Psycho-Babble Obsession

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taken from my book, "Blown Out Of Proportion"

Psycho-Babble Obsession


Pick up my brain

From out of the gutter

Cut it into pieces

So that I can

__stop thinking about you

Love drives me crazy

But I love to be insane

Somebody has got to save me

__from me

While I give my heart to you

Because I have nothing else

__to do with it

I wanna love you, but

What would you do with my love?

Probably throw it back in my face

And tell me to love myself

Nothing changes

Not even the way women see me

I can't go on

__living like this

Something's gotta change

But change is too hard

__when you're not in control

I can't take my life back

__from my disease's grasp

It wants me to suffer

__until my dying day

Which includes "never having you"

"Or anybody"

__for that matter

I must've been wrong

We'll never get along

If something was going to happen

__between us

____it would have happened already

It's not O.K.

__the things I feel

Love is never going to be real

Just a "let-go"

And a "drop to the floor"

The things that stand between us

Are "reality"

__and "all it's features"

Justice, leaking from my heart

Never going to be

__hard enough

I will lose you forever

It will feel "very clever"

But it will only be "horrible"

Sometimes I wonder

__what I'd ever do

If I never got to at least hug you

But it's not the damage that I get

When my heart's on the run

Running from life

Running from ev'ry one

When I oughtta be running

__from being in love

But I'm a wreckless box of empty crackers

That I think you don't want to eat

Well, you couldn't

It's "empty"

Know what I mean?

And filling it with you

Is not what I'm supposed to do

But I'm doing it

'Cause I never listen to anybody anyways

Even you could not tell me

__not to fill me with you


03-24-'20 #3

D. L. Cannon

Submitted: April 04, 2020

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