Chapter 1: Letters # 1-5

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Wisdom Warehouse

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Letter # 1: My Opinion about love

Dear future husband

I want to spoil you, encourage you and love you. I want to be there beside you as you are  fulfilling  your dream goals. I want to encourage you every step of the way. I want to make you laugh when you are having a bad day. I want to make you fall in love with me every single day. It is not always about what you can do for me but, also what l can do for you. 

ln my opinion that is love. It is when you stop being selfish and begin being selfless.


Letter #2: My Promise to You

My dear future husband, l make this promise to you. To be;

Your Lover when you need to be loved.

Your Army when you go to war.

Your Doctor when you fall sick.

Your Pillow when you need rest.

Your Umbrella when it rains.

Your ear when no one can listen to you.

Your Voice when no one can hear you.

Your Answer when questions arise.

Your Inspiration to overcome obstacles.

This is my promise to you.


Letter # 3: Please Be "You"

To the love of my life

I am here waiting for you and praying for you but also giving my whole life to my first love Jesus Christ and l pray you are doing the same. Secondly please don't try to be someone who you are not. I want you to be the real you not the person you feel girls will like. Be you because who you are is more than enough. Don't hesitate to run after those God given dreams and don't worry about me because God can bring me to you in amazing ways.

Don't change who you are, please be "you"


Letter # 4: My Prayer for You

My prayer to God for you is that;

You are as loving as you are loyal.

You are as handsome as you are honest.

Your actions are so powerful that your words never lose their meaning.

You are intelligent enough to teach me that l can learn more while not being too stubborn to listen and learn from me as well.

You protect my heart as if it were your own.

You have an unbreakable bond with Jesus as well as with your family. 

Lastly, l pray that our love will be the living proof that true love does exist in this world.



Submitted: March 26, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Tariro Tsaurayi. All rights reserved.


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