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X Axis Y Axis 

Dark and gray skies blanketed JO,s city on that rainy day. JO pushed herself to school humming latest melody. She sensed some weird vibe surrounds her at the school. A few laughed and mocked seeing her. JO heard a 10th grader who wandered around the pathway shouted "Kary is going to be back with us again".  JO rushed to her class grasping what all were coming to deliver on that rainy day morning.

Simmy was doing her assignments in the class. JO rushed and hugged Simmy. Simmy just nodded the head and confirmed as she knows what JO is about to ask "Yes, He is back".




JO couldn't resist the moment, she could have cried little bit but she didn't. She kept calm and started holding her hand and mumbled to herself “I knew it. I Knew it.” Class’s started before her senses came back to normal. She took personal journal of hers from her bag and wrote “TALK TO ME LIKE LOVERS DO, WHEN WE SEE ". She was ticking every second of clock in her heart to speak about the “He is back" story with Simmy in the first break.

The contionous drizzling disturbed the class which made  windows of class room go shut and lights go on. It was the first hour of the day, but the illuminating yellow light gave the illusion of melancholic evening. Pounding heart of hers even denied to day dream her locked/eroded desires with Kary. As expected the first break reached the classroom earlier of ten minutes due to disturbing climate. All in the classes were requested to go to the computer lab. JO and Simmy had a steamy hot water from the kiosk and made a hazy walk to lab conversing about Kary. 

Kary - last year's ninth grader and love bird of JO. Kary and JO were famous love birds on campus commonly called as GREY BIRDS among their classmates. Kary and JO became close to each other on last winter during a speech competition. Unexpected turns followed by the competition led JO and Kary's story end abruptly without further ado. Kary a handsome pubertal among the other boys made girls go crazy at school. His long hair and v shaped face displayed as if a handsome man trapped in an adolescent body. His rolled sleeves of white shirt and bell bottom gray pants along with neck tie half done grasped the attention of all in school. His way of communication and verbatim, he used were beyond his age. He grabbed all attention around him if he had a minute to talk. 

JO – last year’s eighth grader and a newbie to school last year. Short, little stout, face of sublime painting with glasses on her eyes made JO distinct from other girls. JO was a topper and a girl with high IQ on her class. She never misses a competition and make sure she taste the victory in anything she indulges. Things went wrong on her prediction at a speech competition with Kary. She concluded that her romantic drama with Kary made her efforts and concentration stumble. Followed with that chaos, beauty of pubertic first love they were building was stalled and faded. Finally, when she realized all she needed is his hand and first kiss of hers should be from Kary, he left the school and joined another.

First two months of ninth grade were hell to JO. She can't get rid of thoughts of Kary and their romantic repertoires. Sometimes we miss things close to our heart in front of our eyes and lately we search deep inside the same heart. On searching deep inside her, she found an unfathomable love for him. But returning to reality she found he is not there or not going to be with her anymore. Her days were as slow as a sloth. She had dark circle under her eyes in first month of ninth grade. Also, she had a frequent nightmare in which she was running behind the Kary inside school building suddenly he turns to be desert sand and escaped her clutches leaving her hand empty. 

Simmy - best friend of JO and for Kary as well. She was little taller than Kary, slim, had perfect hands and long hair for her height. Carved lips and ecstatic eyes were her gift from nature. She used to travel with Kary on school van and she would catch hold of Kary's hand sometime with a coded look which can't be decoded by Kary.

Simmy use to be in touch with Kary even when he left the school. They used to talk on alternative weekends on their home telephones. Moreover Simmy is Joyous, funny and talkative in nature. When compared to JO she is more expressive and emotional. Simmy lived in the staff house behind the post office where her mother worked. So Kary would call to post office to speak with her. Whereas JO lived in a big house, with a car, a dog and fenced walls with barbwire toppings. JO's dad's profession was something to do with the stock market. 

Now back to the lab, as it was in a classroom the lights were on, both JO and Simmy took computers near window silhouette. JO's curiosity came to exhaustion, absorbing the energy of hers Simmy narrated the incident. Simmy reached school early that day as she was using the school van for transport. In the morning when she was entering the school she saw Kary and his father standing near the principal’s office. Simmy gave a smile and waved Kary. Kary walked towards her and said, “I have good news for your smile. I am going to be back here again." Simmy was very happy to hear this and welcomed Kary with the whole heart. When both left, Simmy requested Kary to call her evening to know more about his transfer.

On hearing this from Simmy JO felt a surge in her emotion which she could say something more than happiness. A few weeks before JO conveyed "Hello" and "missing you a lot" message to Kary via Simmy on their weekend phone calls. But later Simmy delivered to JO that Kary just replied with “My wishes to her". This pushed JO to melancholic state, but what happened today gave her an enthusiastic energy to revive her desires and feelings. JO pleaded Simmy to think on a question popping from her heart, which is "is he back for me?” All Simmy could say is, if that’s the magic needed to happen then it is. Simmy consoled JO that after the call with Kary at evening she would call her to inform more about the good news. JO was excited and kissed Simmy on her cheek. When the day got over, JO stood in front of School van's dusty window where Simmy seated and wrote letter K on it. 

JO walked down the school’s street which ends at her house. She changed into pajamas on reaching home and sat on a bamboo swing in the balcony enjoying evening rain. She had this crazy desire for a long time that Kary should see her wearing pajamas and need to talk with him for infinite in same balcony. She remembered every minute detail of seeing Kary under the tree where he waved his last goodbye with a sad smile on their departure. JO recalled her question again “Is he back for me?”

As she was expecting the call from Simmy, she tries to ignore the troubling question of her heart and she said to herself once again “HE IS BACK". 



JO's landline telephone rang around six at evening and as expected it to be from Simmy. As it was time to close the post office Simmy made it short and precise. JO came to know from Simmy that Kary's transfer back from his new to old school was done without any hassle. He would be attending their school from tomorrow. JO was all ears to Simmy as she doesn't want to miss even a crumb of information. When the call from Simmy got over JO went to a state of trance. We dream unachievable desires to console our souls, but when the same is about to happen in real the consoled soul get into trouble again.

JO's troubled soul can't even dream now. She took a book and lighted the lamp on the study table and recalled her romantic memories with Kary. There was a trip to a mountain shrine located nearby school last year. JO took the window seat, followed by Simmy and Kary next to her on school bus. JO needed the Kary to be next to her, but it was late, Simmy rushed to sit near her. JO had a glance of Kary's eyes and hands during the trip. Kary initiated the conversation with JO when they got down from the bus and made the short trek to shrine. The smell of leaves, same grey skies as present day of hers, colorful umbrellas and finally Kary with his rolled white shirt sleeves are still vivid in her memories. Kary delivered the following romantic lines under the drizzling tree before the shrine " You are stunning and shining today JO even in this grey skies. Those eyes are climate changer." JO was flattered. Simmy joined the gang of Kary as JO was shy not to blend with them. When they entered the shrine's open space located middle of it, they saw all students assembled for having the snacks they brought. JO and Simmy sat around the corner of a statue and had their snacks. Eyes of JO were hunting for Kary, but he was not around. She inquired about him to Simmy. Simmy said you shouldn't expect shrine monkeys to stay in a place and on hearing this both laughed.

JO was expecting that Kary would join her for snacks, but he joined when the only last piece of cookie she brought remained. Munching the cookie both started down trek from the mountain along with others buddies. Kary whispered in the ears of JO that he would like to see her in bright sunshine now. JO with a confused smile flashed a look into Kary's eyes. They got hold of their hands and walked towards to the bus. Unluckily JO has to be seated in front and Kary has to be seated in the back of the bus. When the bus left the mountain roads and hit the highways, clouds started to give way for crepuscular rays. Bright and yellow rays of sun hit the window of JO and it gleamed her beauty. She turned back in merriment and there was Kary watching and laughing seeing her with his long hair waving in the air. JO left a drop of love tears which gushed through her lips on air.

Recovering from the above riveting memory JO was called for dinner. JO made her dinner as fast as she could and returned to her room. She took her journal and wrote as below:


Staring the same she spent an hour and when it was time to bed, she recalled her one more memory of hers with Kary. It was another drizzling evening JO with her mom left to a temple nearby. A Street lined with street lamps seems to be a road of infinity. When they were in middle of the road, street lamps started to flicker and a few went off. JO could remember she was wearing the blue scarf around the head on that evening. A bicycle passed caught her attention since the lights were out she couldn't see the face. When the bi-cycle moved a few feet ahead, from the back view she could feel who it was. Yes, it was Kary. And then he disappeared at the end of the street. She was expecting him again for the whole time but she couldn't. When she went to close the gates on returning home, again the same bi-cycle passed by. This time hand of a bi - cycle rider waved bye. She knows she knows who it is. On finishing this memory her mind and body went to sleep, a peaceful one.

Morning had reached the JO's eyes in a split second. She got ready as lightning fast and left the home thirty minutes early as per her usual schedule. Simmy was lonely in classroom writing the assignments. JO joined her and started to write hers. Simmy could see the energy and excitement of JO. After a few minutes of the usual chat Simmy uttered “Shall we start?". JO with a shocking look replied “Where to?". Simmy smiled and said “let’s go to the library and see if it is open and I want to remind you we would be passing by 10th grade classroom." JO just nodded without any expression. They just dawdled to the library and on the way back in the 10th grade classroom, they could hear screams and shouts overflowed. The group surrounded Kary and they were applauding their hero's comeback. JO and Simmy returned back to their class failed at seeing him.

JO could feel Kary's energy vibrating the building. She knows it because she had felt it earlier. She had felt it in her heart. It's like two planets revolving around each other in a cosmic dance, but they won’t collide also both knowing their destiny would be a “beautiful collision ". JO can't digest the reality she just prayed that everyone should get disappeared now so that she could run to carry and look into his eyes. But she knows reality won’t work that way. We humans dream when we love, sometimes we even dream love, but love breaks all the dreams and hits hard-reality as a raging storm.

JO was expecting Kary to surprise her as her bicycle memory, just flash so that she could see his long hair, his hand, even a nail of his would be a big thing for her now. During lunch when JO was returning from washing hands Kary just stood in front of her. Long expected event are meant to be a dramatic or cinematic one for our minds (which is full of desires) but it happens like just another ordinary event of our daily life. Kary words were bit melancholic but there was a romance in it. “Hi JO, How are you? I missed you." were the words left Kary's lips. JO just shook her head and then the words came from her mouth as “Fine. Am sorry, am not very fine. You missed me?” Kary replied “A lot". Both shook hands and left as there was a crowd approaching pathway.

JO has this problem. She is not good at delivering the emotion sometimes. She is choked with emotion in her heart. She becomes void which led others to get confused what she really feels on the message delivered. She suspected this problem of hers may also be the reason for last year's chaos between them. She was repeating the same and she couldn't resist it from happening. When she was narrating the whole incident to the Simmy back in class she almost had tears. Simmy said not to worry and promised to convey her real emotions to Kary within today.

At the end of the day JO was called from the science club for a weekly meet. Simmy boarded the school van and occupied the window seat and for her surprise Kary was standing out and waiting for her. As to poke the mood of Kary Simmy questioned “so how was the grey birds meet. Hope all went well". Kary laughed hearing it and replied “still you guys call us Grey birds. The title slipped my mind without trace." Followed by usual conversation Simmy pointed out the dusty window and told Kary that JO wrote letter "K" on it yesterday. Without any second thought Kary wrote K J on it and left the place saying Simmy that he would call her at evening.

As Simmy waving him a bye and as he disappears from her sight JO reached the van with fast breath. Simmy was so pity for her and told her “He just went. Your grey bird". JO excitedly checked for any good news from her. Simmy pointed the fingers to the dusty window in silence. Without saying JO knows who wrote that. JO rewrote the same letters over it again and smiled at Simmy. Simmy cheered the JO by her news that she would put a full stop to this romantic drama by conversing to Kary over the phone today and update her. Simmy also confirmed that she would be asking Kary that if he would be interested in calling JO today. On hearing the same JO's heart went haywire. 

Her soul echoed "the beautiful collision is nearing."



JO had problem in Kary calling to her home. Her parents were not good with boys calling her and she tried avoiding it any cost. But this time she wanted to take a risk and also she needs a plan. JO decided that she would call Kary when she is alone. Simmy gave an idea that she would convey Kary that JO is interested in calling him at her free time. If he is okay with it Simmy would inform JO that as the X axis and give his number to her as co-ordinates and if it is negative then it is Y axis. Both agreed on the code phrases.

JO left for home and analyzed the situation and seems that too is favored for her. Her mom and aunt seems to start to the grocery store and she confirmed that her father won’t be available till 8 P.M. Love sets two kinds of atmosphere for its victim one mountain full of luck and another one as an unfathomable ocean deep of misery. JO is at her mountain peak of luck, but before to confirm the same she needs Simmy to talk with Kary. She changed into a black dress adored by Kary on a school's annual day eve. To pass the time she turned on the TV and in the news they read an important event of the time they lived. 

TV news read as below: 

"A comet is an icy, small Solar System body that, when passing close to the Sun, warms and begins to release gases, a process called outgassing.

This produces a visible atmosphere or coma, and sometimes also a tail. Most comets have two tails. The tails appear as the comet approaches the Sun ... Because the comet dust particles are so small; they are pushed away from the Sun into a long tail. Another tail is made of electrically charged molecules of gas (called ions).

A comet's passage causes a nexus of parallel universes is also belief of few. Thus we have a comet of century passing our planet by today night and could be visible to our naked eyes throughout the night."


News from TV had made a change in JO's emotion which she can't be even aware of. JO's head is full of the long awaited phone call. Sharply around 5 in evening Simmy's call rang on JO's telephone. As JO was alone, she stormed her anxiety to Simmy. Simmy asked her to cool down and delivered the code word Y-AXIS. JO was suddenly pushed to ocean deep of misery by the seesaw game of love and fate. But Simmy had also a good news.

On conversing with Kary Simmy came to know he was about to attend one of his family function which made the situation to code Y-axis. Also Simmy had conveyed to Kary about how JO was feeling for the last few days and her desire for long awaited collision to get happen soon. It seemed for Simmy that Kary was also little bit trembling in his voice and said he will meet JO in empty kindergarten class by 8:30 A.M tomorrow morning. He also informed Simmy to be available as she would be reaching school by 8. Simmy confirmed him that she would meet him before grey bird’s collision. This news made JO's world go upside down and she thanked Simmy. As an end note Simmy advised JO to check comet on the sky tonight and make a wish, which would also bring her good luck. JO replied she would pray not to miss even a minuscule of luck in this entire universe behalf for her long awaited collision.

On hanging the phone down JO felt the abandonment of luck, love and life suddenly. She was alone in her house which made her feel as if she was alienated from the whole world. JO's emotion was also not stable, she rushed to the bed and lay thinking of Kary.

Simmy on finishing this messenger chores, left for home and had a good time with her family. She has two naughty younger brothers which made her life a complete package of Joy. Around 8:30 P.M annoying brothers took Simmy to the rooftop of their building to watch a comet. A Comet blazed the sky with glowing & raging light and it also started forming two tails. For no reason seeing that Simmy remembered Kary and she closed her eyes made her prayers. Finishing her prayers she laughed herself as a sign of mockery. Her prayers are secrets which goes along with her to her grave. In her lifetime, she can't expose it to anyone.

Back to JO's home she was in bed for more than two hours. JO's parents were back and called her for dinner. On finishing her dinner, she informed that she would be leaving school early tomorrow. She took her soulless body to bed again and the memory of comets has been completely wiped from her mind. She kept the alarm and started to dream about a long awaited event of her life. 

Both Simmy and JO had dreams of transcendence that night not knowing what fate has for them to offer at the next morning.


Its Collision day, morning 7:30 A.M Simmy boarded the school van and reached school by 8:05 A.M. Kary started to school by bicycle around 7:55A.M and reached school by 8:07 A.M. JO was to wake by 7:00 A.M but she failed and woke up at 7:30 A.M. On reaching the school color of the sky became pale orange and the trace of comet is nowhere to see in sky. Simmy went to kindergarten building and found a classroom opened with colored chairs arranged by helpers. Once the classroom was emptied by helpers Simmy entered it opened the window and rested on the chair near to it. Now the time was around 8:13 A.M Kary arrived the empty classroom. Simmy stood up and gave a warm smile to Kary. When she tries to utter a word Kary advanced by saying “You look pretty today”. She blushed for a moment and before she was recovering from those words, Kary got hold of her hands. Simmy was flabbergasted and her voice was getting melted in her throat. All she could say was “What? What are you! ” Kary’s eyes widened in a second, he grabbed her hip and entwined her to his chest. Now his long hair has dropped on her face. Simmy was speechless and she closed her eyes as a sign soul sacrificing the body to reach heaven. On very next second Kary kissed her soft lips and Simmy was fondling his hair and on the other hand, she tightened the hold on Kary's arms over rolled sleeves. The Kiss gave a statement to their hearts on that pale orange morning, “End of adolescence. Welcome to Adulthood. With this kiss begins existence, politics and life. You shall have no more dreams.” Yes, the statement proved to be true in their rest of life.

After the kiss both their life changed to obscure reality, like all other humans exist in the world who lost their adolescence and termed themselves as ADULTS and failed to dream anymore. On returning from the philosophical kiss Kary said, “I saw you. I saw you on a comet.” Simmy knows the essence of all of this. She made a promise to her heart never to inquire Kary on reasons for this and also not to ask on one big question ever “Are you back for me?” She knows this will change her world upside down. She hugged him again on leaving and asked him “Please say it.” Kary replied “do you really need it?” They both departed with a new start, new reality ahead and along with a new unexpected kiss in their hearts. Simmy world was transcended to new dimension she become a real grey bird now and the long awaited collision happened, but with unexpected comet not between expected planets.

It would take a few days for Simmy to realize what have happened. All she could say to her heart was “it was not KJ it is KS.” Returning to the class she was just thrown to melancholic happiness. By the time JO reached class with disappointed news for the day that she have missed the meeting, Simmy advanced and narrated the whole incident. On finishing Simmy lay on JO’s lap with tears in her eyes. JO’s quotidian issue knocked heart. Yes, she became void she was choked with emotion. She could neither cry nor laugh. All she could say to Simmy was, “So you are the real grey bird. Love you Simmy you are lucky.” Simmy couldn’t resist herself on the lunch break she rushed into the building where Kary wanders with his friends. The day ended with a secret which lived forever in the hearts of three - Kary, Simmy and JO knowing JO is no more grey bird of Kary. With hefty romantic dreams Simmy left for home that day along with Kary’s surprise visit at the end waving her bye and signing he would call her in the evening. So the Y axis is the world of Kary & Simmy from now on. Events turned out to be entropic following the comet passage.

That's the nature of the universe, huge entropy, which never ends and goes on forever. After that evening, Kary used to call Simmy daily at evenings. The kisses and cuddles on morning also continued for months. JO was completely vanished from the world of Kary and Simmy. JO indulged in academics and her usual routine went without any diversion. In a very rare moment of his life Kary thought what would be JO's feeling on collision day. He can't come to conclusion because he was not sure what was in JO's mind at first hand. Simmy never spoke about JO to Kary after their magic kiss.

One fine morning at empty classroom Kary hugged Simmy and whispered “I love you ". Simmy felt the completeness of all this love game. “Yes, now it is complete” said Kary. Simmy kissed his lips by holding his cheeks firmly. Her first kiss and first love is/was with Kary which can't be removed from her heart anymore. One more evening with heavy downpour of rain where all students were assembled on the auditorium, Simmy gazed Kary romantically on straight for two hours void of any thought.

Those are the memories, romantic memories which were tuned with nature and puberty. Time spun our lives to make us a cohesive product, patterns they produce on a these products are beyond our cognitive/understanding. Some term this as reality. So Simmy and Kary's days came to end on the same year. School has been merged with their bigger franchise and they announced to close the existing one. Students were scattered. Simmy's parents annoyed with phone calls and her behavior planned to place her in a school where her old mates would prefer not to join. Kary's father had a different plan and placed him to school nearby his old one. JO Joined the A grade school of elites to proceed further. Scattered by directions Kary had touch with Simmy over the phone for few months.

As happened to JO, Simmy and Kary also departed. After many years they are not even sure how that did happen. It was a mystery to them how their first love vanished in thin air. They can’t even think of an event or phone call after their last day kiss in school made them depart.

Years had rushed like passing express train. Kary met Simmy after 17 years on his office medical camp. Simmy was a head nurse organizing the event and luckily Kary was assigned to Simmy to take his blood sample for a test. Just a flash Kary got to know who she is. The first lips, he kissed, first hands, he fondled, the long hair he caressed and soft breast, which touched his chest are now in front of his eyes. After these many years like a flash she is here, piercing syringe in his hand. In excitement Kary uttered “Are you Simmy?". With focused gesture sucking a blood from her first love's arm Simmy replied," I have noticed you on the very second you entered idiot. Once we are done with the test do take me to your office cafeteria. We can have a coffee."

Kary took her to cafeteria after the checkup and was excited to have a conversation with her. Both came to know what they are doing now and about their marriages. After some failed love attempt finally Kary got his better half. As it goes with Simmy all her attempts of love was failure and finally settled with an arranged marriage along with two kids. They couldn't track the life of JO with their info they had. It was noon the cafeteria was bright with the day's light. Simmy asked the secret question she locked in her heart for last 17 years. WHY YOU CHOSE ME? Kary couldn't answer the question, he thought choosing her over JO seems like a glitch. As a rationalist, upcoming writer, an ardent reader of philosophy& psychology and even after finishing the 1000+ books he couldn't have any explanation for it. All he could deliver was," You are there, just emotionally fit, alive and more rational to start the first love. JO was a dream and she always had been the desire of un-attainable. Even though she was in the hands of achievable spectrum I couldn't think of accepting her. It would have been an unending dream if I picked her. Am not sure yet, about the theory I convey now these are sediments of my experience. All I could say is this."

Simmy laughed at the answer and replied “So you are a philosopher, a confusing one now evolved from charming romance hero. You are a myth Kary. You are seductive on all ages. As you said I too lived the dream, but for real and it got over within a year. We had an end card. The film is over". "What’s your idea on the film madam? What’s your rating?" questioned Kary sarcastically. Simmy uttered “It is a classic masterpiece MR. And you know it is, as you are the hero of it." After a cheerful talk it was a time to depart for one more time. With a firm handshake, the touch made them realize how far their lives have been changed. When Simmy hesitantly asked Kary if he needs her number she is okay with it but, Kary said it is good to depart without exchange of numbers. Before Simmy came to analyze the situation or the decision of Kary, Kary quoted a line from his writing "Adults are the ones who overcame adolescence successfully. Then comes the successful adult who accepts adolescence itself as a true failure."

Laughingly Simmy called for a hug and Kary gave her, the hug proved they both are successful adults existing on day's light which filled the cafeteria. The image of Simmy leaving the cafeteria with nurse dress was vividly captured in his memory and also that was his last visit of her in his life. 





“A comet's passage causes a nexus of parallel universes is also belief of few.” News from TV had made a change in JO's emotion which she can't be even aware of. JO's head is full of the long awaited phone call. Sharply around 5 in evening Simmy's call rang on JO's telephone. As JO was alone, she stormed her anxiety to Simmy. Simmy asked her to cool down and delivered the code word X-AXIS. Simmy conveyed that Kary was affirmative in receiving JO's call any time that evening. JO's soul eluded the miseries, melancholy and all stagnated negatives. JO was speechless when it comes to her gratitude for Simmy. All she could say to Simmy on that evening was “Love you Simmy. I have no words to thank you. You are the fabric of our love cosmos."

When Simmy's call got dropped JO entered the new reality. It is X-AXIS, the dreams come true and long awaited collision has started. JO's life turned to be an unending happy dream as in fairy tales. She rushed her room to take the Journal of her. She read all her scribblings about Kary and their memoirs. Those seems to be great poetry ever written for LOVE. It's time to call Kary, her palms got wet. Sweat on her forehead, the feel of fear and unbounded happiness all made JO trembled.

Sharply around 6:30 P.M evening JO called Kary and he attended the call within two rings. JO can't speak all she gave was chaotic breath and Kary knows who it was. Kary initiated the conversation asking is it JO? 

JO: Yes. I am JO

Kary: Hey. I have been waiting to hear your voice for a long time. 


Long time?

Yes for a long time. If you need exactly how long I could say it is 8 months 4 days. 


Ahhh! You are good at keeping track of time Kary. I want to ask you the one and only question which answers our eternity.

Go ahead mam. I have all the time in world for you now.


I know. I know. We have all the time in world now. Are you back to flock again with your grey bird who is me?

You were and are my only GREY BIRD. Let’s mend our broken wings and it's time for us to fly over ocean and beyond.


I want to meet you tomorrow early morning at school in kindergarten building.

Sure Jo, I will be there sharp 8:20A.M


When we meet talk to me like...



You know it Kary. You fill my blanks, you fill my void and you are the missing part of all in me which are incomplete.

JO, you speak a lot today, I love that. I can't believe is this dream or real. Hey, I want you to see the comet today and to make a wish.


What to wish for?

Really you want to know it. Hope those wishes are secret.


And Kary remained their sweet memories and their first meet. After half an hour of call when they hung the phone down both knew immortality of their love blossomed out of all hassle laid in front of them earlier. Both rushed to terrace on their respective homes to see the comet. The fiery blue ball with two tails on sky illuminated their iris. Both wished for eternal love and they should not be departed forever. JO with her black dress represented the planet which ran out of light& fuel and about to strike the other planet named KARY. In their hearts it happened, a catastrophic collision, a huge explosion devoid of sound and a galactic sublime beauty observed from billion light years away from it.

JO went to bed that night as a new person, her only relationship with the human world is identified as a grey bird of Kary. Morning arrived with scorching heat. JO woke up at 6:00 A.M morning and got ready by 7:00 A.M. Kary started to school by bicycle around 7:55A.M and reached school by 8:07 A.M. JO's parent warned her not to go school for the day as something disturbing about climate and comet. JO left the home by 8:00 A.M consoling her parents that she would check out if school is open for the day as it is in walk by distance.

JO reached empty kindergarten classroom by 8:20 A.M and found not even a single soul around even security was not found. Kary reached the class sweating and caught JO's hand. JO uttered “Collision had happened when I saw the comet." Kary can't catch the phrase of JO. He hugged her gently. JO eyes wandered on Kary's face and she said “Tell me Kary." Kary's lips as outburst of love which is time immemorial said “I love you JO. I love you." Without saying JO's eye pleased Kary's lips for the perennial kiss awaited for months to happen. Kary kissed her lips and JO tightened her hug. At the same second of perennial kiss first debris of a comet hit the mountain which was located 25 kilometers away from school. There was a huge explosion and sounds were blaring. Earthquake invaded the city. Buildings were collapsing. The school building was trembling, JO and Kary rushed to the roof terrace of the school and on looking up at the sky, they could see the nucleus of the comet has been split. All the debris was rushing towards their city. Also, they could see some more comets swarm over the sky. JO's eyes were brimming with tears. Kary got hold of the JO's hand running on the roof terrace to find a safe place. Resting near pillar beam they could hear moaning of sea waves. They couldn't believe how sea waves could be there, as their city is located 500 kms away from the sea. JO clutched Kary's hand in fear and said “Kary please tell me this is not a dream. Am I about to wake from the dreams now?" Kary couldn't grasp what happening around him. A riotous display around him was not a dream he could feel the disaster. He hugged JO suddenly and started kissing her fiercely.

After their second kiss, he said, “No JO this is not a dream. It can't be. This is our reality. The Version our own love. If this reality is a cosmic glitch so be it. I promise we would survive this and outlive our fate. I love you JO. Even if it is a dream am going to make it as an unending one."

















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Quite awesome. Well done.

Fri, April 10th, 2020 3:56pm


I'm sorry; I'm sure that it's a lovely story but I don't read romance. I find it nauseating. I bet you'd be sickened reading my dark stories. Again, I'm sorry. Maybe if you have one that's not romance based.

Sat, April 11th, 2020 6:58pm

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