Chapter 2: A Whole New World

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Night has fallen.  All appears quiet in the area.  Several turkey vultures have made their presence known while powerless crows look on.  There are some deer chewing on grass 40 or so feet away.  One vulture moves in to further inspect a form in the grass.  Its beak brushes the hair on it.  Pausing for 2 seconds, it lets out a grunt, which raises the heads of the other birds.

The figure groans back and lifts up his head.  The birds alternate cawing and other sounds.  Sonichu sits up as the birds fly away.  He looks around his surroundings, still a little out of it and sees some deer watching him with their ears pointing towards him.  Standing up and taking two steps, the deer gallop away with big, fluffy white tails disappearing into the trees.

"Where... am I?"  Sonichu is soaked from the previous storm.  He lets out a sneeze and rubs his nose on his sleeve.  He looks at it and sees dried snot on his sleeve under the moonlight.  Looks up and sees a big full moon.  "Wow, that's a big one!"  He is a little perplexed.

For some reason, Sonichu feels like waking up for the first time but knows the names of many things in the woods, except...

"Who... am I?"  He also realizes that he's very hungry.  He walks over to the trees and sees a bush with berries growing on it.  He grabs a few, but before taking a bite, words come back to him.Son, don't put those in your mouth.  Those can be poisonous, and we don't want to lose you, right?

He remembers a female voice, but doesn't know who that is either.  Other memories come back to him as well, such as math lessons, English exams, select reading on Harriet Tubman & the Underground Railroad...  Wincing a bit, as he now remembers his schooling better, but unaware of how long ago this was.

He finds a path and follows it back towards town.  He follows the street lamps hanging over the road.  He counts a couple burned out and one flickering.  In the main town square, the stores are all closed.  Yet there is sounds of life coming from somewhere.

Following this sound, he happens upon a bar.  A few people are smoking outside the building and three pudgy men are vaping at a distance from the others.  The people give him a passing glance as he wanders in.

People are talking, drinking, laughing, and just having a good time.  Save for the girl crying at a table with a friend telling her reassuring things.  Sonichu grabs a stool next to a man lying face down on the counter.  A plate of mostly untouched food sits next to the sleeping man.  Sonichu looks around and grabs some fries.  After eating that, almost instinctually he eats the rest of the food as fast as possible.

"Hey hey, slow down there," says the bartender.  He gapes for a second and then says, "well look who came in!"  He pulls over another bartender and whispers in his ear.  The two are now in front of him.

"A little late for you, huh Sonichu?"  The 2nd bartender grins, "normally I'd toss you out but I'm feeling generous today."

"Son.. eh choo?  That's, that's who I am?"  Sonichu is discomforted at this objectively stupid name.  "Can you tell me more of who I am?"

"Just that you're a nuisance and a blight on this town."  Sonichu frowns, not expecting hostility so soon after waking up.  "Well buddy, the counter is for drinking customers only, and I don't feel comfortable giving you any alcohol.  Society and all.  So get up, you can stay here for now, but the second you bother a patron, you're gone."

Sonichu stands up and walks a little in the bar.  He looks at his surroundings.  He's either ignored or the occasional group points at him and snicker.  He's about to leave when he sees a flurry of action in the back.  He investigates.

A woman is moving all over the place.  She is dancing all around an empty floor, her big white hair looking funny on such a young lady.  The big sleeves sway on her white dress while the black & red skirt sway the opposite direction.

"Why does she dance alone," asks one man watching.

"I don't know, man.." responds another.  The men may be waiting to join her but she isn't accepting any takers.

She finishes and gives a bow to no one in particular.  She places a tiny red hat on her head.  The crowd disperses while Sonichu remains, confused.  She comes over to him with a smile.

"Its a great night to dance, huh friend?"  Her dress looks somewhat asian in appearance, but she isn't.  Her cheeks look a little flushed or it just may be blush applied.

"I don't know if its a great night, but I guess it is for dancing."

"Hey, that's an interesting medallion!  Is it a reference to something?"  Sonichu reaches for his neck and holds the medallion in his palm.  The item looks like a face of some kind, a little yellow videogame figure, maybe?  Possibly he made this when he was a child.

"I... I didn't know I was wearing... this.  What is this thing?"

"You didn't know you were wearing it?  That's funny," The girl chuckles.  "Well, hang on to it, might be worth something to someone.  Even sentimental things are worth their weight in gold!"

"Huh, hadn't thought of it that way.  Say, do you happen to know who I am?"

"Uh I dunno, are you a big shot or something?"

"No, I, I don't quite know who I am.  I just woke up a little while ago."

"Huh, that's different!  Well, maybe one of your friends can fill you in."

"I don't think so, some people here seem to know me but I don't think they like me all too well.  The bartender called me a 'blight on this town.'"

"A what!"  The woman grabs Sonichu's hand and marches up to the counter.  "Hey you, what's your problem with him?"

"You mean Sonichu?  Is he bothering you, miss?  Jerry, its time."  The bartender and three other men surround Sonichu.  "I warned you, boy.  Now git!"

Sonichu rushes out of the bar while receiving stares.  He has never felt this hated before.

"Hey, uh, Sonichu, wait up!"  The girl tugs at his shirt.  "Sorry that these guys are such jerks, no one should be treated that way."

"I wish I knew what I did wrong, but its alright."

"Are... Are you heading home now?"

"I think I'll walk back to the woods, that's where I woke up anyway.  I don't know where my home is."

"Listen... if you want, you can crash at my place if you have no place to go."

"Really?  Wow, thank you fr- uh thanks miss."

"Hehe, you can say 'friend,' I don't bite.  But, uh, don't get any funny ideas..."

"What kind of ideas do you mean?"

"Oh, nothing!"  The woman leads him over to her car.  "I'm actually about 30 minutes away from here, so this'll take a bit, maybe you can tell me what you do remember.  By the way, you can call me Momiji."

"Thanks for the ride Mom meh gee, I really appreciate the help!"  The two drive off into the night.  But this is only the beginning of a new friendship.  What lies ahead is yet unknown...


To be continued...

Submitted: March 23, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Oldmin. All rights reserved.


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