A story of love, obsession, greed, torment, and BDSM. Adrienne is a strong-willed woman who was raised by indulgent parents. Devon is a grieving pirate with no interest in love. Jacques is a tormented soul whos love in life is BDSM and Adrienne. He is Adrienne's nemesis and will stop at nothing to get her inheritance including forcing her to marry him, but his true passion lies in the way she handles pain for his pleasure. When Adrienne collides into Devon it sends them on a desperate mission of survival from their rival Jacques. With the help from the supernatural, will Devon be her pirate in swashbuckling armor or leave her to the torture of her tormentor Jacques?
Warning: This book deals with the darker side of BDSM.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

He stood on the deck on his ship looking out over the broad piece of land before him, both dreading and anticipating the nights’ coming... Read Chapter

Chapter 2

The young Baroness Adrienne Davenport was being chased by a couple of ghastly sailors who seemed to think she was one of the local wenche... Read Chapter

Chapter 3

Adrienne was then drug along, down the hull of the ship and deeper still, until there was not a single ray of light coming from anywhere ... Read Chapter

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