The Death of Linda

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Depression is the most enemy of every young generation. It is mainly because of the severe sadness that they are usually experiencing. See how Linda ends her life because of non-sense reason.

The Death Of Linda

(One-Act Play)


The curtain rises. The scene is in a living room. As more lights appear, we see Emilia, age 60 and wearing a house dress, reading a newspaper. Her family is Filipino and has a strong Filipino accent. She is sitting on a small sofa at the center. The house seems to be small. There is a refrigerator on the left, about half a meter away from the sofa. There is also a shelf beside the right of the sofa, with a gold pageant trophy stands, etc.

There is a small terrace above the living room. On the left, there is a door. (This is the door Linda’s bedroom.)

Later, Linda, age 18, enters wretchedly. She is wearing her school uniform. She is a simple girl, only wants a free life. She puts her bag over the sofa with dejection. Emilia turns to look at her.


LINDA (desperately): I know Ma. You look so beautiful Ma.

EMILIA (delicately): Why? What happened? Are you with yourself?

LINDA: Nothing happened Ma. I’m just tired.

EMILIA (worried): Are you okay? I will prepare a snack for you. (She starts to stand.) What do you want?

LINDA (wearily): Nothing Ma. Just sit there. Enjoy your free time. I’m going to sleep Ma.

EMILIA: Are you sure?

LINDA: (smiles) Yeah Ma. It’s a good day, right?

EMILIA: Yes. It’s a good day.

LINDA: Feel this good day Ma.

EMILIA: Are you okay?

LINDA: Yes Ma! (She starts to walk slowly.)

EMILIA: Wait, your auntie sent you a letter.

LINDA (still weary, barely interested): Can you give that Ma. I want to read.

EMILIA: Wait. (She gets the letter on the shelf.) After a year, your auntie finally sends you a letter. Isn’t it lovely?

(She gives the letter to Linda.)

LINDA: (takes the letter) She maybe missed me, and I know that. She missed my smiles.

EMILIA: And that’s good to hear. Rest now and relax. I know you’re very tired.

LINDA: I’m tired of death Ma. I want to sleep.

EMILIA: Relax well Linda.

(Linda crosses the stage to her bedroom. Emilia gives her a hopeless look as Linda enters her room.)

EMILIA: What happened to that girl?

(Emilia sits and continues reading the newspaper. Bon, age 20, enters naturally. He locks the door and gets one glass of water on the refrigerator. Emilia is aware of Bon’s appearance.)

EMILIA: How’s your day? Is it good and okay?

BON: (after he drinks the water) It’s okay Ma.


BON (confidently): Sure Ma. It’s all right. (slight pause) By the way Ma, Angelo says he needs you for his party. He knows your cooking skills.

EMILIA (interested): (Emilia stops reading the newspaper.) Really? I miss that boy.

BON: And he misses you too.

EMILIA: Oh! Is that next week? I will plan now.

BON: Yeah Ma.

EMILIA: Oh! Can’t wait.

BON: And you know Ma, I will be the next boy of Mrs. Maria.

EMILIA: What do you mean ‘boy’?

BON: I will be her security.

EMILIA: That’s not ‘boy’ Bon. That’s a bodyguard.

BON: That’s the same Ma. She said that to me. She said, ‘You will be my boy.’ That’s so interesting.

EMILIA: (laughs appreciatively) Maybe, she means ‘You will be my dog!’ because you’re her bodyguard.

BON: Ma!

EMILIA: Don’t be mad. I’m just joking. By the way, your auntie sent a letter to Linda.

BON: Oh, I finally feel her presence. So what she said?

EMILIA: I don’t know. I gave the letter to Linda. She said that’s only for Linda.

BON (jealously): That’s always!

EMILIA: Don’t get jealous Bon. Linda is younger than you.

BON: I understand Ma.

EMILIA: Do you want a snack?

BON: No Ma.

EMILIA: But you look so pale.

BON: Don’t mind this Ma. I’m okay.

(He looks around)

BON: Where’s Linda Ma? I can’t find her.

EMILIA: She’s in her room.

BON: Is she okay Ma?

EMILIA: I don’t know what happened to your sister.

BON: Why Ma?

EMILIA (with pity): I don’t know. I can’t describe her feeling now. I’m so worried.

BON: Wait for Ma. I will speak to her.

EMILIA: Better.

(Bon knocks Linda’s bedroom twice. But no one opens it.)

BON: (knocks the door again) Linda? Are you there? (Pauses) Linda?

(Bon becomes worried.)

BON (to Emilia): Ma!

EMILIA: Don’t disturb her for now Bon. She said she’s going to sleep for a while.

BON: But it’s only four in the afternoon. It’s not her tradition.

EMILIA: I think she’s tired. Let her sleep for now. Don’t worry.

BON: Okay Ma.

EMILIA (delicately): Do you eat your lunch?

BON: I don’t want to eat Ma. Don’t you remember?

EMILIA: Oh! I’m sorry. I’m just asking.

BON (dismally): I’m very sorry Ma. But I had already eaten my lunch Ma, at the newly-opened restaurant in our neighbor street Ma.

EMILIA: That’s good. Do you feel well? You look so pale. I observed that.

BON: Don’t mind me Ma. I’m alright. Thanks for your care Ma.

EMILIA (in a calm voice): Okay. Be sure ha, and go to sleep now. I will repair some damaged parts of our car.

BON: I repaired that Ma. Just sit there.

EMILIA: Oh! That’s good. Thanks, Bon.

BON (delightfully): That’s my pleasure Ma.

(Bon goes up.)

EMILIA (looking up at Bon): Sleep well, Bon.

BON: I will not going to sleep Ma. I’ll just be going to rest my body.

LINDA (goes out in her room and looks to Emilia, speaking wearily and quietly): Ma, do you know where is my scissor?

EMILIA: Ha? I put that …

BON: (coming down, carrying a scissor) Ma, There is a scissor in my room.

LINDA: (looks at the scissor, furiously): Bon, you’re a thief! You know that (slight pause, going to Bon) that is my scissor. (She takes the scissor angrily.) You’re such an idiot and a thief!

EMILIA (trying to calm Linda): (stands with casual attitude) Linda! Don’t accuse your brother. I put that in his room because I repaired his socks.


BON (to Emilia): Ma, let her see her view.

EMILIA: Be considerate, both of you!

BON: Me?

LINDA: (looking to Bon madly) Yes!

EMILIA: Linda!

BON (to Linda, steamed up): I don’t care! (to Emilia) Ma, stay away from Linda. (He goes up angrily.)

LINDA: Then?

EMILIA: What’d you did?

LINDA: Well Ma. Let me be a girl.

EMILIA: I’m letting you, but don’t make conflict with your brother.

LINDA: I need it because he stole my scissor.

EMILIA (with patience): I said, I'm the one that …

LINDA: Stole my scissor?! Oh Ma, don’t defend Bon. He’s a boy.

EMILIA: I put your scissor in your brother’s room.

LINDA: Who’s my brother?

EMILIA: Linda!

LINDA: I have no brother. Bon is not my brother.

EMILIA: That’s only a product of your anger.

LINDA: I don’t care Ma.

EMILIA: (goes to Linda) Come up now and say sorry to him.

LINDA: I don’t want!

EMILIA: You need it.

LINDA: I don’t want!

EMILIA (getting angry): Linda!

LINDA: Then say sorry to him Ma. I want to sleep.

(Linda enters her room.)

EMILIA: Linda!

(Bon comes down, with a pack of cigarettes, and sits on the sofa.)

EMILIA: Talk to your sister.

BON (in a low voice): Eh? I want, but I think her ears are not ready to hear my voice. (He takes a cigarette.)

EMILIA: (sits beside Bon) I know, but I don’t want to see you two, both of you, pinching each other.

BON: Then I will migrate.

EMILIA (panicked): Don’t do that!

BON: Just kidding Ma.

EMILIA: So what’s your plan?

BON: Where’s Linda?

EMILIA: She’s in her bedroom.

BON: I think Ma, she has a problem. Do you ask her?


(Mary, in her casual dress, enters. She is younger than Linda, an earnest and worried girl.)

MARY: Linda!

BON: Mary, good you are here. Why?

MARY (politely): Hello Mrs. Emilia and Bon. I’m here to say something to Linda. It’s so very important.

EMILIA: Wait, I will call Linda.

(Emilia goes over Linda’s door and knocks it.)

BON: Sit down for a while.

MARY: I’m sorry. I don’t want cigarette smoke.

BON: Oh! (He puts the pack of cigarette inside his pocket.) I’m very sorry. Don’t worry. I didn’t take so many cigarettes today.

MARY: (smiles) It’s good to hear. (She sits, waiting to Linda.)

EMILIA: The door’s locked. I can’t hear any Linda’s voice.

BON: By the way, what will you say to Linda?

EMILIA: That’s a good idea. You can say that to us.

MARY: Our campus conducted a small pageant for this month, and our adviser had chosen our representative.

BON: Then?

MARY: Linda volunteered herself. She wants to join the contest, but our adviser didn’t allow her.

EMILIA (curiously): Why?

MARY: I don’t know. Maybe, our representative is enough. I don’t know.

BON: So why are you here?

MARY (with a little happiness): But later, our adviser allowed her to join. So I’m here to say that. Tomorrow is the contest, and she needs to prepare.

EMILIA (happily): Oh, thank God.

BON: That’s a piece of good news.

MARY: So, where’s Linda?

EMILIA: Wait, I will try to knock her door again.

(Emilia knocks Linda’s door twice, but no one opens it.)

EMILIA (in a sweet voice): Linda? (knocks the door again) Linda?

BON (suddenly remembers something): Ma! I have a key for her door. I will take that for a while. (Bon goes up.)

EMILIA: Geh. (Then she tries calling Linda again. She knocks the door, but again, no one opens it. Maria comes to her gently.)

EMILIA: I’m very sorry Mary. She and Bon quarreled, so I think she’s mad. But everything will be okay.

MARY: I understand Mrs. Emilia. I know Linda’s attitude.

(They laugh softly.)

EMILIA (pleased): Linda, please come out. Mary’s here.

(Bon comes down, carrying a silver key.)

BON: I found it!

(Suddenly, Mr. Santos enters, with his formal dress.)

BON: (sees Mr. Santos) Mr. Santos!

(Emilia and Mary turn to Mr. Santos.)

EMILIA (hospitably): Mr. Santos. Have a sit.

MR. SANTOS (stolidly): No, thanks. I just went here to ask for your permission.

EMILIA: For what?

MR. SANTOS: We want an agreement with you. (His assistant enters, carrying a contract paper.) This!

(Emilia takes the paper and reads it immediately.)

MR. SANTOS: That is for our project. We want your daughter to be our model.

BON and MARY (amazed): Model?

MR. SANTOS: Yeah, for our endorsement.

EMILIA: (gives back the paper) Yeah, it’s good, but we will also consider my daughter’s opinion. Thanks for that.

MR. SANTOS: (smiles) Thanks for your time. We will hope for your positive response.

EMILIA: Welcome.

(Mr. Santos and his assistant exit.)

EMILIA (excitedly): That’s so exciting. Linda has so many blessings today.

BON: That’s good to hear.

EMILIA (commanding Bon): Open the door now Bon. I think Linda will be happy.

MARY: And I think, you will be the one to say that all.

BON: You know?

EMILIA: Yeah! That’s a good idea. So open that now.

(Bon opens the doorknob of Linda silently.)

BON (in a silent voice): It’s done.

EMILIA: Open that!

MARY: I will! We will surprise Linda.

BON: Okay.

(Mary opens the door slowly. When she goes in, she screams.)

EMILIA (with fear): Why!? What happened to Mary?

(They go quickly into Linda’s room.)

EMILIA’S VOICE (in Linda’s room): Oh! My daughter! You are now dead!

MARY’S VOICE (shocked): She’s dead!

(Later, Bon comes from Linda’s room, carrying Linda’s dead body. Mary and Emilia are after him, all emotional. He puts her body on the sofa carefully.)

EMILIA (weakly, with tears at her eyes): I can’t imagine, this is happening. (She is gazing to Linda.) Mary, call a funeral company. Can you? We will give her a nice funeral.

MARY: No problem.

BON (stops Mary): Mary, don’t do that! (to Emilia) Ma! Let’s revive her. We should call an ambulance. (He pulls his phone out of his pocket and dials it emotionally.)

EMILIA (sadly): Don’t do that Bon. She’s dead now. She has a stab at her stomach.

(No one answers Bon’s call. He hopelessly puts his phone back in his pocket.)

BON (to Mary): Mary, call a funeral company now. Her life has ended with a scissor.

EMILIA (barely interested): Why you know that?

BON: I see her scissor dressed with blood.

(Mary starts calling a funeral company. As she calls it, we see Bon and Emilia sadly gazing at Linda’s body. We hear Mary’s voice, but it is only in a soft voice, talking to a person on the call. The lights starting to fade out.)




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