Death Of A Love Poet

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A poem written by Maboya Marcus. Tells a story of a once-love-poet who is reminiscing about all the times he used to fall in love and write love themed poetry. As it all unfolds, he recalls he doesn't belong there anymore.

I slipped back into my own body yesterday.

I felt the thrill of joy before it got lost the day before yesterday.

That old feeling of jotting down rhymes for a crush-

All the suspense and the rush.

I felt the longing breeze of falling in love and...


Then it all dissipated...

Everything went blank like the idea of love never existed.

The Cherubim of hate started sounding their hateful trunperts into my ears

Making a mockery out of all my worst fears.

See, I uses to worship love and...


Now, now I don't recognize this god.

Now I wish I chocked as a foetus in mother's womb-

Now I realize love was only a façade

I live only with regret as I write this from my poetic tomb.

I burnt all my pieces about love and...


I now feast in the halls of the loveless

They mourn my death and wish I still existed

I consider their mourns worthless,

If only they knew what I went through, for my death they'd be excited

I rest now in the pits of no emotions and...


You're looking at the grave of a dead love poet.


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Submitted: April 03, 2020

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