Tears of labake

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(Stage open at the village square as labake runs Helter skelter shouting for help ,she scratches her body like someone infected with the deadly HIV/AID virus.she ran towards a market woman who was exchanging words with her customer,the frightened customer ran due to the danger approaching.

Market woman:labake what's wrong with you? Are you insane?(angry tone).

(Labake sits down while the villagers stands around her in surprise).

Village man1: don't you think we should assist her?

Village man2: never I will never assist this good for nothing.

Village man3: and what right do you have to call her name's?

(Villagers all trying to support village man 3, when labake suddenly shouts)


Village woman: labake would you stop all this?

Labake: yes, it's time to confess.(villagers all confused)(labake with wounds on her body still continues scratching her body. She suddenly stands-up and look at the crowd trying to search for someone, she fixed her gaze at a man, points a finger at him and move towards him slowly like a ravenous Lion about to leap at it's pretty. The frightened village man moves back steadingly as she approaches.)

Labake: it's you, it's your fault not mine. You caused it, you are to blame (she continue saying this as she approaches the young man. She suddenly faced another man and keeps saying the same thing, she faces another man then another and another still saying the same thing)

Labake:Oderinu,my beloved husband.(weeping) The greatest Hunter in our village of ojere,a fierce Hunter who never retreat even at the point of death. A man who can kill two Lions with an arrow,but you wicked people of ojere killed him just because you were envious of his success. And your king,a beast in form of a man.


Labake:is he not! He forgot the good deeds my husband did for this village,(begins to keep again) have you people forgotten how he risked his life,to sojourn into the forest which no one comes out alive just to kill the beast that comes to kill our farm animals at midnight? All thanks to the creator, the oba awon oba that saved him by sparing his life although he was badly injured.(Villagers feeling remorseful for her) But your evil and coward king, being scared that my husband may one day become more powerful than him took his life. (labake weeping as memories of Oderinu kept coming back) Didn't you all know?But you kept quiet instead of seeking justice,Balogun threw me out of his house when I went pleading Mercy for my husband. Same thing goes to otun and other palace officials.

Village woman:But this is not a confession.

Labake: After taking the life of my husband, you people were still not satisfied,my child, the only person left that gives me joy.My only hope of tomorrow,but you wicked people killed him also and turned my life to an empty barrel.You sent him on a journey of no return. Have you forgotten how severe his sickness was? My little odeleye,you derived him the right to medication saying his dad was betrayal. He cryed and had many sleepless nights,I tried all within my power even to the local herbs but none was effective.(Labake crying like a new born baby, tears flowing like a running water). Didn't I run to you people to come to my rescue? But you all turned deaf hears to my cry until he eventually gave up, days went by and all I did was crying.i was helpless, dejected and tormented not until some group of people came to my rescue,they called themselve the mothers of the earth.They gave me a reason to live again but only on the basis of getting revenge. (Labake suddenly burst into laughter) You think I'm mad right but I'm not,have you not wondered why you children die prematurely? Have you not wondered why your crops die leaving you in famine? (Labake laughs out again) It's me, I'm the one and I'm not going to stop until I see the end of this village.( Labake keeps laughing as she take a walk to a place of no destination).


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