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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Gay and Lesbian  |  House: dreamscape

A South Korean man to obtain capital investment asks a lesbian favor of his appalled acquaintance. Exploitation?

Two people in formal business attire are in the process of a working lunch. One a Korean man, other a foreigner of black skin. The sunlight and cloud reflect the hour. It’s a restaurant and interestingly an outdoors one at the street side, requiring their authentic handmade wooden bench positioned on the street adjacent to the countertop food or drink rests on. If you didn’t know better imagine patrons dressed as they opt for fancier indoor establishments. Hey has to be said something special having your victual or drink prepped in front your eyes.


Their meal Tteokguk, or Korean rice cake soup.


The idea is physical capital she the foreigner, would link for his business endeavour from the lady’s speech – she won’t assist. Calm and straightforward. ‘In principles of business I can’t expect guaranteed return, however I am inclined to ensure a likelihood of investment return is met.’


A lecture, make my day.


The Korean man takes a new track. The Negress asked how she finds the taste, answers love to the taste buds and her stomach will agree. His response to her is the local delicacies naturally gives you palate skills. He brings up the overture again, she cough up the investment and why. She responds she feels he genuinely feels this business would take off but yep, non-commitment, ‘Outline what have I to gain in this kind of risk? A foreigner like me could have their life here ruined.’

After some time are joined by a Korean woman, very attractive. She shakes the equally attractive foreigner’s hand and takes a seat. She’s having Shin-Son-Ro, a particular dish nineteen fillings strong including beef, fish, eggs, carrot, mushrooms, and onion.


They are in South Korea.


He decides to entertain and illuminate on Silla, the ancient kingdom. The nation is synonymous with royalty.


Capping off the meal, Soju, a colorless spirit. Are all smiles save for the guy, his head harried him, wanted to rub it but not publically and hesitantly touches glasses with the ladies.


Without warning the Negress, ‘I’m interested in those.’ Her gaze disconcertingly on the other woman’s sizeable bust. Despite this unorthodox erotica, no one responds; in the recesses of their reasoning they both know. ‘You have a good command of English, you grasp my meaning.’




Elsewhere the two Asians stand, ‘F you hard! Dare to so much as ask me?!’ Her manner enraged. He wanted her to acquiesce to the other woman’s proposition and let her big breasts be sucked. A porno mind? 

‘Apologize if I...’ 

‘Aw again!’ 


A natural, uneasy pause.


Her voice angry but lower as her being surprised and impressed mix into her tone. ‘Never figured you a perv. I saw priests want to suck boys you know?! I'm not your wife or your girlfriend. Just know each other. Not enough your business shady as Naraka, but want me in that.’ 


Naraka, a Won Budhism Hell. 


‘It’s freaky to women like...’ 




Her voice rose to its original level. ‘Because we’re women. I'd rather choke on a prick. Your black friend breasts big like mine. Here's an idea, ask her to suck hers! I'm sure you have your charms!’ 


The peninsula nation for its size a modernized, first world juggernaut. All the same investment a challenge to source. In exchange for this transaction, the foreigner would lay capital down for him she knows. 

South Korean crime is low for what it easily could have been. Partly relegated to foreigners. This the maddest one yet. The guy offered his fellow Asian small payments from the profits. 


Later indoors, she is about to enter a door, as she walks bumps deliberately into him. Acidly without looking his way, ‘Don’t forget to jock.’ He has no words, his face looks shamed. 


He’d made a final night time phoning, asking one final time for acquiescence. Promised if she said no wouldn’t have to see him again – worked. Maybe a part of her felt sorry for this acquaintance?


Entering the room slams the door hard shut behind her. Waiting on the couch is the African sitting calmly, not sexily, but casually dressed.


Yaksik, on a table in front the waiting woman in a plate. A popular dessert. The Asian is tempted to make a spiteful remark about.


The Asian walks with all the assertiveness she can muster. As she does, bitingly, ‘Living proof you perv, pervs attract each other!’


Truly this Negress’ own beauty were not quite hidden by clothing. ‘I’m...’ 

‘Don’t need your friggin name!’ by now she stands over her. ‘Stand up!’ if she’s gonna go ahead might as all exude all the detesting she could spite. She no conquest. Right?


The African suggests they can use the couch...the other woman merely lowers her top baring the brassiere. More screaming prolongs this…indecent proposal. Next lowers the bra partially down the torso, revealing in all their worth exquisite, light skinned breasts. 


The African brings her face close and sniffs gently. 


The several minutes roll. She winces and warns ‘Teeth.’ He overheard. The man in a moment of weakness approaches the door to peak, only to pull himself back. 


Author’s note – my yesterday completed The hardest: night out, also featuring Koreans influenced long ago my choice of setting. Some parallels to the film Indecent Proposal to mine if one looks. My first lesbian work, wasn’t the first one thought of though.

Submitted: April 05, 2020

© Copyright 2021 dreamscriber. All rights reserved.

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