Chapter 4: 4. Mrs. Marcel

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Tequila's POV

The next morning was hectic. I locked myself in the room since everyone decided that they wanted to dress me. I'm not handicap.

Putting on the dress, I struggle to pull up the zipper but I made it after a while. I haven't seen Ace since yesterday night and I guess he's busy getting ready too.

I eye myself in the mirror, butterflies clogging my stomach at my beauty.

Listen, I'm a girl who likes makeup, and although I won't wear it everywhere, a wedding is definitely a place to have it on.

"Ms. Gardner!" One of the maids yelled. "Out this instant!"

I finally learnt their names, Updo Marie, Pinned Mulana, straight haired Mila and Bob Myah. They were the shortest, cubbiest, nicest most loving maids I have ever seen. They were like sleeping beauty's fairy godparents.

"If you don't-"

"IT'S MY PARTY AND I'LL CRY IF I WANT TO!" I start singing loudly, applying mascara. "I'LL CRY UNTIL THE CANDLES BURN OUT THIS PLACE!"

I drowned out their noise and soon I was done. Watching myself in the mirror.

This is it.

Two days ago I was kidnapped and practically forced to marry a stranger. Now that I stood in front of the mirror eyeing my dress and figure, it has me thinking about the countless times that I was boldly rejected, that men countlessly tried to use me, then dropped me as soon as they realized that it wasn't going to happen.

I wonder what this universe has in store for me?

× × ×
Ace's POV

"Please be seated." The priest spoke as Tequila and I stood together, her cheeks flushed as she averted her eyes.

My eyes drop in amusement to her barefoot since she took off her heels while walking down the aisle.

Two months ago I would have never thought that I would be standing here, marrying a woman who I don't exactly know.

I was free, a well known bachelor who had hookers left and right, probably every night.

Now I want to settle down?

It wasn't my idea trust me. My dad who previously owned this. . status, informed me that in order to lure enemies and seem stable in companies or anything that I was going for, I'd have to have a standard and a calm life. Or at least fool people that I did, so here he proposed that I got a wife and here she is looking stunning.

I don't plan on showing her affection or going soft. We're just business alliances bonded together by papers and a ring.

That's all.

"I do." Her words rang me out of my thoughts and just in time to, because it was my turn.

"I do." I say with no hesitation as she searched my eyes, and I wonder what she was looking for.

"So by the power invested in me, I hereby pronounce you Husband and Wife. You may kiss the bride." Her eyes were wide and I wasn't all a prick, so I spared her, leaning in at an angle that would look like I kissed her, but instead I laid my lips near her mouth.

A soft gasp makes itself known and I take her hand turning towards the guest and the room erupts in cheers for the business agreement that the two of us shared.

It was just that right?

A business agreement.

So why do I feel. . happy?

× × ×
Tequila's POV

The guests were unknown, I literally knew no one. I had no family, no friends, nothing, and I was 'married'.

It sucked.

I felt awful as I sat at the table everyone having a great time while I just plastered a smile on my face, pushing around the plate's content.

"So, Mrs. Marcel." Came a dark unrecognized voice and I look up to find a man, with dark suspicious eyes looking at me. Ace's hand tightens on mine on the table and I furrow my eyebrows. "We're just dying to hear how you two met? It seems kind of. . skeptic that he suddenly got married."

"Oh. .um." I clear my throat searching my brain.

"Donavan S—"

"We met at the pet store!" I blurted out quickly and everyone eyed Ace weirdly.

"A pet store? Why would he be at a pet store?"

"He wanted to get a dog." I laugh nervously. "And I already had one, but I needed to get it. . a . . new. .collar."

I hear Ace mumble profanities under his breath but I don't stop.

"One minute you're looking for a collar, the next some strange man with tattoos is demanding you go on a date with him."

To my relief the whole table erupts in 'Aws' or laughter.

"I refused at first but he was persistent eventually I gave in. . and he ended up not getting a dog, but getting me." I smile soundly and Ace just eyes me, a bit amused from the corner of his eyes.

"A few weeks later, I know it's fast but he isn't a very. . slow person." I say lamely. "He proposed to me and now here we are."

The applauded us, and I blew out a breath of relief but Donovan didn't seem to buy it.

"And where is that dog now?"


"He's um . . well Hugo's. . he—"

"Here he is. He was giving me a bit of trouble to get dressed." I gape as Gnash, I learnt his name earlier, brings me my baby in a cute puppy sized tuxedo

I tried not to act too surprised but when Hugo started barking happily, I lost it.

"Hugo!" I almost screamed happily as Gnash lays him on my lap. "Oh my gosh I missed you." I look up after a while and find everyone's eyes on me. "After. . only a few hours. .he's just so easy to miss."

They all seemed satisfied, but Donovan just kept analyzing me.

"Y'know Ace, I always thought my daughter was the perfect match for you." Donovan drawls slowly sipping his drink.

"Yea well Adrian had other tastes."

Adrian. . Adrian! No wonder the looked so alike. Its her father.

Man he was scary, and he reeked dominance, somewhat like her.

"We can forgive and forget. . but it seems it's a little to late for that." His eyes flicker to me once more, showing a bit of disdain before moving back to Ace's. "I wish you guys a very happy marriage." He says but it sounded like he wanted everything but that.

"I must be going now." He stands slowly. "I will be so seeing you a lot more often, Mrs. Marcel."

Submitted: April 02, 2020

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