Kept (Sequel to Enslaved)

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Jane and Lila have finally gotten out of the city that kept them both enslaved, but now a new town comes with all new challenges. Lila is ready to settle down, but Jane sees their future less domestically. Will their family end before it begins?

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"Ms. James, I've got the sample floral arrangements for the grooms' table waiting in the lobby."   Lila gave the petite br... Read Chapter


"We got a lot done today."   Jane hummed her agreement as she kicked her shoes off at the end of the bed. She saw Lila pick ... Read Chapter


The long, sleek, car with tinted windows that took them back to their brand-new family home, moved quickly along the quiet streets, mos... Read Chapter


There was a small crack between the curtain and the wall, the mid-morning sun creeping into the space and shining across Jane's tan sto... Read Chapter


Transitioning into life with a Master like Jane was a whirlwind. Not only did Lila have to get used to wearing basically nothing most d... Read Chapter


"Lila!"   Jane was home very early. Lila wasn't ready. She scrambled out to the living room where she found Jane shrugging... Read Chapter

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