The New World: A Near Future Dystopian Tale

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Jamie watched in stunned disbelief as the United States Senate abolished the federal government with a single vote. As the seventeen-year-old daughter of a U.S. Senator, Jamie was sure that would be the most shocking news of the day. And it was…until she was chosen to be the first queen of the New World.

Under the visionary leadership of Creighton Ashwill, the New World has taken its first tenuous steps as a monarchy. Still reeling from the devastating effects of a virus two decades earlier, the people are ready to embrace their queen, ready for change. However, not everybody’s on board with the radical new government, least of all Jamie. But, as she’s finding, the tide of history is hard to resist.

Now as the presumptive queen, Jamie must navigate startling revelations about her past, hidden agendas by those in power, and newfound love to discover if her destiny will lead all the way to the throne.

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Table of Contents


Prologue   July 6, 2060   Ella took three long deep... Read Chapter

chapter one

Chapter One   Eighteen Years Later – Present Day   Jamie and her brother Ben were the only two people left in... Read Chapter

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A dramatic, dystopian future novel.
The prologue is well written.

Fri, April 10th, 2020 2:49am

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