Fire On Wire

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

contains erotica and is delicious in metaphors.

Tactile and red lustrous lingerie
amorously lay on her snowy white skin
like a red lion in Alaska.

The Baron's kimonoed arms
wrapped her, trailing
an empire of snow ceremoniously
wrapping the month of December, too.

His sexual theatres draw curtains and
his fingers swirl in her secret milk
careful to curate the beat
of each hearts hit.

Sulk in her passionate powder
sifting off her silken thighs!
Her sex hibernates for his
return as she masks her crow’s feet
with dazzle. Sadistic lava
flogs as sunlight
liberation through his
lucent slumbering ice.

Feeling quivers cracking white hoar frost as
the world whimpers away, she smiles and
dampens her toes into a tub of
sandalwood water.
His flight back
to her has

A rich wooden bed catches
sounds of a pillow falling.
A violent maze of
blue jewels and scripting bathing bubbles
for naked cleansing after love making.
A celestial wintry whale whirls
amid the setting moon
its iridescent global eyes swathe
a soul of the glassy gentleman.
Splinting an anchorage of erotica
in her mind
she longs for the lapping of the Baron's
solid tongue
in and out of her.
Lapping his solid erection, too.
Whispers on her nape
and tremors under her feet register his arrival.
Smoothing stiff nipples
slicking the black garters on her slender thighs
with baroque. Subterranean secrecy
shrouds his kimono and she feels depth
riding his fingers.
Fingers like flutes just before
sheer exhaustion of the symphony.
Neglecting the nectar of her own breath
crystallizing its meeting the cold crisp air
as a wooden door opens
only for her to
realize that
he isn't

Iridescent ice blue eye feathers
enormously elongated and tickling
tender bare toes
of one thousand fairies on one thousand
cream colored
forestry snow laden ‘shrooms.

A Golden Radiance of Sutra
amid her arms arguing
above her mental mind
hands dance like diamondback fangs.

Snake Charming Baron
raises her torso as warmness
weaves on rolling hips and
dances on erotic skin
and he watched her rise on him.
Like he rises for her.
That was then and this is now.
She recalls.

Garlands of garnet
wrap her delicate d’colletage
that link
with loving arms that love
no matter what
wet and tight
shoulder glancing over winter poppy
peeked paddocks. Cupping cheeks
to drink from her ice blue eyes.

Navigating one thousand fairies he’ll
never find her. Never to fuck her.
Please come home and
part her thighs and
swirl in her

A marmalade of lovelies
sticky, sweet and confectioned to affection
his would bite her fingers
on her orgasms and web her locks
with spider finger

He’d take her breath away
simply kissing her collar bone
his whiskery jaw
cascading currents of intimacy
flowing and following
the trellis of her spine.

Baron leers through the honeycomb
of slight shoulders and waits for she
who took a moment of her day
to oscillate in her intensity.
He pours into her curves with
provocative veils over
roaring waterfalls.
His voice calming and clearing her intuition.
Like a gong bath he‘d awaken her
true self.

That’s how he will find her.
He’d see her in his mind but
not with
his eyes.
Releasing the peacocks
(she held them)
the stomping of their
departure was what
rumbled below her feet.
Not his arrival. Mistaken.

Non sequitur one thousand times she’d risk
breaking her heart to find the one.
With a Mae West moment
at the matinee, her lips
flash like
fire on

Submitted: March 22, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Classy Peach. All rights reserved.

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Her fire, to his wire! A new born soon to sire! I come with great desire!

Mon, April 13th, 2020 2:28am

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