Christian, Muslim, Jew. Which One Are You, And Why?

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A question for the religious during the free-for-all month of God dominant religious ritual...

I have labeled these three God dominant religions, which have their origins in the Middle East, 'The Pyramid of Destruction.' On the paper money of the US, there is the image of a pyramid with a huge eye found at its apex.

This eye (which has also been dubbed Satanic) represents 'The GOD,' the masculine creator of all who threatens, punishes and demands to be worshiped.

Constructed by men of a time long past, these three religions should fade until they are gone from human consciousness.

As archaic examples of willed seperation, they continue and exist to divide in a time when unity should prevail. Even the term 'tolerance' which is used by less agressive persons within these religions is a statment of superiority, where one is better than another because of their particular belief and worship of God.

In Websters, the definition of 'Infidel' is: not faithful, one who does not believe in a particular religion, one who has no religion. To a practicing Muslim, Christians and Jews are Infidels.To Christians and Jews, Muslims are the ones of inncorrect faith in the way they worship God. And of course, Jews and Christians have been at odds because they are Jews and Christians.

This willed division through the way of these three religions carries on. It is a destructive and tedious treadmill going nowhere. At this time in human history, why would anyone want to still declare themselves Christian, Muslim or Jew?

Those who do, are stuck within The Pyramid of Destruction, with the wrathful and judgemental 'EYE of GOD' staring down at them as he uses his dogma to decide who is right and who is wrong among those who worship HIM.

.The dogma found in religious works such as the Bible has caused harm. Its time for these three creaky and outdated religions to fade and end.

And for all those who continue on with them, happy Passover, Easter and Ramadan...Infidel.

Submitted: April 08, 2020

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I find it odd that Jews, Christians and Muslims don't get along as religious groups. After all they're ridiculously similar. Their god is technically the same guy, each religion just has their own version of it. But in the end maybe the similarity is why they don't get along. It's easier to argue about religion with a Hindu than a Jew because other is the same as Christianity and there are little differences in teachings.

Wed, April 8th, 2020 5:25pm


Subtle differences engage...thought without division...what a way of mind. Thanks for your comment helmu.

Thu, April 9th, 2020 5:32pm


So god tells Moses 'I am the god of Abraham'
Abraham was a priest in the Sumarian city of Ur who worshipped the god, 'Sin' a moon deity. Sin is an ancient Akkadian word which means, MOON. Mount Sinai= Mountain of the MOON, sinai desert = desert of the MOON. sinners = MOON worshippers.
So Yahweh was originally a moon deity!
Moses prays on the mountain of god wearing a horned headdress, the altar has four horns on its corners. this is symbolic of the crescent moon, thus bulls become holy creatures, due to their long curved horns.
Then a shift happens, possibly the influence of expelled Egyptian Atenists during Akhenaton's heretical rule who migrate and merge with the Edomites.
And the worship of Yahweh turns from moon to sun deity worship.
This causes a split in beliefs, Hebrews go with the new sun aspect of God, turning their backs on blood sacrifice and bull veneration.
The Edomites stick with the moon aspect.
the others stick with the moon aspect, but take their own path, worshipping their moon deity, Qaus Allah and become nomadic travellers, Muslims. and take the crescent moon and star as their flag which represents, their moon/bull deity and his consort, the star Ishtar (the planet Venus)

Note how the Passover meal is eaten after sunset on the new moon of the spring equinox. and Ramadan where Muslims only eat after sunset on the month of the new moon of the spring equinox. Because they are doing it in the presence of their god, the MOON!
Notice how Easter lambs on the same time and we eat spring lamb, the pashal lamb, which represents rebirth and the beginning of new life, funnily enough, this is when Jesus Christ rises from the dead, reborn!
All of the clues are there to those who want to open their eyes and see.
Your gods are false, they are the stars and the sun and the moon, nothing more, nothing less.

Wed, April 8th, 2020 6:56pm

tom mcmullen

Interesting article LE, there are some excellent sites discussing Islam on the internet such as Jihad Watch and Political Islam, clearly it is a feral political belief system that can't be equated with Christianity, which for all its faults gave us Western Civilization. Christianity teaches that the only way to the father is through the son, while Islam teachers that Allah can have no son, that is the worst thing a Muslim can believe, for which there is no forgiveness. Clearly these two religions cannot be equated.

Thu, April 9th, 2020 9:04am

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