It was another cold day in Westminster, Maryland. Hank was glad to come inside the post office, even though the office wasn't that warm. He begins to walk towards the line to mail-in the amended taxes that he had corrected. As Hank continues to walk, an elderly lady walks across from him. Both people continue to head on a collision course with each other. Until the lady speaks. ''Hankee''? She asked. 

Hank froze as he went back into time in his head. He looked at her with a puzzled look on his face. ''Ms Child''? ''Is that you''? Asked Hank. She chuckles. ''Is it dear''. Hank and Ms. Child give each other a long hug. After a minute, they slowly let each other go. Hank was filled with a lot of emotions right now. He hasn't seen his second grade English teacher since he finished her class in the 1910s.

At the time, Hank was having a hard time making friends or even being inspired to pay attention in school. Until he began to take Ms. Child's English class. He had never forgotten the care Ms. Child showed in him at a time he really needed it. Soon, he began showing emphasis on learning his nouns, verbs and other subjects Ms. Child was teaching that semester. Hank would get an A-minus in her class. 

When it was the end of taking her class, Hank was very sad. Before Ms. Child, he didn't feel like any teacher cared for his well being in learning. But, Ms. Child changed that for him. Ms. Child changed the course of his life to where he was at that moment in 1950. After going back in time, Hank comes back to the present. ''Ms. Child, it's so good to see you again'' He said. ''It's good to see you as well Hankee, you grew so much since I've last seen you''. She said. 

''I remember when you was a little tree, you had so much wonder and confusion in your eyes''. ''Now, look at the man you are now', I was so proud when I saw your book published in the newspaper in 1941'' Ms. Child said. Tears had started to come down her face again. Hank, trying to hold back his own tears. ''It's because of you, that I would love learning in my English class and became a writer. ''You believed in me when I didn't have that belief in myself''. ''I  thank you for that''. Hank finished.

He was grateful he had a chance to tell Ms. Child how much she had meant to him. He wasn't sure if she was still living. But today, his question was answered. ''What brings you here Ms. Child'' Hank asks. ''Oh, I just sent a letter to my youngest daughter Amanda, I hope she gets it before March''. Ms. Child said. She started laughing. Hank would laugh silently. ''And yourself Mr. Hankee''? Ms. Chilld asked. 

''I was doing the same, mailing an amended tax return though''. Said Hank. ''Ah, I've done that a few times in my life, I get so excited to get that refund'' She said. ''I agree'' followed Hank. The two were having a blast catching up on how they were. They didn't want it to end at the post office. They would continue talking leaving the post office forgetting the world around them. 

Submitted: March 11, 2020

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Criss Sole

Very sweet. I have actually been wondering how some of my teachers from primary and elementary school are doing... if they are all still alive. Time sure flies by.
I thought this was a touching story.

Fri, April 17th, 2020 7:36am


It does fly by you're right. I was wondering the same when I wrote this. Thank you.

Fri, April 17th, 2020 5:59pm

Sharief Hendricks

Excellent reads CuriousOne !

What a thought provoking story...I had long wonderd about my ex teachers...and was lucky to bump into a few of them on occasion....

Very nostalgic....

Enjoyed it !!!

Wed, July 8th, 2020 6:09pm


Thank you, Sir! I'm glad you were able to run into some of your ex-teachers! I haven't seen any of my teachers since I finished their classes. I hope they're doing well!

Glad you enjoyed it!

Wed, July 8th, 2020 6:53pm

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