Chapter 7: Letters # 31-35

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Wisdom Warehouse

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Letter # 31: Love that gives Life

My love,

When l feel like l'm dying you will give me life.

When l am aimless, you will give me purpose and direction.

When l feel like l'm a nobody, you will make me somebody.

When l'm weak, you will give me the strength to carry on.

I am because of you.

I know l can only be whole when you are with me.

I will cherish the love you will give me until God calls us back home.

You are the soulmate l'm waiting for. 

Your love is the kind that gives life.


Letter # 32: Dear Time, please don't be jealous.

My dear lmja,

I know that we belong together for a lifetime. 

I wish to find you sooner, so that l can love you longer.

I wish to find you sooner, so that we can fullfil our dreams together.

I wish to find you sooner, so that l can be your cheerleader.

I wish to find you sooner, so that we laugh at life's craziest moments together.

I wish to find you sooner, so that l can help you, protect you and take good care of you.

How l wish l can turn the hands of time so as to meet you earlier than the heavens scheduled time.

Dear Time, please stop being jealous.


Letter # 33: It's all about "The Little Things"

To the love of my life,

I don't expect more from you. It is the shoulder kisses, the piggyback rides, the hugs, small pecks on the lips, the "l love you" whisper, the "drive safe" texts. It is about you fixing the leaking tap, taking out the garbage out before the truck arrives and trimming our yard lawn. It is all about taking our dog for a walk, tucking the kids into bed and reading their favorite bedtime stories. 

It is all about the surprise dates, you sending roses out of the blue and sticking naughty notes on the door of the refridgerator before heading out for work. It is those little things for some reason that will make me feel loved than anything you may think of. 

Those little kind gestures means the world to me, never forget that.


Letter # 34: Thank you for your determination

Dear Imja (more intimate way of saying "you")

You are one in a million once in a lifetime. I know that when you choose to love someone who is damaged from past relationship traumas and nightmares, you take on the weight of their pain, their regrets and their fears.

Dear future husband you must be strong, you must be patient. I know you will try to stop the bleeding and help me scar over but, l will always be a little broken. I want to say this in advance, thank you for accepting that. Thank you for the courage to handle all that mess. 

Thank you for making the word "determination" not just a mere word in the dictionary by proving to be really determined.


Letter # 35: Sometimes l'm difficult to love

To the man of my dreams,

Sometimes l'm shining like the sun and sometimes l go through dark periods like the moon. Sometimes l'm just moody for no apparent reason. Sometimes my emotions are a rollercoaster ride. Sometimes l tend to drown myself overthinking everything. I'm one of those women who thinks, "she is too hard to love, she is complicated and hard to pin down. 

My guard is always up, not to talk of trust issues. The pursuit of love has brought me nothing but a series of heart breaks and pain. Sometimes l just want to feel nothing and numb myself by hiding my heart behind the wall l have built out of mistrust and disappointment.

I'm the woman who is still battling to piece herself together. But, most of all l know l still deserve a love that helps me to heal and grow, a love that feels like the love l have always been capable of providing. Thank you for the courage of kissing those wounds when they are hurting.

Thank you for accepting that sometimes l'm difficult to love, but choose to love me anyways.


Submitted: March 28, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Tariro Tsaurayi. All rights reserved.


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