Story of Yesterday

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

Its about a young girl who faced many opposition in life yet she never give up just to achieved her goal in life.

"Story of  Yesterday"

Life was full of challenges, it surrounded by many problems and covered with disappointments.

In the village of San Francisco, there live a happy family - Winston- Smith family. They were happy in their small yet simple house. Living in a peaceful place and the love grows deeper in their hearts. Shaira always looking forward the unending happiness of her family, always wish for permanent joy, living in no worries. Shaira Winston- Smith is the elder daughters. She was 16 years old and her two siblings aged 6 and 12 years old. One day, her father went to his work as well as Shaira and her sisters went to school. After the school and work they went home but Mrs. Winston- Smith notice that her husband are no longer happy with their life. He doesn't have any thrilled to come home early and bond with his family, he always come home late and sometimes smelled with alcohol. Mrs. Winston- Smith always scold her husband until such time Shaira new arrived from school and she heard the arguments of her parents.

"What happen to you?"- ask Mrs. Winston - Smith, while her husband is in influence of alcohol.

"I'm not happy anymore"- replied the husband in a big voice.

Mrs. Winston- Smith shocked and can't believe of what he heard.

"Why?"- asking with confusing. How about your children? Don't you love them anymore?- added Mrs. Winston- Smith.

"Do you want to know the truth, huh?" I am not happy anymore and I don't love you anymore( in a loud voice).

Without notice the tears fall down from the eyes of Mrs. Winston- Smith. All those words heard by Shaira, her heart suddenly feel the pain and the tears from her eyes fall down. She walk in to her room with empty mind and feeling weak. Meanwhile, her sister saw her, noticed the tiredness of her sister and she hug her tightly saying

" Ate are you alright?"- in a tame voice.

"What's wrong ate? - another one ask while crying.

Shaira felt guilty to her sisters and she hugged them back while she is in shivering.

One morning, after waking up Shaira went to the kitchen seen her mother preparing their food.

"Oh! Sweetheart" - calling her daughter while in deep voice. "Come here and set down, I'm going to put you some bread and a glass of milk"- in a rush move.

" What's wrong mom?"- asked Shaira in a confusing tone.

After hearing those question from her child, she suddenly stopped from her doing, start to wipe the tears from her cheeks with a deep breath and turn to her daughter with a fake smile.

" What do you mean sweetheart?- I'm OK don't worry about me. Mom is fine get it?- telling in a lie.

" Are you crying? Your eyes were getting deep, it seems you cried the whole night, Is there any problem Mom? tell me-

Shaira asked and expecting that her Mom would tell the truth though she heard everything last night.

" Ah! this? pointing her eyes. I'm a little bit tired and I can't sleep last night because my insomnia visit me - replied Mrs. Winston- Smith.

"Where's Dad? He isn't eat with us?"

" Your Dad early went to his work because  he said he have an urgent meeting- explain to her daughter.

"Ohh! its the first time he's not joining us but its  fine Mom I'm going to prepare for school- Shaira replied.

" OK sweetheart, I'm going to wake up your siblings it seems they're going to be late.

After the school, Shaira went to her sisters school and they come home together. After they arrived from school, they walk to the kitchen just to see their mother but they didn't saw her. Shaira continue to look her mother and ended up to their room. She opened the door, seeing her mother mormouring seated at the corner of their room while crying secretly.

"Mom? - Shaira's calling " Are you there?

Suddenly she seen her mother crying tries to comfort.

"Sweet heart! you're Dad won't go home anymore.

*Flash back*

When the sisters were in school around 12 noon Mr.Winston - Smith back home.

" Oh! Hon why you're so early?" -asked his wife with gladness." Are you going to eat lunch? I'll prepare it for you" - in excitement.

" No! " - her husband replied in damn and she stop for a while. " I won't take too long, I'm going to pack my things."

" why? where are you going? do you have a trip? - asking more.

" Please shut your mouth, you're so annoying and listen huh! Don't ever wait for me to comeback coz I won't comeback anymore"- leaving his wife desperately.

* end of flashback*

"Mom, I'm so sorry I didn't do anything to stop dad" -replied shaira.

" No sweet heart, isn't it your fault and I'll try to take care the three of you".

After the conversation they hugged each other tightly.

Its been a week that they live like an empty house. Lately, Shaira wonder why her mother seldomly went out to their room she'd always prison herself in their room, sometimes she had notice the absence of her mind looking far away home. She didn't mind it because she'd knew that her mother still cannot move on and its hard for her alone to take the responsibility. 

Few days later, the worst thing unexpected to  happened. Shaira went to her mother's room tried to woke up, but as she touched the body, it was cold, the lips are pale and the face was dry.

" Mom! wake up! shaira's shouting in a loud voice with trembling. "Mom, please don't leave us"- she continued to shake the body but isn't working.

Meanwhile, her sister run to their room seeing the dead body of their mother lying in bed.

" Mom!( deeply crying and trembling). Days passes by, they buried their mother's body peacefully yet feeling pain. "I heard a voice behind my back saying

"  Nature has a way of taking our love ones from us sooner or later". - said Mrs. Fuerte.

"She was our neighborhood and I look her back smiling".

After the burial the sisters went home with a weaken body and forlorn heart, as Shaira cleaning the room of her mother- in a cabinet she saw the cellphone of her mother. She opened it and there's a short video- mother's last message.

"Shaira, sweetheart as you seen it I'm not longer alive I'm sorry if  I hide my illness to you, I don't want to be burden to you. I have a breast cancer and there's no way to prolong my life because it's getting worst. Don't forget that Mom always love you with your sister, please take care of them huh!"

*End of the video*

Shaira felt guilty while crying so hard.

" Mom why could you hide this, how can we live without you".

Shaira full of grief after losing her mother. They stayed with their Aunt' s home and had one child named Lexxie Alice Grayhore- a mean with pretty face, red lips and long black hair, she was 16 years old also. As they've arrived to their aunt house.

" Shaira come in, I'll call your cousin"- in a tamed voice.

" Lexxie - calling her child upstair, your cousins are here please greet them".

As she came down the stairs no wonder she's still beautiful wearing a crop top shirt with skirt.

" oh they are? - asked Lexxie with mean voice.

"Hi, Lexxie- try to shake hands but got rejected.

"Hello, ahmm Mom I'm going to my room" - walk out.

" You're not going to bond with them?"- asked with fake question

"No, -without looking back.

Ahmm by the way I have a rules here
First I don't want a lazy person here, second I don't want scattered things around and third I don't want my house making a playground, do you understand? - instructing them with high lifted eyebrow.

"Yes Aunte. We understand " replied Shaira while head held down.

"And if I know that one of your sister made a mistake, your the one suffer the consequences, understood?".

"Yes" - answered the three.

Since then, Shaira persistence to finish her study until she reach her goal in life. While she's in studying many against her to study in college because it was too expensive. But Shaira didn't listen to them, she find a way to finish, luckily she got a scholarship from school where she'd study. Many oppositions comes from her life but she never give up just to show to her mother the fruit of her labour and someday she'll find her father.

Many years passed, Shaira  Winston-Smith is now a great Doctor in the land of San Francisco, California. Once, she became a speaker to her Alma matter in high school. In the middle of the speech she said.....

"Long- continued loneliness after bereavement is often the mark of inner poverty. Too many people, when thrown on their own resources, discover haven't any. They can't enjoy themselves because they haven't made themselves enjoyable. One way to brace ourselves inwardly against loneliness is by firmly furnishing the mind. However we never really conquer loneliness in its more subtle from until we face the fact that there is an aloneness common to all of us. In every heart there remain rooms in which no one else can walt. We may long to usher others in. But nobody comes. Nobody can". - it is one that mark me from the author Clarence W. Hall who wrote "How to cope Loneliness".

"Yes we live with my sister in a toxic world after our mother passed away and our Dad left us. I've been facing a lot of struggles in life yet is wasn't the hindrance to reach of what I want and before standing here in front all of you. And now I am confidently standing here, encouraging one another and inspire others not to give up no matter how hard life might bring. " My story of yesterday serve as a gem to conquer my fear and fulfill my dreams in life"- (enthusiastic voice).

Everyone clapping there hands and some of them standing just to show their admiration.

"Struggles can strengthen our faith and fight for our own battle in life, remember God is always on time. Every pain that we've feel right now has a purpose. "- in a head held up showing the courage to everyone.

After the speech, everyone continue to their program until it was done. Shaira went to her work at the Hospital, while arriving she notice the new patient running into an ER and the nurse approach her.

" Doc. Shaira there's a new patient admit in the ER he's in critical condition".

" Fine nurse I'll be there"- answered Shaira. 

*At the Emergency Room*

"Here is a Doctor"- one of the faculty said.

Shaira check first the body temperature and the the vital signs and so on until the patient feeling stable while unconscious. After the treatment she went out from ER and someone approach her while numbling and crying.

"Doc how's my husband is he alright now? - ask the wife of the patient.

"You are the guardian of the patient?" Asking to the woman.

"Yes Doc I am, he fell down from the stairs while going down"- she answered.

"By the way Mrs. your husband had loss amount of blood in his head apparently you  admit him immediately so there's no need to worry. I'll examine whats the possible reason about this. I'll go ahead Mrs...excuse me" - smile before leaving.

" Thank you Doc please heal my husband- begging in front of the doctor.

"I'll do what can I do but I can't promise"- leaving then.

After a moment she went to her office and the nurse gave her the name of the patient. She can't believe what she seen the name listed on it.

"Rodger Allan Winston -Smith? - with shocking face, suddenly she feel the pain in her heart and was about to cry and hard to breath.

It was her father admitted in the hospital and the patient she treated awhile ago.
Shaira cry so hard in her office craving for her dad presence.... She feel angry at the same time pity on her father. After a moment going out, wipe her tears on her cheeks and smile like nothing happened. Along her way she seen afar the wife of her father seated on the vacant desk behind the patient's room while thinking deeply.

" Mrs.?- ( walking toward the wosaying

"Yes, Doc ?"- a bit shock and turn her head to the doctor. 

" please calm down yourself first, I'll tell you directly the condition of your husband (deep breath), he has a tumor on his head that's why he always felt dizzy and had poor eyesight. Based on the laboratory test he can no longer hold on."- explaining it while about to cry also but she can control it.

"Doc! ( crying hard and begging) is there any more you can do to prolong my husband life? He want to see his daughter in his ex wife and he want to ask for forgiveness" - holding the arms of the doctor while crying.

"I'm sorry Mrs .but I can't hold on his life"- leaving with heavy heart.

After hearing those words, she eventually ran to her office and cry- she cant hold it anymore.

*Few days later*

The treatment are on going until her father feeling conscious.

When she was about to leave at the patients room someone's hold her hand. Its her father saying....

" Shaira,- (with low voice and hard breathing) I know its you".

Shaira stop for a while and wonder how he knew.

"Back then, when you enter my room last night, I heard your voice and you called me Dad". I was glad and you grown up already with  pretty on the outside and inside. I'm trying to spoke that night but I can't. I felt guilty because I wasn't became a good father to you with your siblings"- trying to speak fluently but he doesn't, while Shaira turn back with falling tears and deep breath.

" Stop it!, I hate you dad!. You know what!, because of you we suffer more, my mom died already 5 years ago and where are you? Enjoying your life with your new family. Back then, not only that we've faced the damn shit life in my Aunte. Her daughter that was so mean, she'd always beat my sister and every time I saw them, there was a scar and scratch on there skin. But i didn't try to revenge them because we have no choice to live with. And now, coincidentally I've met you in this hospital where I've work ( teary eyes). Dad, how could you this to us? We're about to live like a  hell."- crying so hard in front of her father while her father cry too.

" I'm sorry, I was too selfish, believe me every moment I'd go to bed and wake up in the morning, I've always regret of what I did. I can't sleep properly thinking your situation. Shaira I've never meant did that, we live in Russia for 6 years and went back here just to find you. And now, I've found you I ask for your  forgiveness"- replied with a heavy heart and hard to breath.

Shaira continue to cry and feel compassion to her father situation so she hug him.

" Dad, we really miss you and I can't hold it anymore"- crying so hard...

After the dramatic conversation Shaira learn to forgive her father, she feel good and thanking that for the last time she saw her father.

After a couple of days, Shaira's father died due to worst disease but he died receiving forgiveness from her daughters and the day of the burial came. All are wearing a white shirt with white balloons and flowers holding each other. After the burial Shaira stay for a while she visit her mothers tomb and put some flower on it.

"Mom, I hope you're now with Dad. Its been a while I haven't visit you but this time I'll make a promise with you and Dad that I'll take care of my sister and they grow up a kind and pretty sister and your daughter. Mom may your soul rest and peace, don't forget to watch over us- ( jesting) we will visit every month and clean your tomb"-  chatting with her mother's tomb .Minutes later, someone calling her... 

" Ate, can we go home now? - ask her sister after her with tame voice.

" Yes dear, we will go home now but before that would you like to shopping?- thrilled voice with smile on her face.

And the two are getting excited and very happy. They leave with a grateful heart  having no regrets and peace of mind.

Submitted: April 03, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Maye. All rights reserved.

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