Becoming Lester Holt

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Lester Holt is being haunted by something...

It has been nearly 2 days since the young, academically talented, incredibly handsome, Lester Holt, has murdered his mother. The living room of the family cabin, right there, is where Lester decided to take a wrench to the back of his mother’s head. The small wrench made a satisfying ding sound as metal hit human skull. His mother, a plump blonde, was cleaning the coffee table that afternoon and before she knew it, she was knocked unconscious and tasted the floor. Blood stained the back of her head. Lester knew this wasn’t enough, for he knew what the Dark Hollows wanted, and what the Dark Hollows wanted, was for him to cut all ties from his family, from the mortal realm. And Lester, tortured by the Dark Hollows, thought that this was the only way to please them, to kill. He should have felt something as he kept beating the back of his own mother’s immobile head, but he didn’t. He just saw red splattering across the wooden floors of the cabin, across his face, messing up the coffee table. Who’s going to clean that up now? He thought.

“Is it enough? Is this enough!!?” Lester screamed out at the now empty cabin. The Dark Hollows came to him again, but they never say a word. He saw them, two ghastly rags of midnight black, floating in front of him, near the entrance to the yard. Deep, abysmal eyes were the only describable features on their faces, everything else was gone. No mouths, no ears and brows, and no nose. Only blue-gray flesh that looked eons old, and cavernous black holes for eyes that were so deep, you could almost see into the past. A raggedy hood covered their bald heads as they were freely bobbing around.

“Please... leave me be...” Lester pleaded. He held the bloody wrench tightly in his right hand. It still dripped with blood.

This of course wasn’t enough for them since Lester Holt still saw the Dark Hollows after killing his mother. Still haunting him. He would seldomly sleep, for every time he would close his eyes, he would see the endless black, reminding him of the hollow eyes. There was something in the dark, something unseen and indescribable, a dark force that Lester could feel, but he never dared to stare long enough into it to find out what it was. For he knew if he did, he would draw his last breath. Because of that, he would rock himself in the midnight hours, clutching his knees to try to stay awake. Every time his body refused to listen to him due to fatigue, his eyes would shut close for a mere fraction of a second. And in that fraction, he saw nothing but blackness and heard nothing but endless, blood wrenching screams that were so horrifically real, he thought people were being lit on fire two feet away from him.

That day, he dragged his mother’s corpse out to the yard and plopped her body into a shallow grave. Her wide-open eyes stared at the sky as Lester started to pour dirt atop of her new cardigan and jeans. Lester wished he could feel remorse, but his mind was elsewhere. His mind was being caressed by the Dark Hollows, and anything that resembled human compassion and guilt, was quickly snuffed out by the cruel dark shades. Lester’s eyes were bloodshot, and his arms sore once he finished the burial. But he knows he isn’t done.

Lester Holt now sat in the living room of the family cabin, awaiting his sister’s arrival. His sister Lisa was supposed to arrive days ago, but she was caught up by a delayed flight. And now she was here. Lester stared blankly at an unplugged television. He had on an unbuttoned red flannel on, with a black shirt underneath. His hair was unkept and blonde, and an alligator’s tooth necklace hanged around his neck. His eyes were beyond lost; blank and half-closed. The Dark Hollows danced around his peripherals, but he refused to look at them.

A loud bell rung, and it echoed throughout the cabin, startling Lester. He got up and opened the door and in came rushing in, a young woman. She had on a light, navy blue jacket with a large purse hanging off of her left arm. She rolled in a small, black suitcase with her right. She looked around and took off her large rimmed designer glasses and mounted them atop her blonde head. She turned around and eyed Lester.

“Hey! How’s it going, Lest? I’m finally here. Mom home?” She gave him a warm smile as she touched his shoulder.

“Everything’s fine. Mom went out to get some lunch, should be back soon.” Everything of course, was not fine, as the Dark Hollows flew all around the cabin behind his sister.

“Huh... she decided not to cook? That’s odd. She knew I was coming.” Lisa stood there in thought. “Anyway, let me put these things in my room. Kinda missed this place.” She ambled over to her room, suitcase in tow. 

She was a couple years older, but her ignorance, as well as her innocence, scared Lester. She didn’t know of them, didn’t see them every waking hour of her life, didn’t have to answer to them. She was free to live her life the way she wanted, and Lester knew what had to be done as soon as she arrived. The Dark Hollows appeared from behind him on each shoulder like small devils. A decaying clasp of a hand rubbed along the side of his face and it felt like searing, hot metal bars along his skin. This is Lisa’s final day he thought. And she was going to die the worst way possible: without ever knowing why, and by the hands of her younger brother. Lisa came strolling back, now wearing a breezy long-sleeved shirt.

“You okay? You look tired. Did you get enough sleep last night?” She said while walking over to the refrigerator.

“No, not really. I haven’t been in this cabin in years and I’ve forgotten how uncomfortably silent it is in the night.” Lester sat down on the couch, facing away from the kitchen.

Lisa snapped open a can of beer and said, “I know, you really have to get used to it, it’s crazy. It’s been like what, nearly 10 years since we last came up here?” She paused to swallow half of the beer. “Where was mom going by the way? I’m starving.”

“Oh, I don’t know, maybe some local family joint they have around here. She never told me.” The word mom, in Lester’s mind, was now associated with a pile of dirt in the backyard.

Lisa walked over to the couch and sat down, adjusting a pillow. “Put something on Lest, you’re creeping me out staring at a blank TV like that.”

“Controller’s on the table,” Lester said.

She reached out and grabbed the remote, fingering a couple buttons trying to figure out where the power button was at. Once she did, the local news came on, loud and obnoxious. Lisa fumbled with the remote to try to lower the volume. She put her beer can on the coffee table and noticed something strange, something red on the side edge of the table.

“What is that...” She touched it with her hands and looked at her fingers. It was a liquid, red and dark. “What the fuck?” She whispered. She rubbed her fingers together and it was sticky. “What the fuck, Lest? What happened here?” She said, louder this time.

It was almost time, Lester thought. It was coming, and the Dark Hollows knew it. They were circling overheard, like vultures. “Ah! That. Funny story, really,” Lester let out.

“Lester, this is blood. What the hell happened?”

“Well, the other day, I uh... well, kept the yard door open when my mom and I went out. We came back and to our surprise, we find a small, black bear rummaging around. Imagine that?”

“Jesus.” Lisa sat there, staring at her bloodstained fingertips. “So, what happened? Don’t tell me this blood is yours, or... mom’s.”

“No, no thankfully.” Lester lied. “I uh, snuck over to my room and pulled out the old family shotgun. You know the rusty one with the gold lever? That one. I shot at the bear and it screamed out and limped away.”

“Huh. And were you guys scared?” Lisa asked.

“No, not really. Actually, the bear got injured and it collapsed in the yard.”

Lisa looked out to the yard. “No shit?”

“True story. In fact, mom felt bad about leaving it dead out there so we both decided to dig a grave out back, near the edge of the yard. Come, I’ll show you.” This was it, Lester thought as the Dark Hollows swerved around the entrance to the yard.

“That’s crazy, Lest. I couldn’t imagine you pulling the trigger on an animal,” Lisa said. She also couldn’t imagine Lester hitting mom over the head with a wrench either.

Lester led his sister out into the yard, to where the shallow grave was and Lisa followed acceptingly, holding her can of beer. Lester stood over the grave, a big patch of newly moved dirt and waved his hand over it.

“There it is,” Lester said.

“Did you guys give the bear a name at least? Said your prayers?” Lisa chuckled.

“I don’t know, never thought about that. We just buried it to get it over with, it was dead so, you know, we had to do something.” The two of them stood in silence for a couple minutes. It felt like they were paying respects to the dead bear and... their mother.

“Alright, this is cool and all but I’m gonna head back in,” Lisa said. She downed the last of her beer.

“I’m sorry, Lisa,” Lester whispered.

“Hm? What was that?”

Lester turned to her. The Dark Hollows were enveloping his sister with their wispy midnight cloaks, like a moving coffin, suffocating her without her knowing. “I’m sorry,” he repeated.

“It’s okay, you were just protecting yourself,” Lisa responded.

At that very moment, Lester swung hard at his sister’s face and struck her in the jaw. Her hands flailed and the beer can went flying away like a loose shoe. Lisa went down face first into the grass and was muttering incoherently. She groaned and tried lifting her head, but her brother was already on top of her. He flipped her over and placed both of his hands tightly around her throat and squeezed hard. It felt like squeezing a stress ball. Lisa’s face turned colors from white, to a disturbing red. Her eyes stared intently into Lester’s, they showed confusion, shock, scaredness, and as her eyes shifted, some hatred. Lester Holt continued to squeeze as he pushed his shoulders down onto her neck and chest with all of his weight. Air struggled to enter Lisa’s mouth and Lester could hear the short spurts of suffocated sounds that sounded almost inhuman. Lisa clawed and clawed at Lester’s arms, but all she could was damage his skin with scratches and her legs squirmed desperately beneath him like two drowning animals. She couldn’t help herself. As the final seconds of her life began to drain out of her eyes, Lester started to slowly release his grip, until finally, Lisa Holt was motionless on the grass. Fresh tears flowed from her eyes as she stared blankly at the clouds.

Lester rolled off of her, gasping for air. He looked up at the shifting clouds and noticed them. The Dark Hollows. “I did what you want...” Lester said to himself, quietly. “Leave now, I did what you wanted. It’s over.” But it didn’t appear to be over as the Dark Hollows flew out in front of him, their dark eyes staring into his soul. Their faces then morphed into different people like they were made out of clay. The left shade turning into his mother, the right one, turning into his sister and the faces looked incredibly real. As if they were still there with him. Is it over? Are they going to leave me alone? Maybe it was. Maybe the Dark Hollows would disappear, as if all of it was just a dream. Only one way to find out, Lester thought. He had to close his eyes, submerge himself in the darkness and if he manages to stay alive and get some sleep, then he knew he had done it. Had given them what they wanted. Lester kept his eyes half-closed, and slowly tried shutting them, but right before he did, he heard a cough. She wasn’t dead. Lisa Holt wasn’t dead. She started to cough and wheeze, clutching her throat. Lester turned his head, and saw his sister struggling to get onto her knees. Shit! It isn’t over.

“No... no, no, no, no...” Lester muttered to himself. “You was supposed to die!” He yelled out.

Lisa turned to him with wild eyes and a purple face. Her hair was drenched in dirt and sweat and covered most of her head. She got up to one knee, and with all of her force, she staggered up to both feet.

“Lisa, please! You don’t understand! You need to be dead...” Lester said, crawling back up to his feet. His sister refused to listen, and she ran back into the house. “No! Come back!” Lester screamed out at her. He began to chase her.

Lester ran into the living room, panicking, looking around for his sister. “Lisa! Lisa! Please, you don’t understand!” The Dark Hollows were furiously flying around the cabin like angry ghosts. Lester went around the couch and a shadow came out from the hallway in front of him. It was Lisa, and she was holding the family shotgun. An old double-barreled. She took up a shooting stance and it was obvious she held something like this before.

“Who are you!!?” she shrieked. “Who the fuck are you!!? Huh? Where is my mother?” She was trembling. The front barrel of the shotgun was bouncing around.  

Lester raised his hand in defense and said calmly, “Lisa, I know you’re scared, but you have to understand something...” Lester moved slightly closer.

“Stay the fuck back, you animal!” Lisa cocked the shotgun’s lever. “I don’t even... I don’t even know you!” she muttered, still visibly shaken.

“Listen to me, Lisa. The Dark Hollows, they’re, they’re, everywhere I look, they have been torturing me and they said, that you and mom had to die and—”

“Where is she? Where Is my mother?” Hot tears streamed down Lisa’s face. “What have you done, Lest...what have you—”

“Shhhh, it’s alright, sis. This can be all over here and now, but you need to listen to me,” Lester looked around the cabin. The Dark Hollows were still circling overhead. “You need to drop the gun, please. Or we both will get killed.” Lester moved even closer.

Lisa jumped back, “I will shoot! I will fucking shoot you here, Lest!” She looked around and noticed the phone on the kitchen countertop near Lester. “Throw the phone over here!”


“The phone! Throw it!” She yelled.

“You shouldn’t do this. Listen to me, please.”

“I’m the one with gun! You listen to me! Throw the phone over to me, now!”

Lester had no other options. If he didn’t kill his sister right here and now, the Dark Hollows will be angry. So, Lester made a split decision and decided to lunge at his sister, hoping that she wouldn’t have the heart to shoot her brother at point blank range with a shotgun. But Lester was horribly wrong. Lisa was not bluffing, and she did not hesitate to shoot when he lunged. A loud thunder-like noise was heard and then nothing but the piercing siren of burst eardrums. Lester felt like a truck had collided with his body and he stumbled backwards to the floor. He clutched at his torso and looked at his hand and saw nothing but a dark red. It didn’t hurt as much as he thought. It was almost comforting seeing his vision become a blur. He would finally have rest, see the endless black one final time. He could see them circling above, but he would soon, see nothing. His eyes closed and he laid on the floor peaceful and still. A large pool of blood had formed beneath his body.

Lisa Holt exploded backwards when the shotgun rang out and hit her heads on the corner of one of the rooms. She stood there, near conscious and gasping for air. She looked around, trying to understand what had just happened. She saw him laying there, her brother, in a pool of his own blood. She tilted her head to the side and vomited into the nearby room, wrenching her back and letting out strong heaves. Some of it spilled onto her legs. She wiped her mouth and dropped to her knees, sobbing hard, clutching her head in despair, moaning deeply. Tears, vomit and snot spilled across the wooden floor in front of her. She looked up again and saw them.

She stared into the abyss, into their eyes, and they stared back at her.

Submitted: March 10, 2020

© Copyright 2023 Manolo. All rights reserved.

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Whoa! That was some read, Manolo.

Tue, March 10th, 2020 9:20pm



Wed, March 11th, 2020 5:44pm

Harris Proctor

Nice work, Manolo. The real Lester Holt would have used the full weight of NBC news to defeat the Dark Hollows tho :)

Wed, March 11th, 2020 1:00am


Yeah I noticed hes a reporter after the fact. Totally not intentional.

Wed, March 11th, 2020 5:44pm

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