One more outburst like that I'll call the cops on you and have you removed. You will lose your job and be manhandled out the door. Do I make myself clear?”

Bradly looks back at the chair and sits. Tears fall from his eyes. “I'm trying to warn you of something spiritually evil that's lurking around the basement.”

“I know that you believe in your abilities. I'm giving you a week off from work. I saw your file and it looks like you're overdue for a vacation. I'm here to help you. If you want I can make an appointment for you to see the hospital's psychiatrist, it's free, maybe there's something the doctor could prescribe for you?”

Bradly slumps deeply in the chair. Bradly thought that Donald would at least look around in the basement, but doesn't see the willingness to investigate.

“No psychiatrist, but forgive me for my outburst. I'll take the time off, when does it go into effect?”

“You are relieved from your duties starting tomorrow. I already emailed your supervisor. You might have to speak with a licensed mental professional. I know you and you're a good kid. Go home and rest and enjoy the time you have.”

Bradly holds out his hand and Donald grips his hand tightly. Bradly tries to remove his hand from Donald's grip but can't.

“Okay, Okay, I get it. Can you please let go of my hand?”

Bradly feels the nails digging into his skin. Fear creeps over him. It's the Dark Places. Donald's eyes turn black and shiny, his face isn't Donald's face.

“We are coming for you Bradly. The Luminaries are coming for you.”

Bradly struggles trying to get away from whatever now has control over Donald. A knock falls on Donald's door. The mood of the room shifted instantly. Donald looks at Bradly confused.

“Why were you gripping my hand so tightly?” Donald asked.

The knock grew louder. “I'll get the door for you. I'm leaving anyway,” said Bradly.

Donald sits back on his chair. “Thank you,” said Donald rubbing his hand.

Bradly turns the knob and opens the door. It's a pale woman with red lipstick. She's thin with black hair tied in a bun. She wears a white blouse with a black blazer. Her skirt goes past her knees with black stockings. Her high heels make her look taller. Her eyes are dark brown. She would look attractive if there were color in her cheeks and if she gained some weight. She looks to be emaciated. Her cheeks look hollow and empty as if life had been drained from her years ago.

Her appearance made Bradly and Donald take notice. She looks in her briefcase and pulls out a paper.

“I believe this is what you were looking for. My team was notified by a disturbance in this hospital. Bradly, I need you to come with me and give a statement of what you thought you saw down there. Mr. Donald J. Lewis, if a person reports something to you is it not your job to check it out?”

Donald sat in his over priced leather chair and looked dumbfounded. Unsure at first how to answer, Donald shook his head slowly.

“Good, now here's the autopsy report on Joe.” And placed it on his desk. He picks up and reads it slowly making sure it's real.

“I'll make sure that Nurse Daisy gets this. I'll give this to her myself. He looks at Bradly embarrassed. “Bradly I'm sorry for not taking you seriously. It's my job to investigate anything that comes to my attention, for that I'm truly sorry.”

Bradly finds himself in unfamiliar waters. He never was in a position to receive an apology, even when he deserved an apology, he never got one. Quickly he looks for something to say.

“I wouldn't have believed me either.” Bradly extends out his hand for one last time. He wanted to show that there wasn't any hard feelings to Donald.”

The pale slender woman interrupts the love fest. She breaks the awkwardness in the room. She speaks with a slight high pitch voice making anyone take notice. 

“Bradly is leaving his position and working with us. I'm not at liberty to say where. An email has already been posted along with Bradly's signature.”

Red flags went off in Bradly's mind. Who are these people and on what authority do they have the right to write a letter on his behalf? and who forged his signature?

The woman in black sees questions in Bradly's expression. “The answers will come to you Bradly, but for now you're coming with me. We know all about you and there isn't any place for you to go. You are one of us.” The woman gives an unnatural smile to Donald. “ There won't be any video feed on me entering this building or leaving, my group will see to that. Bradly it's time for us to leave. We have a place for you to stay. What you saw is loose. In time it will begin hunting for you. You can't ever go back to who you once were. We will give you a new life.

Bradly excited about his new adventure. He hated his old life anyway, then remembers Page Turner upstairs on A1. Bradly looks back at the woman. “I just met a woman at this hospital. We were going to go on a date at some point. Will I see her?” Bradly asked.

“No! It wouldn't be allowed. No worries, in time she will forget about you. I know this is hard on you now. What's the saying? Time heals all wounds?”

Bradly couldn't believe the callousness in her voice. He looks at her closely and sees an uncaring person cold and harsh. Did the organization do this to her through the passage of time? Or did the organization remove something from her?

She holds out her hand pointing to his cell phone. Unsure who she is or what organization she's from, he hands over his phone to her, and follows her out of Donald's office. Bradly waves and shuts the door behind him. It would be the last time he'll see anyone from the hospital.

Pittsburgh, Clair's Apartment, 9 p.m.

Clair got tired waiting for David to return. She got out of bed and sniffed David's dress shirt. It's his cologne and the smell of his sweat that turns her on. She holds it next to her body wishing he was with her, keeping her safe, holding her in his strong arms, kissing her neck gently. She lays his shirt on the bed and heads to the living room. She thought it would be a good idea to check and see what's playing on, on demand. Clair hasn't seen a movie in years, the idea excited her. She picks up the remote and the sound of her tv makes that static sound. The black lifeless screen comes to life with color and warmth. Clair slowly begins to sit until her door bell rings. Sometimes it's her next door neighbor with company, it's hard to tell at times. 

“David is that you?” Clair said walking towards the door. She heard no reply. Clair decides to look through the peep-hole as a safety precaution. The reports she read in the files with David made her take necessary safety measures. Through the peep-hole she sees a middle-age woman in her early forties. Her cheeks are flushed and eyes red. It looks from stress from crying. Clair places her forehead on the door and sofly bangs her fist on the door. It's the last person that she wants to see at the moment, it's Roger's wife, or now, ex-wife. She knows, they all do. All women have that innate ability to know when and quickly put the pieces together. Clair knows that she doesn't have much of a choice. If she ignores her, then Linda will only knock, then pound harder on Clair's door, then follow by screaming. She doesn't want the drama. It'll be easier just to open the door and get it over with. Like how Clair's mother used to do when taking off a bandaid. With one pull the pain goes away much quicker. Those were simpler times.

“One second,” Clair said. 

Linda hears the sound of chains and deadbolts unlocking. It's unclear at the moment what she wants to say to Clair, but feels right in being at her place. She holds a wadd-up kleenex in her hand. 

The door opens seeing Clair holding on to her stomach. “Are you okay?” Linda asked, but at the same time didn't really care. Seeing Clair in pain brought a small joy to her. It serves her right,she thought.

“I had surgery and I'm still a little sore, please come in.”

The idea of revenge increases and decreases. Linda seeing Clair hobble around her apartment made her take pity on her.

“Is it serious?” Linda asked.

“Somewhat, but I'm doing better. I know why you are here and frankly I'm glad, how did you know?”

Linda searches through her purse and pulls out a credit card statement. It's a pair of earrings that Roger bought for Clair on Christmas. She points with her finger. “I never received any earrings and Roger's mother is dead, so I kept piecing things together. You're a beautiful woman Clair, are you two still together?”

Clair folds her arms saddened by what her actions caused Linda. “I'm sorry Linda. Your husband is an attractive man...I knew it was wrong. Do I still love him? Yes, but I don't want to be with him. I went under the knife to have his child removed. Now I just sit here depressed wondering what my child would look like.” Clair cries… I killed something that was living inside me! And I hate myself for that.” Clair weeps in mourning over what she did. It's the first time she's ever acknowledged it. It felt like a knife to her chest.

Linda brought her hand to her mouth “I'm so sorry. “Did Roger know?”

She quickly shook her head. “No! I had it done before you two broke up. I didn't want him to feel trapped. I truly didn't want to break up your marriage, so I got an abortion. And I didn't want him to think that I was seeing someone behind his back. Linda, please get back together with him, it's over between us. I'm seeing someone that Roger sent to me. He's young and good-looking and I didn't mean for anything to happen either, but it did. Do you want the earrings that Roger bought me? I swear that I didn't use them.”

“No, that's quite alright. I'm sorry for your loss. It looks as if we both lost something, but in my case, I could get that loss back. Unlike you, your loss is permanent. I'll think about speaking to Roger, damn it! I miss him terribly.”

“Linda, for what it's worth. We all have weaknesses. He needs you more than ever. Do you still love him?”

Linda wipes the tear from her eyes. Clair hands her a box of tissues. “Yes! Yes! I do, very much.”

“Then get him back and forgive him for what he did wrong. You two have a beautiful daughter together, don't use her for hate. She needs a mother and a father that loves her.”

Linda gathers her belongings and walks over to Clair. She hugs her tightly and weeps gently on her shoulder. “ I hated you so much for sleeping with my husband, but I'm sorry that you lost your child in the process. Thank you for talking with me. Maybe we could be friends? I don't know? All I know is that I'm pissed that I feel sorry for you. That's a shitty thing to say but it's the truth. It's going to take a lot of time. Yeah, I'll have a chat with Roger.”

Linda walks to the door and opens it and sees David stand  with boxes of pizzas and sodas among other things. She points to him.

“Is this David?” Linda asks.

A smile cuts through Clair's tears. “Yes, Yes, that's David.”

Without a word, Linda leaves the two of them alone.

David places the food in the living room on the coffee table. “ I had the most weird conversation tonight,” David said taking a slice of pizza from the box.

Clair smiles overjoyed to see David back and safe from his journey. “Well, that makes the two of us. David we got to talk.”

David places the pizza in his mouth and eats. He's unsure what it's all about. “Are you tired of me already?'' he said, with a half hearted joke.

Clair laughs slightly. “ No my baby. I want to tell you why I had surgery and the woman that just left. She was Roger's wife, but hopefully they may get back together. Please sit for the rest of what I got to say to you.”

David's eyes grew large. “Oh, before you say anything. I need to tell you that Roger was standing outside of my apartment. I saw him smoking a cigarette. At first I didn't know who he was, so I called his cell. He wants me to go with you to New York if he can get it approved. He also gave me a cryptic message that I didn't understand. He told me to tell you that he knows and isn't mad at you.” David continues to eat.

“He said that to you?”

David's mouth is stuffed with pizza. “Yeah, I didn't know what he's talking about, but he told me that you would. And I also spoke with a weird older man that came to my apartment. He told me that he's from a group called the Alantis. He told me things about psychic energies. I figured out the connection to the deaths. Clair, they all have psychic abilities! The luminaries are after people that have certain abilities! It's hidden in plain sight all of this time.” Neat huh?

“Neat? What's his name?”

David smiles. “He told me that it wasn't important and that he'll be coming back soon. Whatever it is, something big is heading in our direction. What was it that you wanted to say to me?

“It's nothing. Hey! Why would the Luminaries just kill people with psychic abilities? I mean it makes sense, but how do they know who has it and doesn't?”

“In my opinion, I think they're cutting down the competition. Or maybe they're combining the energy and storing that energy, maybe to feed it to something more powerful than what they are? Or they could simply be using it for themselves. The older pale man told me that his people are having difficulties in reaching out to the people that they call the conduits, because the Luminaries are slaughtering them,” said David.

“The Luminaries must be attuned to the conduits in some way.”

“Sure, that makes sense. Think about for a second. It's paranormal vs paranormal. Looking at it like this. Imagine that you have a walkie-talkie and I have one. What's to say I'm on channel one but you're on channel two.”

“Of course! I would slowly switch channels until I get the channel that I need to speak with you,” said Clair.

“Exactly my point! Somehow they keeps sweeping the area until they find a person with psychic abilities. Oh! Wait! Instead of switching frequency, maybe they can see them. The conduits may have a certain heat signature.”

Clair thought for a moment. “ Could a fake frequency be made or signature?” 

“Sure, but we need to know what that looks and sounds like.” David closes one of the pizza boxes. “ It's getting late and we need to get some rest. Why don't we go to bed and I'll hold you until you fall asleep.”

Clair holds out her hand and David holds her's in his hand. “I'm so glad that you came. A year ago I was doing all of this on my own. It's nice to share this with someone. The sad part is if I write about this. Who's going to believe me?”

“We'll cross that road when we come to it. For now let's go to bed. Let's do something fun tomorrow and get our minds off of this. What do you say?” David said.

Clair turns out the light to her apartment. “I'll give you my answer in the morning.”



© Copyright 2020 donte-highwater. All rights reserved.


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