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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 17 (v.1) - Seventeen

Submitted: March 26, 2020

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Submitted: March 26, 2020



"Sir," Lila gulped.


"I've been looking everywhere for you."


Lila's eyes shifted back to the door that Jane would surely be coming out of in moments. "I was just leaving, sir."


"Going where?"


Lila started to walk towards Carlton, hoping to steer him away from theatre seven. "To, um, to the ceremony planner's, sir. Like I said earlier." She formed it more as a question.


"How was the movie?"


Lila started to pass Carlton, making him turn away from the door and face Lila just as Jane came out. When she saw them, she froze and Lila's eyes flicked to her before going back to Carlton. "It was okay, I guess. Do you want to escort me to the planner's, sir?"


"What's the rush? Tell me more about the movie. What'd you see?"


Jane closed the door gently behind her and searched the immediate area for somewhere to go. The bathroom was across the hall right behind Carlton. Her only chance. She gave Lila a pointed look and then glanced towards the bathroom.


"Yes, okay," Lila answered both Carlton and Jane. "The, um, the movie was..." She watched Jane slide across the tacky carpet only feet behind Carlton. "It was awful, actually. I fell asleep part way through and I don't really remember it." She tried to laugh it off, but it was stiff and jolting. "I'd much rather be at the planners’." Lila offered Carlton her hand and begged her with her thoughts to take it. Carlton disregarded the hand, but started walking with Lila towards the exit. Jane slipped into the bathroom just as Lila turned around. They walked down the hall a few feet before Lila pretended at innocence. "I have to use the restroom, sir, and I came in a separate car anyway, so why don't you go ahead and I'll meet you there?"


Carlton pursed his lips in assessment before nodding tightly. "Alright, but don't be long, I need to get back to work."


Lila jumped at the chance. "I wouldn't want to keep you from work." She clasped her hands behind her back to show submission and suggested. "Your work is so important to you. Why don't I just come by after I go to the planners’ with all the details and you can show me off to your co-workers? I would, uh, I'd love to meet them."


"Show you off," Carlton repeated with a glint in his eye. "Yes, why don't I? Show off my perfect slave." He ran a hand down Lila's back and gave her ass a squeeze before leaving around the corner.


Lila twitched at the gross feeling of someone touching her after Jane. She nearly ran back to the bathroom and rounded the corner to find Jane leaning against the entrance with a stern face and closed fists, but her face went soft at seeing Lila. "Wha-"


"Touch me," Lila asked. "Please, I feel-I just need your hands on me."


Jane wrapped her arms around Lila protectively, her hands sliding down to pull Lila closer by her ass. "I will always touch you, baby. All you have to do is ask." Lila tucked her face under Jane's chin and kissed her throat. "My entire career I have respected that man," Jane growled. "But now I can't stand him. I hate the way he touches you, or doesn't touch you. I hate that he calls you his. I hate him."


Lila rubbed his thumb across Jane's lips. "I don't care about him. I just want you."


Jane sighed and kissed Lila, letting her lips sit against Lila's for a minute. "I heard you in the hallway. You have to go."


"I don't want to."


"You have to."


Lila bit on Jane's lip teasingly. "Come with me."


Jane groaned and gripped Lila's ass harder. "I can't," she argued. "Not now. We know Carlton is watching you."


Lila could feel her anger building inside her. She didn't want to hate Carlton, he hadn't done anything actually wrong, but he wasn't Jane. "I don't want to go. I don't want to plan his ceremony. I want to plan ours." Lila gripped at Jane's back. "Please, go with me."


Jane nosed along Lila's jaw and inhaled her scent. "I want to-"


"Then please."


Jane kissed her again. "Okay, Lila."


Lila kissed her back, hard and excited. "Thank you," she murmured against her lips. Lila pulled Jane's hand from her bum and intertwined their fingers. "Come on." She pulled, but Jane stayed still. "What?"


"You have to go first." She nodded to the world around them. "They're watching you."


"But you'll-"


"I'll come after. I'll go in the back and meet you inside. I'll tell Selina you're coming and what room to give you so we can speak in private."


Lila couldn't help her smile, despite the circumstances. "I'll see you there, then?"


"Yeah, baby. Soon."


Lila gave Jane's hand one more squeeze before letting go and leaving her in the bathroom. Jane let her head fall back to the tile as she exhaled in relief.


_ _ _ _ _



Lila's hands shook as she buckled herself in and turned the key in the ignition. She was insane. Absolutely insane. She'd almost got caught on a date-not-date with another Master. She would've been ruined. Carlton would've had every right to punish her how he saw fit, or worse, abandon her.


But would that be so bad? Her name would be ruined, but then she could be with Jane and Jane doesn't care about her name. Maybe she should've been caught.


No. What would that mean for Jane's name? Her company? It all would be marked by her indiscretions.


No, best to let Jane figure this out and find a way for them to be together. Until then she'll just have to be more careful in order to see Jane. Because she would. See Jane. She needed to. She'd kissed her. Really kissed her. Touched her. Felt her. She couldn't go back now even if she wanted to. Not when her eyes were imprinted on Lila's consciousness forever. The shape of her like a brand in her mind.


It was noon by now so lunch hour traffic was clogging the streets and gave Lila a decent drive time to go over every little thing she'd ever done wrong in this life. Most came in the form of a raven-haired woman of power with a good heart and amazing collection of literature. Lila's mind's eye ran over each minuscule detail since she walked into Jane's house that night she'd been beaten and left to find her way.


She wondered why Jane had just stayed silent and distant for all those months, but now she can see it. Jane's eyes on her all the time. When they ate together. Worked out together. When Lila would bring her her nightly tea. Looking back, Jane couldn't take her eyes off Lila. She made sure Lila was always happy. Safe. Comfortable. She went out of her way to ensure Lila was healed and tried to put her mind off her past. How did Lila miss Jane's fondness for her for so long? They were Master and slave whether they admitted it or not. The only thing missing was the sex.




Lila would hopefully be getting some soon. Sex with Jane would be...would be like finally waking up in the glow of mid-day after sleeping in a dungeon. Lila would finally know what if felt like to be touched and loved by a master that really cared for her. When Jane finally took her, it wouldn't be just sex, they would make love together.


Lila shivered in her seat and pressed her palm to her jeans. She groaned when she remembered that she'd snuck her belt off that morning before going into the theatre just in case Jane wanted-well, that didn't happen and Lila had encountered Carlton without it and she could only imagine what would've happened if Carlton found out.


Honestly it only made Lila hotter. Carlton finding her wet and free for another master. Lila gripped the wheel tighter and burned holes into the road with her eyes to stay focused. She blindly reached in the glove box for the belt and lock. She retrieved it and started undoing her jeans. The slave pushed them down and slid the pieces back on, connecting the ring and belt with the lock and clicking it shut. The poor old lady crossing the street almost got an eyeful when Lila stopped at a light.


Lila pulled her bottoms back up and felt in her pocket to make sure the small key was still there. Now she'd have to find a way back into Carlton's office to replace it before he found out. And she didn't even get off. Why did her life have to be so hard?


She pulled up to the planner's and parked. Inside Jane was waiting for her, or will be if she wasn't there already, and Lila was about to start planning her pairing ceremony to another Master with Jane's hand in hers. This wasn't normal, or logical. But it was absolutely right.


As soon as she walked in, a woman with long, sleek black hair came rushing to her with a blaring smile and open arms. "Lila! Darling, how are you?"


Lila had only met Selina once, but she could pretend they were friends if she could. "Selina," she smiled fondly. "I'm well, how are you?"


"Oh, Lila dear, I'm fabulous. Why don't you let me show you to your meeting room? I've got samples already lined up so we can just get right to it." She put a hand on Lila's lower back and led her down a hallway. She was a Master, but her touch didn't make her feel gross like Carlton's did. Maybe it wasn't all Masters, maybe it was just that one that Lila felt wrong being around. Funny, considering he was Lila's perfect match. "It's this one. I'll just go grab my folders and things. Why don't you get settled in and I'll be right back." Cecilia gave her a discrete wink and flitted, "Have fun," before walking off.


Lila opened the door to the dim room and shut it behind her. Before she could comprehend, she was being pushed back against the door and grinded on. "Jane. Jane," she whispered like it was her motto for life.


"Will it always be like this?" she growled in Lila's ear before biting on the lobe.


Lila mewled and pulled Jane closer. "Like what?"


"Will I always have to wonder, when you're not with me, if you're with him." Jane moved her teeth to Lila's neck and bit briefly, making Lila whine. "I got here before you and the first thing I wondered is if you decided not to come and went to him."


"Never," Lila promised, breathless and airy, as Jane moved her shirt collar and sucked on a piece of her chest. She pulled back before she could do any real damage, Lila could tell, but she knew that at least for a little bit there'd be a faint red mark that claimed Lila as Jane's. Lila was dizzy with the realization. "I'd never choose him over you. I’d never choose anyone over you."


"Promise me," Jane demanded.


"I promise."


There was a soft knock on the door and Jane pulled back quickly and shook her hair across her face to compose herself. Lila on the other hand was still dizzy and couldn't care less about appearances. She moved from the door but her shirt was still pulled over and her eyes were hazy when Selina poked her head in.


"Are we ready to get started?" She flicked on a second light and Lila flinched against the sudden brightness, like her sins would suddenly be revealed under the florescent exposure.


Jane came to Lila and placed a comforting hand to her lower back. "Ready?"


Lila swallowed and nodded before being led to sit across from Selina at a big table with samples and plans and lists. "Is this all for Carlton?"


"And you, dear. I've been tireless since I know the ceremony will be soon. Have you chosen a date? That really should've been the first thing."


Lila looked to Jane and then back. "I, I don't know."


"How about," Jane suggested gently, "you let Carlton take care of that. Just tell Selina what you like and don't like."


Lila nodded. "Okay."


Jane leaned forward and brought some napkin samples towards Lila, leaning in to show her. Lila leaned into her unconsciously and listened as Jane read out the options. "Which do you like best?"


Lila ran her fingers over the samples, brushing against Jane briefly, before shrugging. "This one, I guess." He pointed to a cream coloured one.


"Do you really like it, Lila? You have to really like it," Jane urged.


"Yes, I like that one," she said more firmly.


"Alright.” She slid the board back over and brought another. "Which one?"


Lila shifted in her chair so she was closer to Jane's voice, hoping she could maybe just absorb her in through osmosis. Her thigh pressed against Jane's under the table as she looked over sample pieces of plates. "Does it need to match the napkins?"


Jane chuckled fondly. "Well, that's the idea, but no. It's your pairing and you may choose whatever you'd like."


Lila pursed her lips and looked to Jane, and as she lifted her head to respond she noticed that their faces were mere inches apart and Lila could probably count her individual eyelashes if she wanted. She made a side note to embark on the endeavour one day. "I changed my mind about the napkins then."


"Okay," Jane nodded without looking away. "Which ones did you want?"


"The ones you want."


Jane's face went soft, eyelids dropping with the weight of her adoration. "It’s not my choice. This is your ceremony."


Lila remembered Selina and flicked his eyes to her, but Jane brought her back with a squeeze to her knee. Lila ran her fingers over the back of Jane's hand. "Can it be ours, for now?" she whispered.


"Lila," Jane sighed, that way she always did when Lila almost asked for too much.


"I'll still pick the things I like, just like I would, but I want to know what you like, too."


Jane's smile was small but full of things she couldn't say. Things like I want that, too and I'd do anything for you. "Okay."


"I want paper napkins."


"What?" Jane laughed in confusion.


"I want paper napkins with our initials," Lila repeated. "And paper plates. And can we have barbecue for the food?" She took Jane's hand in hers and tucked her ankle behind the man's. "And I want it on a beach. With cheap folding chairs and a fire pit. I want to dance in the sand to a boom box under the stars with you."


Jane had her lip caught gently between his teeth listening to Lila's dream wedding. "Macaroni and cheese for a side. And no shoes. I want you in white."


"Yes," Lila confirmed giddily.


"Yes," Jane agreed, to much more than napkins.


_ _ _ _ _


"It's Ms. Myer, sir. I'm sure of it. She went in the back."


Carlton was in his car on his way back to the office, but the news had him running through a red light and speeding fifteen over suddenly. "That ungrateful prick. Who does he think she is, fooling with my slave?!" Carlton ran a furious hand through his hair.


"Do you want me to keep watching, sir? I should be home soon to lead in dinner preparations."


"No," Carlton barked. "Don't take your eyes off her for a moment. I want to know everything."

© Copyright 2020 aliaswriter. All rights reserved.


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