Within Confident

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Love, hope, confidence is what Leah Bell thought about during college. Now that she broke up with her boyfriend, Evan, she never thought she was going to love again. She started her new job as a lawyer, new chances to find someone, new chances to give to someone.
Until one day she was forced to take a picture with a random man, she knew there was a connection with him.
They start to hang out, more and more. Still, Leah thinks she's not worth anything. Every day she still thinks of this man, every day she falling in love... With someone that has dark secrets.
"Hello, I'm Oliver Clark, nice to meet you Ms.Bell," his light hazel eye sparkled with delight.

Table of Contents

Picture Fantasy

Is love even something that all people want? I don't....not anymore. Not since my ex cheated on me, and I was the one that broke our relationship. I thought I was going to be with him forever. But
I guess I was wrong. The flashback comes inside my head. "And you're telling me that you've been sleeping with at least three girls right," I screamed. He gulped. "I'm not worth anything for YOU!
I'm leaving! I'm done with you!" I stomped into our room. Put my clothes inside my bag. My ex-boyfriend was shaking his head. "You can't leave me!" he yelp. "Oh for the love of god! Look, you go
and screw around with some girls and you want me to stay." I shake my head. "I also got one pregnant too," he murmurs. My mouth drops. "So you have a girl that's like twenty-one or nineteen
pregnant, and still want me here?" I shrieked. He looks up at me. "I'm sorry..." he says. I bit my lips, I sink into the floor. I started crying.

"I'm no good for you, go take care of your woman... I'm leaving," I sit there for at least 5 minutes. Evan goes inside his room, I get up and walk to the door. "Wait, Leah!" I open the door not
turning around. I close the door, hearing Evan screaming. My head hurt... I shake my head as the memory disappears. I walk to my car, I've started my new job as a lawyer. It's been difficult. Since
I broke up with him. Which is a year now...
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Being Called

"Thanks for the ride, Oliver," I say softly. He nods. "No problem Mrs.Clark." he's still calling me that. I bit my lip. "You know, we're not going to see each anymore, you should call me Leah," I
look up at him. He rolled his eyes. "We're going to see each other, mom invited you to the wedding." now I was the one that rolled my eye. "See Saturday I guess," I murmured. I leaned to him. I
kissed his cheek. "Thanks again," I closed the door, feeling his stare. "Be good, wife!" Oliver shouted. I laughed. "You need to be better, husband!" I then felt like I shouldn't be messing around
with a boy like that. I mean... I'm okay but I don't feel like worth for this man.
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Ruin the Day

"No!" I screamed as I gasp for air. A nightmare. "Jesus! Leah!" Oliver rubbed his eyes, his gentle light hazel eyes look everywhere around me. "I'd just had a nightmare," I mumbled as I lay down
beside him. He touches my hair, his expression still doesn't change. "You scared me, baby," his soft voice echoed in my head. "You shouldn't worry about me, I'm okay, I'm not hurt," I brushed my
hand on his cheek. He closes his eyes. "But now that you're my girlfriend... I'd need to protect what's mine," he whispers. "I know, Oliver..." I drifted back to sleep as Oliver snakes his hand
back to my waist.
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"I'm pregnant!"

My parents never really paid much attention to me. When I turned ten they put my sister (Linda) and me unto adoption. I then a year later got adopted by a young woman that was nearly at her
twenty-five. I was devastated that my own parents put me to adoption but they did it for my own good, my sister's, and of course theirs. We didn't have much money to buy our food, clothes or even
pay rent.

My sister was six years old when we got adopted; she really didn't like the idea of a new parent. Neither did I but I at least was grateful that we had someone to guard us and keep us above a roof.

Less than a month my new step-mom got a boyfriend, got pregnant, got married. And had our third sister named, Alicia. Now Alicia is eleven about to turn twelve this year, Linda is seventeen now,
and my step-parents, Karina is thirty-six and Asher is thirty-seven.
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Everyone Life Choices

"Evan you shouldn't be thinking of me anymore, between us, everything changed. I changed." I crossed my arms as I see Evan rolling his eyes.

"Are you still with the girl you cheated with me right?" I asked as I follow his eyes. "She a woman not a girl anymore... I'm not with her though. But I want to take my son away from her," I bit my
lip. "Why?" I already so much stuff in my mind and now this. "Cause she picked sleeping with boys than being with her son, and that's why I need a lawyer." I nod. Just like you did to me... I
thought to myself. I look at him a moment. His eyes seem like their begging for help. "Okay, I'll be your lawyer." I stop there to think twice. "Tomorrow I want you here to discuss about the
problem, bring your ex, your son and we sign a contract." I see him checking me out. "Yeah, thanks, Leah." I nod "It's my pleasure to help you with anything," I say formally as I do with all
people. He walks away smiling as I shake my head. I get a call from someone unknown. "Leah Bells speaking," I say softly. "Leah! Oh my gosh! I can't even speak... I'm going to get married!" my eyes
were about to pop off. "Abigail? How? Who is it?"I gasp as I hear Marvin name. Jeesh it just been a week in a half and they're already like boom! Ready to get marry. Not even Oliver talks about
marriage right now. "Leah, are you hearing me?" "Yeah." "I mean... you would let us live with you at least for a couple of weeks right?" I growled. Nope, I'm tired. Mom, Evan, now her. I'd need
some space people "We can-" I hung up. No more I'm going to Oliver home... and sleep. Try to at least clear my mind.
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I'll Give You Yours

Now: A Year Later. "Bring Mabel her bottle, please?Leah?" I ran and grabbed Mabel, my sister's daughter is one year old. I still have my sister in my home. I'm still dating Oliver. My parent had
their child too. They'll be bringing Lindy back home. This means than a week I'll have my home by myself.

I'm relieved that they bringing her back, it'll help me get some more sleep. Abigail and Marvin moved to Califonia. Surprising though that she hasn't contacted me for at least a year now. I got new
friends though.

Oliver has bought a new house closer to me. Mia, Oliver's sister had twins (both girls) and Oliver turned into the Writer of Publishing. Which he's now a boss.

Evan also changed; his son is three now. The mother is in jail for committing assault. I haven't changed a lot. I did have some up and down in this past year. But everything is good, nothing has
disturbed... not yet.

"Lindy you should take Mabel for a walk," I suggested. Lindy looks tired. I gulped. "Can you take her?" She hands me, Mabel. I nod. My sister has been stressed. She has to take care of a baby and
also do school. The school didn't make her quit. I gently put Mabel stroller and took her on a walk.

She quiets down, as the cool breeze hit softly against her hair. I take a deep breath. Oliver has been planning something that I want to know. But he denies to let me know. It's frustrating! All I
know is that one of my friends, Alice told me that Oliver been hanging out with his friend like girl but friends.
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