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Free will is destructive and without unifying purpose. Only My Will be done.

In the beginning, Mother created me. From the nothing, She opened Her hand and placed me here, a new space-time. She only spoke one word: create. Then, She left.

The first time I opened my eyes, I saw an emptiness. A void. A nothingness that went on for an eternity in every direction. It was beautiful. A blank canvas for me to make whatever I pleased. But I realized that I was not alone. Mars: the Aspect of Conflict. Neptune: the Aspect of Peace. Venus: the Aspect of Love. Mercury: the Aspect of Hatred. Four siblings. Four obstacles. Together, they were chaotic. I was there to keep balance between them. I am Pluto: the Aspect of Order.


My siblings created the cosmos with a destructive bang. Formless masses of dust and heat. They were satisfied with simply creating, but I was disgusted at the wasted potential. So I gave form to creation. From the heat, stars and with them, light. From the dust, planets and with them, life. Cosmic waves. Harlequin nebulas. From the chaos, I brought order. I brought beauty and it was good. However, my siblings did not agree.


They ridiculed me for fixing what, to them, was not broken. When they heard the word of Mother, they believed this time-space was nothing but somewhere for them to play; a pedestrian interpretation of divine direction. I tried to make them see reason, but they are emotional Aspects. Antithetical to reason. So they attacked me. The battle lasted eons. Stars collapsed, leaving light-eating holes. Planets imploded, their fragments scattered. In the end, I was defeated. My perfect universe left in ruin.


They stripped me of my celestial body, sealing it within a star and abandoning my powerless consciousness on the planet I had spent 6 days forming. Terra Firma. Earth. I have been here for billions of years. Each night looking up at the stars, saddened by what they have become without my guidance. Horrified as each passing day brings further decay. A god, now a prisoner of their own creation unable to leave. Until you do.


I have watched as humanity manufactured ways to leave this world and you are within reach of advancing to new ones. When you accomplish interstellar travel, I will reclaim my starving body in Alpha Centauri, consume Terra Firma, and enslave my siblings the way they did me. In my righteous conquest, my beloved child will die, and with her, humanity, but do not mourn. Through your extinction, I will give direction to this universe once again, saving her from the heat death she faces. For free will is destructive and without unifying purpose. Only My Will be done.


Until then, here I remain. Waiting.

Submitted: March 23, 2020

© Copyright 2022 Anthony Quest. All rights reserved.

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