Chapter 1: The Beginning

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Reads: 347

A storm is brewing.  The wind howls and the animals have taken leave for shelter.  If they could, the fish in the nearby lake would also hide.  Yet, something other than a storm is disturbing the wildlife, and that someone is an unwelcome guest in general places.

Meet Sonichu, an adult male who is, what one might call, "special."  Currently on a quest for some food.

Sonichu made one of his usual trips into town and went in pursuit of something delicious.  Alas, all the restaurants had seem to just start closing as soon as he arrived.  What bad luck!  Sonichu marks on his little notepad the brand new closing times.

Checking his notes, he sees that two days ago, two high school kids mentioned something about "baking" or getting baked goods in the woods.  Possibly a pastry shop had opened & he wasn't aware?  Sonichu likes to make first impressions to new people, although he doesn't get to see them much more later.

After 30 minutes of following the path, Sonichu veers off to an open field.  He wonders outloud if this is where a parking lot might be.  He thinks of the fun fall trips to the farm for pumpkins & apple cider.  He doesn't particularly like the scarecrows, something about the stringy hair rubs him the wrong way.

A drop of rain hits his head, then another, and another.  Sonichu laughs, stating that he was prepared for this.  He opens up an umbrella he found earlier in a trash can, still scoffing at whoever was silly enough to toss away a perfectly good umbrella.  Sure, it can't open fully, and some of the material is ripped, and even the medallion around his neck is pelted by rain...

Sonichu frowns, knowing that he should get a new umbrella, so he'll make do with this one for now.  Out on top of the hill now, he looks down and doesn't see any sign of the pastry shop, or parking lot, or any people.  Just wet grass and dark gray clouds with flashes of light.  The trees may have some maple syrup, he thinks, but I don't have any pancakes or waffles.  Maybe I'll ask mom for

Before he could finish that thought, lightening strikes the umbrella.  He immediately falls over, unconscious.


To Be Continued...


Submitted: March 22, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Oldmin. All rights reserved.


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