The Centaurs Genesis

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First draft, unrefined and unpolished story. It's my last,that's why I didn't pay much attention to it...

A brother and a sister, abandoned by their parents, starving to death, entered the garden of their king to steal a few peaches. The guards of the king arrested them, and they were brought in front of his majesty. The king had two sons, one of them goodhearted, and the other an evil wizard. When the time to choose the heir to the throne came, he chose his good-hearted son and made the people very happy. Angry and jealous, the wizard transformed his brother into a black horse. He hoped that now his father would die of sorrow, and since his horse son couldn’t become king, the throne would be his, as the only remaining heir. When the two thieves were brought in front of him, the king scratched his beard for one hour, while they waited for his decision on their knees. Then he ordered the guards to imprison the boy.

‘’You stole peaches in my garden’’, said the king to the girl, once her brother had gone’’, that’s punished with death. But, I forgive you. In exchange, you will bring me the only thing that can make my son human again: the seeds of the apple of life. If you don’t bring me the seeds before the royal rooster sings three times, my son will remain a horse forever, and I will then kill your brother’’.

‘’Forgive my courage, your majesty, but I don’t know where the apple of life is’’, said the girl.

‘’My wizard son will tell you’’, said the king.

‘’Forgive my courage my majesty, but I don’t know where your son wizard lives’’, said the little girl.

‘’Nobody knows where the wizard lives’’, said the king,’’ but hear me, little girl. Not far from here, is a dense forest. My horse son usually goes there to pasture, and he will show the way. Once you enter there,  you will see a lot of butterflies. Two of them always stay together and have their wings painted like blue eyes. Follow the butterflies, and find the wizard you will’’.

So the little girl jumped on the black horse prince and embarked on the journey to meet the wizard.

Upon entering the forest they saw two butterflies and followed them until they arrived at a tower. The butterflies entered the tower, and so did the little girl and the horse prince. There, in a large hall, they saw the wizard. His eyes were covered with a black robe, and he was trying to light the fireplace without burning himself. The little girl got scared.

‘’Don’t be afraid’’, said the wizard, I know why you are here. I won't harm you''.

''Forgive my courage noble wizard'', said the little girl, ''but why are you trying to light the fire with your eyes covered''?

''Because I have no eyes'', said the wizard,'' From the moment I transformed my brother into a black horse, my eyes where taken from me, by an enchantress, and I was sunk into darkness as a punishment. Some times later I repented for my evil action, and the enchantress had mercy for me. She didn’t give me my eyes back but transformed them into butterflies so that I can see the world through their wings. The butterflies are now my eyes. But, unfortunately, like all butterflies, they have a short life. When they die, I will remain blind forever''.

‘’My brother will die too, if we don’t find the seeds of the apple of life, first’’, said the girl.

‘’Yes’’, said the wizard.’’The seeds of the apple of life are our only hope. They are found in the top of a mountain, but until now nobody has ever made it up there, because the mountain has three slippery sides, and one magic escalator on the fourth side. Whenever a human being tries to climb the mountain,the escalator moves backward so fast that the human is thrown away''.

''I will bring you the seeds noble wizard'', said the little girl, and jumped on the horse prince and traveled for one day and one night. When they arrived at the mountain, she saw it was just like the wizard had described it, with three slippery sides, and one giant escalator. The little girl steps on the escalator and first nothing happened. Upon arriving at the tenth stair, suddenly the escalator started moving backward, so fast, that the little girl was thrown away. She tried again, and again the same thing happen, and so she decided to return to the wizard's tower.

‘’Did you brought me the seeds little girl?’’, said the wizard.

‘’Forgive me noble wizard’’, said the girl,’’ but the escalator is to fast, and it threw me way’’.

‘’You have a week heart’’, said the wizard,’’ and he put the girl and the horse to sleep. He opened their chests and put the heart of the horse on the girl, and the heart of the girl on the horse. When they woke up, the girl had become half horse, and the horse had become half-human.

‘’Now your heart is strong enough to climb the escalator'', said the wizard, and he opened a box, put out a white mantel, and gave it to the little girl,'' You are now enchanted human and it is forbidden for enchanted humans to approach the tree. All who try that, are killed. But, if you will cover yourself with this mantel, no harm will be done to you. Now hurry little girl. If you don’t make it till dawn, the butterflies will die’’.

The girl kissed the half-horse prince, and then run back at the mountain. Once she climbed on the escalator, it started moving backward, but the heart of the horse had made the little girl strong enough, and so she climbed the stairs one at a time. Once she reached the top, she saw the apple of life. An angel armed with a long sword was patrolling under the apple tree. The girl covered herself with the mantel , and approached the tree.

‘’What do you want?’’, said the angel, upon seeing the little girl.

‘’I want an apple from the tree of life’’, said the girl.

''First I must read your heart'', said the angel '', and if there is more good than evil in it, I will give you the apple. But if there is more evil than good, I will cut you in pieces with my sword, and I will bury you under the apple tree, and your heart will become an apple. Now, approach''.

The little girl approached, and the angel put his hand on her chest.

''Unusual'', said the angel, although you are just a little girl, your heart is stronger than the heart of a grown-up man. But unlike the heart of a grown-up man, who is full of evilness, your heart is pure as that of a child''.

''So, you will give me the apple then''? said the girl.

The angel didn't respond. Clearly this girl was hiding something, and if he could remove her mantel, he would certainly uncover that something. But, it was forbidden for the angels to remove the mantel of a human female, so the angel gave up.

''Yes '', he said'', I will give you the apple'', and he put out his sword, and cut one of the apples, and gave it to the little girl, and she quickly returned to the wizard. The wizard cut the apple in two but found no seeds inside it.

‘’The angel tricked you’’, said the wizard,’’ he gave you an apple with no seeds inside’’.

Suddenly the song of the royal roster was heard for the third time.

‘’Oh, my poor brother’’, said the girl,’’ now that the royal roster sang for the third time, the king will kill him’’.

At that moment, the two butterflies splashed dead on the ground. The wizard saw the light disappearing and understood what had happened. 

''For me, it's too late now '', said the wizard,'' but you can still save your brother little girl'', and he took the dead butterflies and closed himself to another room.

The half-horse prince and the half-horse girl felt sorry for him, but there was nothing they could do. So, they said goodbye, and jumped out of the tower and run fast towards the castle. When they arrived there, they heard music and songs..All the people were celebrating, because the king had married another woman, and she had given him a little prince. Now he had an heir. When the half-horse prince came in front of the king, the king became angry.

‘’This is not my son’’, said the king,’’ splash him in the dungeons’’.

Meanwhile, the half-horse girl , carrying the body of her dead brother on her back, returned to her village, but when her family saw her they said ‘’this is not our girl’’, and they kicked her out of the village.

The girl returned to the castle and waited outside until night fell, and then climbed into the walls, released the half-horse prince and they both disappeared into the woods.

Years later two hunters who had gone to the forest to hunt deers, spotted three unusual creatures. They looked like humans, but when they came closer, the hunters saw that they where half horse. Two of them were adults, and the third small one, playing around them, was probably their cub. Upon seeing the hunters, they quickly disappeared. The hunters followed them, but when night fell, they lost their traces. Since it was cold, and they had no matches to make a fire, they found shelter in a nearby tower. The master of the tower was old and blind, but he gave them food and water and even allowed them to light the fire in the fireplace.

''What brought you here? he said.

''We are hunters'', said one of them,'' we followed three creatures until night fell, and then we lost their traces, and our way back. Those creatures, we had never seen anything like them before. They were half - horse and half-human''.

The old man laughed.

''So'', he said,'' they survived''.

''Do you know them, noble mister''? said the other hunter.

''Yes'', said the old man, and he stood down with the hunters, and told them the story that you just read.

Submitted: April 04, 2020

© Copyright 2023 Ad Adi. All rights reserved.

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Donald Harry Roberts

Interesting read...

Sat, April 4th, 2020 1:26pm

Ad Adi

It's my last ...

Sat, April 4th, 2020 1:30pm

Prince EL

Interesting tale.

Sat, April 4th, 2020 1:45pm


Yeah, you are right, it's a tale...

Mon, January 17th, 2022 8:20pm

Ad Adi

I Wrote it in a hurry,because I wanted to get rid of it.

Sat, April 4th, 2020 1:51pm

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