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This is another title that I am starting after having an idea while lying in the tub, you know what they say, always listen to your inner soul, lol

Table of Contents

Its A hard Life.

The story begins as we look onto a small house which is overlooking the sea, the waves slowly crash against the shoreline very quietly in... Read Chapter

Lifes Just Really Confusing.

It was dark now and Billy had just arrived back at his house, he knew he was going to be in so much trouble when he got in but he was rea... Read Chapter

Getting To know One Another.

The morning arrived just like any other, Billy stretches his arms out and yawns, it had been a long hard day yesterday to get through and... Read Chapter

What The Mirror Sees.

As Billy looks into the mirror he turns around to his friend, “ I don't see what you mean, just what fun can we have with a mirror, it'... Read Chapter

Pick A Name.

Billy awakes the next morning as bright as a button, he calls out to his friend, “ Are you there, are you awake yet,” there is no ans... Read Chapter

School Will Never Be The Same.

Well it had been a magical day up to now and Billy couldn't explain just what he meant but his life just seemed different since his littl... Read Chapter

Standing Your Ground

As Billy looked up the road he could see the school bus come from around the corner, he stood there completely calm and nothing was bothe... Read Chapter

A Relaxing Time

The journey home was a pleasant one for all because all of the anger and worries were now all gone, Billy and Jensen were sitting laughin... Read Chapter

Now That's Just Nasty.

They had been driving for a good Fifteen minutes when Sonia looks over to the boys and saw that they were simply sitting chatting togethe... Read Chapter

A Matter Of Trust.

I suppose it was to be expected Nathan said to himself as the barrage of questions from the boys kept bouncing off of him, one question a... Read Chapter

The Examination.

As Nathan walked into the tent he took in a deep breath and wiped a tear from his eye because the last thing that Sonia needed to see was... Read Chapter

What Have You Done.

The happiness in the room was overwhelming, they all hug one another thinking all was well as they look down onto the bed and all they co... Read Chapter

You Bloody Fool.

It was a beautiful evening, there simply wasn't a breath of wind and the air, is just tasted so sweet compared to the city he said to him... Read Chapter

That's My Boy Billy.

The journey home continues and it seemed to be taking forever, now all Sonia wanted was to be home so she could get her little man back, ... Read Chapter

It's Time Gentlemen.

As we look around the cabin there is a slight echo from the Colonel talking down the phone, he is sitting upright, his shoulders are righ... Read Chapter

Mixed Emotions.

It had been one of the most trying days in all of their lives for that no one would disagree, the pressures that they had been through we... Read Chapter

Military Madness.

They were now around five miles from the town thundering towards Billy's home, the Colonel picks up his radio and repeats his orders... Read Chapter

Hiding The Fear.

As Nathan walked into the room he looked on as Sonia was given her little boy a hug, he had said sorry for worrying her as he didn't mean... Read Chapter

The Secret's Out.

The house was now very eerie and there was very little been said, since Nathan left the atmosphere had dropped sharply, Jensen asks if it... Read Chapter

The Will Of The People.

As he walks slowly forward up towards his Humvee his mind is struggling to deal with the impossible moments which time had just shared wi... Read Chapter

Personnel Belief.

The situation was now dire at the house, the locals had answered Nathans plea for their support by the thousands and more were coming eve... Read Chapter

The Big Surprise.

Sonia slowly opens the kitchen draw and takes out a spoon and walks back over to the kettle where all of the drinks were waiting to be ma... Read Chapter

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