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How COVID 19 is affecting life down at WalMart and other stores


By John Ross Hart


I had to leave my house and make a necessary trip to the local Walmart.  Since this is the ultimate one-stop shop, you figure this is one retailer considered "essential," especially if you have an account.People come here for needed groceries, needed prescriptions, needed tools, and anything else that's considered "needed."

So here I was driving into the parking lot of the local Walmart.There were spots available close to the door.Normally, you get in good walk because it's crowded.

Walking up to the door of the garden section, I was greeted by a sign telling me the door was closed, that I was to proceed to the next door, which is the main entrance.But when I got there, the same sign was posted.That left the grocery entrance open.

I never got close.There was a line to get in.I didn't see the sign, but someone ahead of me explained that only so-many people were being allowed inside the store.An employee made sure the line was spread out in social distancing.But not everybody was keeping their distance.Most of us were wearing masks, but some weren't, and some of them were not keeping their distance.

I eventually got in.There was a fence separating entrance and exit.I waited as an employee wiped-down a shopping cart.There were no wipes in the bin, but was assured the carts were clean.

There was no problem getting nose guards, but there was definitely a shortage of cold and flu medication.  There was plenty of cat food, so I stocked up for Rancher, Daisy, and Luke.

I needed an audio cable and headed for electronics.But there was a man looking over the section I needed to see.I kept my distance and waited.And waited.He didn't seem to be in any great rush to make a decision.So, I kept waiting.And waiting.

Finally, he makes his choice and walks away.I head for the case, but another man quickly pops in front of me, oblivious to my presence.He is also in no rush.I'm pissed.I've waited long enough.

I walk away.

It seems the bulk of the people are gathered in the arts and crafts section. I'm trying to keep my distance, but this particular row is crowded.More than usual.Two ladies brush past me.Six feet?It's not even six inches!I move over to the next row.  The glue I need is actually here.I give the previous row another look, and can negotiate to the wood sticks I need for my project.Then I make a quick exit.

I head over to the paper section.I didn't see toilet paper, or tissues, or napkins, or paper towels, or sanitizer.I wasn't surprised.

The men's clothing section was deserted.I needed a new pair of shorts and got them on special.

Do I need anything else?I look around.Then I head to the check-out stand.Someone is checking out.I have to wait six feet back, behind a line.Once the customer has paid and moved on, the clerk asks me to wait a moment while she wipes down her counter and the surrounding area.I am then allowed to check-out.The clerk is protected by a Plexiglas window.I didn't get everything I wanted, but I'm thankful for what I did get.Then I headed back to my car and drove home.

It's come to this.Can it get any worse?


Submitted: April 06, 2020

© Copyright 2023 John Ross Hart. All rights reserved.

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That's not a question I'd dare ask right now, John. Very relatable though, in a lot of the hoops you have to go through, and the fact that some people seem to confuse 6 feet with 6 inches.

Tue, April 7th, 2020 6:50pm

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