The Ten Thousand: The New World Trilogy, Book Two

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Jamie Corson was an unlikely candidate to become the leader of the New World. But, having defeated Creighton Ashwill, she finds herself on the throne as Queen Raisa. Now, with the fate of ten thousand immortals in her hands, she must face a new enemy, one who possesses power she never thought possible. Soon everything Raisa holds dear is at risk, and she vows to defeat a madman before he takes it all. But how much of herself is she willing to give to win?

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Prologue   July 2078   Thomas Ezekiel Wellington let out a soft groan as he stirred. He was lying in a bed some... Read Chapter

Chapter One

Chapter One   Twenty Months Later — Present Day, March 2080   Raisa didn’t see... Read Chapter

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A gripping book.
It is well written.

Sat, May 2nd, 2020 5:16am

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