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Very quick view of a morning

Dreams...... what a trip. I know they're not real. they're just an expression of all the crazy things flying around inside my mind like a fly trapped in a glass jar.

Rarely pleasant, I usually only know I've been dreaming when I wake and my hair is dripping and my pillow is soaked. But, lately I've actually been remembering them. Like a morning fog or a passing storm they linger and fade with each sip of coffee or each drag of my cigarette. I feel the need to call each person in my dreams and tell them. Sometimes those people aren't with us anymore, so I cant. Sometimes the person in real life doesn't look like the person in my dream although I know its them. Sometimes I DONT want to tell the person because I dont want them to know they haunt me in my sleep, That I think of them even then....

a week ago it was one I couldn't shake for hours. This morning's dream is fading fast but I felt it in my soul for hours after waking. I'm going to just convince myself to be happy that I am still alive and able to feel these feelings.

Submitted: April 05, 2020

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