Dreaming of You

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Addison McField is a college student. This is her last year to do what a college student would do. Party all night. Sleepover. And of course, have some fun with the boys. Mostly all her friends mess around but Addison is the opposite. Since the day her ex-boyfriend cheated on her, everything was then changed. Her fear of getting hurt went extreme. She flinches for just a slight touch of someone passing beside her.
Going to her usual work. The Dollar General. She started working with this twenty-one-year-old man named Liam. They started hanging out with each other. Passing each other a wink each day. Noticing that Addison has some feelings for him. Trying to hold those feeling is hard for her since she got hurt once. Could this be a twice?

Table of Contents

Don't Hurt Me

Author Notes: This is the first time I ever wrote an Authors Notes for you to read. Yeah, there will be some mistakes during this book. I hope this book develops into encouraging and helping other
girls to keep on going when they are in deep depression during break-ups. I have been through so much pain that I wanted to create a book that would say for me.
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Pleasure isn't Love

I jump happily as my mommy gives me my ice cream. It slowly drips to my tiny toes. I giggle. My mommy is walking away. I scramble to catch up with her. She turns around, "Stay beside I don't want
you to get lost." she warns me. I grab her hand. When we got closer to our home, I felt like if someone was staring at me. I turn around and see this teenage boy looking straight in my eyes. "Do
you know this kid?" my mom asks softly. The boy chuckles. "Oh, your daughter knows me very well, right baby?" I tugged my mom's arms. The boy talked. My mom with a concern expression put me into
her arms. "I'm sorry I think my daughter doesn't know you," she turned around. I looked as the boy is walking faster toward us. "Mommy! Mommy! He's running for us!" I yelped as I looked around to
see if their people around us to help us. No. None of tree and house that seems to have no owner inside them. The boy grabbed my arms. I scream, my mom wept. "Let go of my daughter!" the boy grin
wicked. As he pulls me to him as he runs with me in his arms. I hit him. "Mom! Mommy!" she runs but stops. As she screams."Give me back my daughter!"
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Later On

"Can I talk to you?" I turned around looking straight in his eye. "Caylus you nothing to talk about.... you already hurt me." I rolled my eyes. Caylus frowned. "Don't roll your eye," I crossed my
arms. ''Why?" I glared at him. "You know how much I hate when a person does that," I then remembered how he says that rolling your eyes is something disrespectful to do. I grit my teeth. "But you
can't punish me," I murmured as I walked away from him. My leg trembled when I walk to my next class. I'm afraid of this. Of him. As I reached to an empty desk, I heard a person whisper. I look up.
It's a guy, his blond hair is smooth and goes one way as he some dark blue eye. I mean he's handsome, and cute but those eyes... "Are you okay?" the boy grins. Yeah," I responded fast as he nods
turning back around. He picks his stuff and sits right in front of me. Dang... "I'm Liam Roger" he held his hand out. I look at it for a moment, hesitated but gave him my hand. "Addison McField
nice to meet you,"
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Control of You

I wake up, snuggle in someone's chest, their arm is in my waist. I flinched. I looked up. Caylus is sleeping. Wait? Caylus! I was sleeping with him. I never slept with anyone. Not even with Caylus.
We would mess around all day but then I would go back to my apartment. I groan, as Caylus happily open his eyes, groaning as well. "Good morning, baby," he smiles. I grin. "Good morning
Sir...er...uh Caylus," I blushed. "Don't worry, just call me Caylus, now..." he murmurs as he kisses my forehead. I looked down as I lift my blankets up. Freak. I'm only wearing my underwear. I
laughed nervously, "I'm only on underwear, did we do... anything," I bit my lip. Caylus smirked as his soft light blue eye turned darker. "You were drunk, and you've wanted sex... so," my mouth
goes slack. I sit up. "No, it can't be..." I whispered. As Caylus is still laying down, he chuckles. "You loved it though, I thought you've unmanned me- leaving me spent!" I gasped. I gave him a
chance... this is what I have gotten myself in.
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Meaghan Kalena

Oooo great start! Excited to see what happens next :)

Sat, March 21st, 2020 7:42pm


Thank you. The next chapter is coming today!

Sat, March 21st, 2020 12:47pm

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