Doctor, doctor , what's wrong with me ......

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Doctor, doctor , what's wrong with me ...... ( Doctors , please don't read it, keep working) 

Covid 19 has been the most exciting event to watch all these days. It's been compensating almost all excitement we'll be missing due to  shifting of Olympic. Countries have been desperately trying to stay behind than others but sadly and  ironically,  the total  gold- silver- bronze tally keeps increasing and the leading countries like US and UK, despite their desperate efforts to stay behind, are leading the score board as they always do in Olympics. 

Italy , Spain and their neighbors as well,  having more vibrant football academies than boring medical schools, now,  all on a sudden find themselves in an unchartered territory  and that is doctors that really matters . This is a very excruciating moment and really difficult to adjust and agree. Footballers are so great, so heroic, often take us to the top of world football, if not champions. We love to cheer for them and follow " every breathe you take, every move you make, I'll be watching you" policy.

Now, what's really going wrong ! We're not running after our most prolific footballers, and we can't even find them either, due to their living in isolation .We hope they do remain safe and do practice indoor and don't compromise too much pay cut ! What's the use of having so much wealth of our European elites, if we don't pay our footballers enough. Wishing good luck to all the great footballers and do hope will see another record breaking club transfer fee soon if we do survive.
Hello doctors, keep working, save us . We promise to praise you, appreciate you, cheer for you until the Corona period is over, at least for three months we hope.
And here, where cricket is the trend setter,  Have I ever felt to save doctors. That's really a silly idea after all. Why should we think of any return for the doctors when they are only destined to serve us. We'll rather  bring them to the book deliberately and violating all ethics and manner,  as soon as we feel or find them failing to serve meeting our expectations. Leaving their delinquency to be judged and addressed appropriately by the authority is not always a good idea. Specially when we can take care of that part too.  Now is it really my fault if they feel apathetic towards me for exhibiting continuous apathy towards them over there years  by the system as a whole.  I can't really help it. 
Tell me, how many segments I'll keep respecting . Police, tax, admin, custom and so many. Do you ask me to add another brick in the wall. Don't have really time or reasons for the doctors. 
And now, dirty Corona, scares me so much,  I just  insist doctors to die for us ! Will they really listen to me. Or it's only crying in the wilderness ! 

I wish cricketers would rather  save us. Our heart and soul belong to them ! Sincerely hope and pray our upcoming cricket schedule remain safe. Playing ODI, Test and T20 are the best things  can happen to a nation. You make us so proud. 

Dearest doctors ! Can't even play cricket. Feeling pity for you. Any way, keep working. Save us. We've so much cricket to see in the coming months. 
Hello,  Roger Waters, amused it sound to death doesn't amuse me anymore ! ( The title of this article taken from his song amused it sound to death )

Submitted: April 06, 2020

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