Tanya Gray, a young college graduate, joins the shocked refugees seeking shelter from the approaching nuclear nightmare. They find it deep inside Crystal Temple, a high-tech underground fortress, designed to survive the nuclear fallout. But Tanya soon discovers dark and terrible secrets about Crystal Temple and joins a rebel movement.

Implicated in the uprising against the military dictatorship, she and her boyfriend are exiled to the surface. Moving across the hostile nuclear wasteland, they encounter a country gripped by anarchy and madness. Slowly dying from radiation poisoning, they prepare to meet the end. Then a masked stranger appears, offering them a chance at survival.

Tanya undergoes a physical and spiritual transformation that will send her on a mission of discovery and vengeance. For as the world changes, the remnants of mankind must change or face extinction.
In a post-apocalyptic world gripped by madness, nature offers the remnants of humanity one last chance at redemption.

Table of Contents

When The Sun Fell Down

When she receives her father's last phone call, young Tanya Gray is informed that nuclear missiles have been launched by all superpowers and she has limited time to find a shelter and do her best
and try to survive the approaching nuclear nightmare. Shocked, confused and frightened, Tanya makes her father a solemn promise to survive the unthinkable. Then, the nuclear mushroom cloud on the
horizon signals the end of the world.
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