A Poem From My Teens

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the objects most of us shunned as children, 

now what we abuse for a quick high,

a small buzz to engage us,

give ourselves social status or perhaps just the sense of freedom,

not that we truly have any,

bound by chains forged by our own minds,

our own standards we force upon others as well as ourselves,

a constant torturing expectation many chose to deny, 

but we all feel it in some way,

the actions we used to giggle about as girls,

now a cold reality,

the power to create or end a bond,

lies within our grasp,

dancing round our fingertips like magic,

a spectacle of love or pain,

we make the decisions in the end,

but we are not free,

our decisions are biased,

constant influence lingers all around us,

structuralism perfectly outlines our desires and goals, 

identical but blurred by circumstance. 


Submitted: April 07, 2020

© Copyright 2023 ez458. All rights reserved.

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