A Different Kind Of Journey

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Chapter 18 (v.1) - Arc 2: Meetings Part 2

Submitted: March 25, 2020

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Submitted: March 25, 2020





I don't own Naruto. Kishimoto Does.


Author's note: Hey there Readers!, I'm back with a new chapter! I Hope you guys enjoy! I would also like to thank you guys for the Reviews. Favorites, and follows :) Thank you for also sharing your tips and thoughts for the story.


I'm also currently sick right now but I still managed to find time to write the chapter.


Expect Grammar and Spelling mistakes


Arc 2


Chapter 5: Meetings Part 2


"I never thought the compound would be this big."


Sarada commented. Her onyx eyes darted around and observed every area in the whole compound. She described the place as a small village inside a big village. It was just unbelievable to see this place in front of her eyes. Apparently, the compound itself was destroyed during the invasion of the Akatsuki leader Pein, who was then defeated by the young seventh hokage.


The Uchiha girl was mesmerized by every information that she could learn here in person. She even saw and read the Uchiha vow and pledge at a certain area in the compound. The only disappointing that she had wished that her camera would be here now so that she can document this experience.


The whole place was almost empty so it was really quiet. Sarada would have to traverse the every area in the compound right now. During her little exploration the Uchiha girl thought she caught a glimpse of the mysterious customer just now although maybe it was just her imagination so she moved on.


She continued to explore the place until she reached a certain area which really surprised her. Sarada observed the area that she was in. "You've got to be kidding me." She muttered under breath.


The Uchiha girl found herself in the main Uchiha family house. She was also staring a family picture that she had never seen before but she definitely recgonized a certain person in the picture itself. The family picture consists of four people. The parents, and the two male siblings. There was a boy in that picture that she did recognized.


"Papa?" Sarada whispered. She was staring at her father who was still a boy in this picture.


"Papa looks cute though." She commented. She was just surprised and amused the fact that this was how her father looked like when he was a kid.


As the raven haired teen continued to study and observed the picture, she learned that these was her grandparents, Mikoto and Fugaku Uchiha and She also noticed the other kid in the picture which really looked familiar.


"So this is Papa's big brother." Sarada muttered. She described the person in the picture as a prodigy, a guy with full of potential in life but was destroyed by the fate of events that was bound to happen.


Sarada sighed. She could feel the strongest emotions in this particular house. She could imagine the scenario of a family having dinner together or happily bonding together. She was just wondering how would that end up into a tragedy.


The feeling of sadness started to enter her mind. She suddenly thought of how her Papa handled this kind of situation. Witnessing his loved ones perished one by one at hands of his big brother who he looked up to all this time.


She then decided to take another looked at the photo and observed her young uncle that she never met before. A few moments of observing led her to a surprising thought. Her uncle in the photo kind of reminder of someone from just awhile ago.


Sarada then widened her eyes." The Customer!?" She exclaimed. It was just impossible to believe it. It could be just a simple coincidence but how come the one picture and the one that she had met in the cafe looked alike!?


This was really creeping the raven haired teen out. She then felt an urged to leave the place because there was this presence that she suddenly felt was near around her.


"I gotta feeling that you would be here" A voice of young man said from behind.


Sarada then turned around to see a person that she immediately recognized. Her eyes widened as she was staring at the mysterious customer who visited the cafe/shop awhile ago. Just who exactly is this guy?


"Y-You're the customer that ordered the Tiramisu cake!" Sarada was just on overdrive. She was so in panic mode that she just let out whatever she can say from her mouth.


After a few moments of freaking out. the raven haired teen finally calmed down." You're Itachi Uchiha." She muttered aloud. She didn't know what to do right now except that there's a dangerous criminal in front of her.


When the girl finally figured it out. The older brother of Sasuke Uchiha just sighed. He was wondering on why this girl, from the bakery cafe/shop would go visit this place that was not even a significance to her.


"Why are you here in the village? I thought you were with the Akatsuki group." Sarada asked. She was confused, why would a person like him would return in the place which he killed every family that he had in his life.


Itachi sighed yet again but smiled." You're right I'm still with them, but is there something wrong with visiting the place where I grew up?" He asked while the raven haired teen just stared at him with a confused look.


"The question is, what are you doing here in a place like this?" Itachi added. He also wondered what is this girl even doing here.


"Well, I just wanted to learn more about the history of Uchihas." Sarada explained. She also drew out her book about the history of every clans throughout the years as a proof that she had no bad intentions right now.


Itachi closed his eyes and sighed." You know being a bookworm can sometimes ruin your education." He said.


"What do you mean?" Sarada asked.


"In simple terms, You are a clever girl, It was a good thing you decided to visit this place to learn more about the clan." Itachi explained. He mean't that it was good thing for the girl for not siding with just books. Some of these books tell good general knowledge but it only speculations and theories.


Sarada frowned." I know that! I'm not that kind of a bookworm alright?" She was just annoyed. She doesn't depend on general information. If she wanted to learn more about this then she would go to that place.


Itachi slightly chuckled." You know, you kind of remind me of my little brother." the older Uchiha commented as he remembered his old naive young brother.


Sarada just kept quiet. It was true, she really resembled his Papa in a way. She had to admit that meeting her uncle in person was a surreal thing for her. It's like meeting a famous historical figure in history.


Itachi observed the girl, there was something strange about this girl. It was like he had known her for a long time but did he met her before? She somehow looked familiar and it was challeging him to figure it out.


As for Sarada, a thought then came into her mind. Why don't she spend the remaining time and asked questions to clarify her doubts. She was with the real deal in front of her. This is way for her to get to know the uncle that she had never met before.


Sarada then took a deep breath. She was now prepared to asked him this.


"Can you tell me your side of the story?




"Since I was in front of the main source, I might as well him about the whole truth, on what had transpired that night. I wanna know everything, the real reason, the objective, and the conspiracy behind it.






It was just a surprising moment for one Boruto Uzumaki. He had just met his young father face to face. He wasn't expecting that he would be here that soon. He had to admit that he was caught off guard by the surprised. He managed to regain his composure and greeted his young dad.


Naruto was surprised and confused. Who was this new guy? He hadn't seen this person before. He observed the new guy in front of him. He had the same blonde hair and eyes just like him but he had scar on his right eye and two patches from both sides of his cheeks. He looked as if he had been into a recent fight somewhere.


"He looks strange." Naruto raised an eyebrow in doubt." And somehow familiar?"


There was this awkward silence that continued on. Boruto, who just wanted to get out of the situation found himself being stuck in the middle of it. All eyes were on him so he had to find a way to get out of this awkwardness once and for all.


By the time he had thought of a way. Ayame had already bailed him out, much too his sigh of relief.


"I guess this is the first time, you've met our new member of the family." Ayame finally broke the awkward silence. She then turned to the blonde in chef's uniform, who was secretly sweating in nervousness.


Naruto who had finally understood everything so far from the Ayame, smiled." Well then new guy, I'm Naruto Uzumaki! Good to meet you!" The blondegreeted as he then offered his hand to him.


Boruto who blinked a couple times, snapped from his thoughts. He then immediately returned the offer and shook hands with his young dad.


"This is really weird." He thought to himself, he had never done this before, treating his father as if he was just a friend. Although, there was no other choice, if he wanted to establish a connection with him, he needed to befriend him no matter what.


He also observed his counterpart. This was the first time that he met the younger version of him. He wore this black and orange jumpsuit which he found a bit weird. He also had a very long spiky hair compare to the future version of him, which had a more short and trimmed hairstyle.


"H-Hey there Da- I mean Naruto, you can call me Bolt." Boruto introduced himself in his alternate name. He almost made a mistake by calling him "Dad."


"Okay?" Naruto muttered aloud." Why is he struggling to speak?" He thought to himself, the new guy kind of reminded him of Hinata, who was also had the same stuttering problem.


"Well, nevermind about that." He added as he turned his thoughts to ordering his favorite dish.


"Well guys, I'm starving!." Naruto exclaimed as he sat down on his usual favorite seat.


Teuchi then grinned proudly." Alright then, You can order whatever you want!" He said while the blonde just excitedly grinned.


Boruto, who had retreated behind the scenes, could only observed the current scene unfolding. He then proceeded to cook the ramen as per requested by the other. He made sure that the ramen will be delicious as possible. He kept his eyes on the other Uzumaki, still wanting to observed him, since he just can't believed that it was really his old man.




"I was pretty much in disbelief. I really couldn't get over the fact that I finally met young old man in person and I never thought this would be more awkward than I thought. (Chuckles)




At the same time, the banners of the ramen shop lifted and another familiar person entered the scene. It was brown haired man wearing what seemed to be a shinobi attire. Boruto then recognized the man as the academy principal, Iruka-sensei. He pondered on why he was here. He then immediately learned that the man was here to treat the blonde since he had not seen him in two years.


"Iruka-sensei!" Naruto widened his eyes in suprised. He immediately stood up from his seat and headed over the brown haired man, giving him a hug.


"It's been a long time Naruto, You've grown tall!" Iruka had commented, giving his own obsevation.


"Yeah right! I get that a lot nowadays!" The Uzumaki replied with a grin." I guess you're here for dinner too?" He asked.


Iruka nodded." Of course! I am also here to give my student a free treat!" He added, which even made the younger blonde jumped for joy.


"Yes! That's what I am talking about!" Naruto raised a small fist.


Iruka could only sighed." You still have that same hyperactive attitude." He commented, before turning his towards the other young blonde.


"Hmmm? He looks familiar." Iruka thought to himself." Have I seen him before?" He added, before finally recalling a memory.


"Hey there, aren't you the kid, who registered at The Hokage office?" He asked.


Boruto's attention immediately turned to the man." Uhmm, Yes sir." He replied, before continuing his task filling up the bowl with the delicious ramen content and serving it to him.


"Tell me how did it go?" He followed up a question.


Naruto's attention then slowly turned towards the new guy." Registering to be a Shinobi?" He thought to himself. He also wondered if a person like him could handle the duties of a Shinobi.


The pressure then came back to Boruto, he found himself again at the hot seat. He took a deep breath and began to fight the pressure by simply staying casual." Well, it went okay I guess." He said." Actually waiting for the results." He gave a small chuckle to eliminate the awkwardness.


Iruka simply nodded." Oh I see." He said." I hope it goes well for you!" He smiled.


"Thank you sir." Boruto replied back as he finally served the hot Ramen.


It was at this time that the situation had escaped from the silence as the customers started pour in once more and everyone found themselves minding their own business.


As time then passed by, Boruto was a witness to an important conversation between Iruka and the blonde. He learned that the school principal was actually his young dad's first sensei and the one who was responsible for his dad to promoted to genin in the first place


Boruto was secretly moved to sadness when he learned that Iruka was one of the people who treated his young dad as family. He also learned first hand on how hid dad graduated in the academy and that really amazed him. The blonde wanted to stay for an extended period of time but he knew that his time was nearing out.


By the time, Boruto was given the signal to go home, He had no choice but to go. His little sister was alone in the apartment and had prepared for dinner. He let his big brother side take him over, He then clocked out and gave Teuchi and Ayame goodbyes and left the ramen shop through the back door.




"Well, it's something that I'm not used to. I needed to also gather myself and recover.




While eating his ramen, Naruto noticed that the new guy had left. He then wondered why the guy was silent the whole time. He was welcome to join the conversation but he chose not to join.


"Something the matter, Naruto?" Iruka asked. He noticed the blonde was being quiet.


"I was just wondering about that new guy, He seemed really familiar." Naruto explained. He was wonderimg about the new guy just now.


"Well, I've seen him before." Iruka said which surprised the blonde.


"Really?" Naruto asked.


Iruka sighed." Well, from what I know from Lady Tsunade, She told me that He is a newcomer to this village." He explained.


"So that explains on why I never seen him before." Naruto said. He now knows the reason why but still doesn't explain why he looked so familiar.


"What else do you know about him, Iruka-sensei?" Naruto asked yet again.


Iruka shook his head." That's all I know, Lady Tsunade just said that He came from a small village far away from here." He explained. He just heard a little information about him from the fifth.


I also think they would be assigned to a team soon." He explained. To be honest, He only seen the new guy at the Hokage office once when the teenage blonde visited the office a week ago.


"So they're Certified Shinobis already!?" Naruto was surprised. He did not expect that they would be assigned on missions already. If they were to be assigned on missions then they have to be good.


"Calm down Naruto, Lady Hokage also said that they will be assigned as observers, so they can't interfere on the main mission." Iruka explained further.


"Oh." Naruto muttered. This was the first time he heard that a newbie or possibly a person without knowledge of being a Shinobi would be assigned to a team. He also doubt if the new guy could handle big battles. He really looked liked just normal person to be honest. He also wondered about that scar on his right eye. What caused that scar?


As for Iruka, He was wondering if this Bolt person is not what he seemed to be. Of course he did not want to go into conclusions yet. But if he had time he could engaged the guy into a conversation and get to know him more.


As for Naruto, He was eager to know more about the new guy. He seemed to have potential. Maybe he could challenge him into a sparring match if the opportunity calls for it. He wanted to see how strong this new guy is.




Sarada found herself and her Uncle strolling around the vicinity of the compound. It was almost late afternoon and the raven haired teen was listening to the latter's story. He told her about the real Uchiha clans history and why the clan continued to be bitter and hopeless through the years.


Along the way, they managed to find an empty bench and sat there. Sarada chose to stand while the other chose sit on the bench.


"So why did you do it?" Sarada asked. She was reffering to the real reason why her uncle had massacred the whole clan


Itachi sighed. He knew that she was going to asked the question. It was really a complicated thing to explain that right now. But he had to make sure that he will not spill the most important beans. This was highly classified.


"Let's just say that the fate of village's existence depends on it." Itachi simply said.


Sarada was confused. Why would he massacre his clan that was also a part of the village. According to the most common information that she learned prior to meeting her Uncle, It was an act of vengance against the village and the clan.


"If you were to choose to spare between the two which one would it be? The whole village itself? or your own clan that is planning to overthrow the Hokage and start a civil war that had the potential of killing many innocent people." Itachi straightforwardly said. He recalled that time when he had to be decisive to prevent more chaos from happening.


Sarada was speechless, She never knew that the clan would do such a thing. It was a big revelation for her to know from the main source of it all. She would go on to learn that her Uncle did it for the greater good although it cost the death of his best friend, Her Uncle Shisui. There was also one thing that man did go against, which was that he spared one person which was his little brother.


"I can't bring myself to kill Sasuke, He was my younger brother." Itachi said. He just loved his younger brother, He was the only family that he got right now.


Sarada remained quiet. She was saddened the fact that her Uncle was forced to do it against his own will. She also learned that the conflict started after the Kyuubi Incident and the blame was put into the clan itself thus starting a chain reaction of events that led to the clans demise.


"I'm sorry to hear what happened." Sarada apologized. She had no knowledge of the whole picture but she was glad to know the reasons and truth.


Itachi smiled for the first time. This girl was different from any person that he met nowadays, that would insult him and bragged him about being a traitor and a criminal. However, this girl chose to understand his story and even sympathize with him. Just who was this girl?


"So that's why you occasionally visit the village and the compound because you missed it?" Sarada asked.


"Yes." Itachi nodded. This is where He grew up and this place has brought him the happiest memories and plus He was still proud to call himself a Shinobi of Konoha.


Then there was something that came up to the older Uchiha's mind. He never knew anything about this girl let alone that she worked in the bakery shop.


"Night time is almost there, You're parents must be worried about you." Itachi said. There was a little bit of concerned growing inside of him. She was just all alone by herself and night time was fast approaching.


Sarada gave a sad smile." Well, I'm actually an orphan. I came from a small village far away from here. My parents passed along time ago. She explained as small tears were forming in her eyes.


Itachi was surprised and shocked to hear the latter's statement. He would go on to learn that she was one of three orphans who escaped their small village which were destroyed by raiders and bandits.


Itachi was saddened to hear the teen's story. He secretly expressed his rage by remaining silent. It was too much for this world already. When will all the destruction and death end? It was just a neverending cycle.


Sarada could really see the anger and sorrow of the latter in front of her. She never knew that her uncle would let out emotions, he was known for his emotionless personality and appearance.


Itachi then looked up and gave the latter a sad smile." So what are you doing nowadays? How are you coping with this?" He asked.


Sarada sighed but smiled. She remembered her Mama's words of staying positive and happy all the time.


"Well, I'm just gonna say that I'm very lucky to have spend time with my parents rather than never knowing them personally." Sarada explained.


Itachi then looked up and gave a surprised looked. He wasn't expecting this kind of answer from the raven haired teen.


Sarada would go on to explain that it's not about grieving or mourning every time you lose someone. It all about how looking back and seeing the positive things that happened and will also help you moved on. She would go on to tell her uncle that life is precious and a choice, You either choose to be grieving and blaming yourself or staying positive and changing things for the better.


Itachi was surprised to hear this from the girl. She had a lot of points. Grieving for the rest of your life is not the right thing to do. This also inspired the older Uchiha to do more better as a person. He then stood from his seat and embraced the girl like how an Uncle would do to her niece.


"Thank you for telling me." Itachi stood. He strangely felt comfortable now talking to the girl as if she was part of his loved ones.


Sarada on the other hand was surprised by the hug. She did not expect that the dangerous Itachi Uchiha would have a soft side. Sensing that it was the right time. Itachi let out a bit of his emotions and for first time just let it go.


Sarada could only comfort her Uncle. This was the first time she had seen him in this state. Who knew she could make her Uncle emotional for a bit or maybe she didn't think a grown man like him could




It might be the most awkward thing that Hanabi and Neji had been to. They felt like that they were strangers at their own home or were they just not used to seeing Hinata happily enjoying and eating with her team. It was like seeing a different person all together. There were times that she would not stutter during the conversation and would also cracked up jokes.


'You know, I think this is the best food I've ever tasted!" Kiba commented. This was the first time that he was eating his teammate's cooking which surprisingly good.


Hinata smiled." Why Thank you Kiba-kun." She thanked the latter. She delighted to see her teammates enjoying.


"Say Hinata, I never seen you wear these kind of clothes before, A change in fashion sense perhaps?" Shino commented. He was just curious about the latter's sudden change of style. To be honest, this was more better than her old mesh outfit.


Hinata smiled." W-Well, I guess wearing the same old clothes everyday is just really weird." She commented which caused laughter throughout the rest of her team. Who knew she could make them laughed.


Hanabi just forced a smile. In truth, she was weirded out right now. She had not seen her big sister in that kind of state. Why was she doing this? Was she experiencing some kind of teenage crisis? She was not her usual self. She also wondered on where did she get these new clothes, she recalled that her big sister was not interested in shopping for new clothes before.


The younger Hyuuga also wondered about Neji's opinion on this. She then turned to her left and then saw his big cousin eating the food in silent. Hanabi could only sighed." He's even enjoying it." she thought inside her head.


Hanabi had plan. A plan to fixed the sibling relationship that had been broken ever since. She had planned to talk to her for the first time but it was her sister that would always be busy and focused on other things. If that Naruto guy ever comes back, she's gonna start stalking him again.


Hanabi then darted her eyes to her big sister. There was one strange thing that she noticed about her. She really looked like a person who has aged in 3-4 years. A young adult to be exact or maybe it was just the new clothes that was making her looked like that.


For whatever reason, she really have to talk to her right away.




"Well, I could only say that my big sister is having a personality change. I'm still not sure, I guess it was the mysterious dreams that she has been having recently.




By the time, The special afternoon ocassion had finished. Hinata's team had already left the compound with a full stomach and an afternoon to remember. The living room was now quiet and Hanabi had managed to find time to set up a conversation with her big sister.


While Neji was cleaning up the plates and the table. The Hyuuga siblings were outside the main house. They were currently in the compound's small garden in small bench. The older Hyuuga was sitting while the other stood in front of her.


Hanabi stared at her big sister who kept quiet for most of the time. She was trying to figure out on what went wrong on this. She didn't want to think of her big sister slowly descending into crazyness. She just wanted to know the sudden change in her character.


"You know I never knew you could cook delicious food." Hanabi commented while the other formed a small smile.


"You even made Big cousin eat a lot just now." She added while Hinata smiled yet again.


Hanabi then sighed." I appreciate what you've done just now but there is something that is bothering me." She explained.


"Neji told me that you've been experiencing this weird dreams lately and We are worried about you." Hanabi said. She was just worried about her big sister.


Hinata just stared at her sister. She was giving her a surprised and confused look.


"I'm not saying that is dead serious or whatsoever but if you really need help or something, You can talk to us." Hanabi explained. She wanted her big sister to be alright.


"Is there something bothering you lately?" She asked while the latter was just remained silent.


Hanabi sighed." You know if you really missed that Naruto guy, we could invite him in the house if he ever comes back." She then explained.


Hinata's eyes and ears lit up. She then stared at her little sister." H-Hanabi, It's alright I'm o-okay with this." She explained. She declined the offer.


Hanabi could only sighed. What does she really want? She was confused. Somehow she can't get the truth out of the latter.


"You know what, I apologized for not believing in you Big sis, Neji too." Hanabi explained.


"Neji knows that he is not the greatest cousin in the world and same goes for me. I'm not the perfect little sister to begin with." She paused to catch her breath.


"But I want you to know that we still love you no matter what." Hanabi then smiled. It was true, She still loved her big sister.


Silence took over yet again. Hanabi waited for the latter's answer but she just sat there and remained silent. A few moments later, The Hyuuga heiress looked up and gave her little sister a smile.


Hinata then stood up and embraced her little sister." T-Thank you." These were the only words that Hanabi heard. She also returned the hug back.


"Hey girls!" The voice of Neji then interrupted the two.


"I don't wanna sound like a ghost and ruin your sibling moment but you don't wanna miss favorite show Hanabi." Neji explained.


Hanabi gave her big cousin a smile." Yeah, I'll be right there!" She yelled out to the latter.


Hanabi then turned back to her big sister." Hey you can join us if you want to alright?" She asked.


Hinata nodded her head and gave a smile." Y-You go on ahead Hanabi, I just wanna spend the time in the garden for awhile." She explained. She wanted more time for herself in the meantime.


"You sure about that?" Hanabi asked while the latter nodded.


By the time Hanabi left and went inside, Hinata stayed in the small garden for awhile. She enjoyed the view of the sunset and the silence around her surroundings. There were thoughts going around her mind at the moment.


She recalled these mysterious dreams that she had been having recently. Dreams about having these memories that she was sure she did not have. Memories about living in the same but different village, having a family of her own and lastly seeing an older version of herself.


Hinata then looked up and gazed at the sky. She then sighed. How could these dreams be affecting her? These dreams that somehow boosted her confidence, gave her the energy, and was slowly changing her into a different person.


She was afraid to tell her cousin and little sister. But somehow they were aware about it.


"Naruto-Kun." These were the only two words that she can let out from her mouth.


Hinata wondered about the person that she truly cared about. She had to admit that she had feelings for him since they were kids.


When he will be back?




When first signs of night time had finally arrived, Sarada felt cold. The Uchiha girl found herself walking along the quiet streets of the village. After spending time conversing with the Uncle that she never met in person before, It was then decided that it was time for the girl to go home and part ways with the latter. She was tired and she had heard enough information from the latter.


Before they parted ways, Sarada had asked the older Uchiha on what he was gonna do now and He only told her that he would be returning back to the Akatsuki and then resume his work there as an agent for both sides. His last request was to the girl was to tell his younger brother if he ever return to the village, that he still loved him no matter what.


Sarada simply nodded and kept the promise. She was aware that her Papa was a missing nin in this timeline so if she ever had the chance to bump into him, She's really gonna bring his senses back to normal.


As the sunset came into an end, Sarada found herself in the night life district of the village. It was brewing with lots of neon lights that can almost blind you. The Uchiha girl then observed her surroundings, She then widened her eyes as she saw a familiar blonde walking along the area.


"Boruto?" Sarada muttered as she quickly proceeded to call her teammate's name to get his attention but there was no response.


"Boruto!" She called out again as she was now slightly running. She was already catching up with the latter when she unknowingly tripped.


Sarada was caught off guard and found herself falling on the ground when someone caught her just in time.


"Sarada-chan are you alright?" The familiar voice of Boruto said.


Sarada who shut down her own eyes, immediately opened it and she found herself staring at the latter's cerulean eyes. The Uchiha girl then felt her heart beat faster.


On the other hand, Boruto was stuck in a similar situation again. He heard his friend's voice calling him and when he turned around, he immediately saw her falling to the ground and he reacted fast enough for him to catch the girl from falling on the ground. Now he found himself staring at the girl's beautiful onyx eyes. He wasn't sure on what to do this time around.


Sarada, who was just shocked and caught off guard at the moment then turned red and gave the blonde an unexpected slap in the face.


"What the heck are you doing here? Baka! I was calling your name ten times already and I almost fell!" Sarada exclaimed. She then recovered fast and stood up and gave an annoyed face.


Boruto could only scratched his head." Well, I don't wanna sound like a kid but I somehow got lost on the way home, ya know." He explained while giving a nervous apologetic looked.


Sarada could only stare at him with a frowned looked but eventually, she cooled down and gave a sighed." Seriously Boruto? you are 16 now for crying out loud." She said. How could a person like him get lost in a place like this?


The blonde was about to say something when he was then cut by the latter.


"Nevermind, Let's just go home." Sarada said as she beckoned the blonde to follow her.


Boruto blinked a couple of times before realizing that the Uchiha girl was now a few distances a way from her. The blonde then immediately hurried his way from his former position to catch up with the raven haired teen.


"Sarada-chan! slow down! You walk too fast Dattebassa!"




"I wonder what the heck has she been up to throughout the day? Did she crossed paths with someone important?






It was uneventful night at the Hokage office. Tsunade yawned as she just finished another stack of paperwork. She wondered when this will end. She hadn't got a proper rest since the start of the day. It was about time for her to call this quits for awhile and go back to bed.


"You sure you are doing fine Lady Hokage?" Shizune asked.


The blonde woman just sighed." Yes, I'm fine, I just hope that there will no more rounds of stacks after this one." She said. She was almost done with her work. She was signing the last few papers.


Shizune felt sorry for the latter. If she were Hokage she even doubt she could handle these kinds of things. She was just lucky enough.


"Lady Tsunade?" Shizune called the latter's name yet again.


"Yes, What is it Shizune?" Tsunade asked.


"Are you sure about assigning them to Kakashi's team?" Shizune asked.


Tsunade then gave a look at the younger woman." Yes, they're the only team that had available slots . They just have to wait for an announcement." She then explained.


"Oh okay then. But if there is a mission available right now, what kind of mission will it be like? Lady Hokage?" Shizune asked.


There was complete silence in the whole room. Tsunade was eerily silent. She knew that she was prepared to break the news.


She then took a deep breath." The Sand Village had recently sent an emergency message to the leaf not too long ago." She explained.


Tsunade would go on to explain that the message was about regarding the sudden capture of the Kazekage by the Akatsuki and the leaf village was going to send teams right away to assist.


Shizune was shocked over the news. How could she not know this!? "Which teams are you gonna send Lady Hokage?" She asked.


The blonde haired Hokage was silent. She knew that there were teams that were only capable on dealing with these kinds of missions. She then took a deep breath yet again and opened her mouth.


"Team Kakashi and Team Gai."




A surprised Himawari found herself staring at the blonde and raven haired teen. She wondered what has happened to the two this whole day. Sarada was looking stress-free while Boruto had slap mark on his cheek.


"How's your day guys?" Himawari asked. She was eager to know the news.


"I'm pretty sure a lot happened Hima-chan." Boruto could only grin. He just wanted to eat his dinner. He was hungry.


Sarada then gave her a look and then smiled." Well, I think you're Nii-chan here is really hungry now." She simply explained.


"Oh okay. Just to let you know that dinner is ready, so just seat and dig in." The lavender haired girl explained as she led them to the dinner table.


"Today's dinner is good old fish noodle soup." She announced.


"Man! I'm starving ya know!" Boruto exclaimed as he quickly sat down at the dinner table.


"Hold on your horses, Knucklehead, Ladies first." Sarada said as she sat down at her seat followed by the lavender haired girl.


"Oh come on now Sarada-chan, You're still a young girl ya know that. Hehe." Boruto said in a jokingly manner.


Sarada forced a smile."Boro, do you want your other cheek to have a slap mark this time?" She fired back with extreme sarcasm in her tone of voice.


"Easy there, I'm just joking ya know. Haha." Boruto said as he raised up his hands in the air.


Himawari could only chuckle. She really liked their chemistry together. It blends well enough for them to be a lovely fun couple.


As the trio enjoyed their dinner, the blonde and raven haired teen began to tell their experiences during the day. Himawari just sat there listening, she was surprised the fact that the Uchiha girl was able to meet her Uncle in the Uchiha compound while the blonde was able to meet their one and only dad face to face. Boruto would go on to explained that he didn't managed to get a proper conversation with their dad because had to leave for home as it was his time.


Himawari sighed. She also want to meet her young dad in person. If Granny Tsunade was going to assign them to a team, she really hoped that it would be their dad's team. The famous Team 7.


Himawari could only smile. She felt that tomorrow was going to be a new but different day for them.




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